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  1. Caution M&K users

  2. Caution M&K users

    Oh well then they shouldn't be on a system that can support their disabilities not trying to be rude but like console doesn't really have the need to do that that's what pc is for
  3. Caution M&K users

    I wouldn't doubt it
  4. Caution M&K users

    Thanks Andy!
  5. Caution M&K users

    If it's not hard go look it up "Buddy" I have more important stuff to do then find a link I'm sure over half of the people on the forums have actually seen
  6. Caution M&K users

    I like how you think I got on here to complain about m&k users because you think I'm mad at them. No I just was seeing people buy all the bullshit for it and post it on the forums so I thought I'd let them know what's up. Pubg Corp said that they can detect 3rd party devices and are working on how to block it from their game. So if you want to but more then the games worth go ahead it's just gonna get taken away
  7. Caution M&K users

    love to see how people are buying mouse and keyboard even though pubg Corp already said they're looking into it and they plan to take it away, I'm too lazy to put a link in here but I'm sure you can find it. So waste your money hope it was worth it cuz I'm sure when this game comes out they're clearing the leaderboards so. All you guys are doing is you're making a $30 game cost around $150 cuz you want to go out and get a mouse and keyboard plus the keymander to actually use M&K. What did you learn?!😂😂
  8. AA meetings to begin in the shelter.

    It's input lag that's causing the movement to feel sloppy. Pubg Corp needs to fix the input lag and the frame rate a bit more and you won't have a problem after that
  9. Patch 9 Update from Reddit

    Yes! Hopefully we wont have to wait all weekend but if we do I'm cool with that!
  10. Patch 9 Update from Reddit

    Perfectly worded my good sir!
  11. Patch 9 Update from Reddit

    This game is kinda like a relationship the more weeks that go by the more you feel anxious that it may not work out. Hopefully this patch can heal a broken heart!
  12. Matchmaking not working?

    Damn I was really hoping that wasn't the problem..
  13. Im trying to play duos I press start and so does my friend it shows that she has readied up but for her it doesn't show she has the check mark and vice versa
  14. Poll for patch #9

    Give your honest opinion