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  1. GEEMONEY617

    Revive Glitch

    I just posted a separate post about this before reading this I have also experienced seeing someone coming back from being down without being revived
  2. In squad modes both the enemy and I were down next to each other and suddenly the enemy got back up and no one was anywhere near to revive???? I have a video of proof but not able to attach it here
  3. Tried to pick up a motorcycle that was laid out on the ground... trying to get on it and the motorcycle floated in air and inside the wall of a building. It blew up and killed us. I have a clip of how it happened but can't seem to upload it here.
  4. GEEMONEY617

    Boat ride anyone?

    Happened to us we thought someone was shooting
  5. GEEMONEY617

    Can’t jump out windows or walls after update

    I'm having the same problem
  6. GEEMONEY617

    When running people over

    If I can kill them with it... it’s a weapon
  7. GEEMONEY617

    Unable to spectate after crash

    This happens to me often when playing in squads
  8. ...the dead body stays stuck inside the vehicle for quite some time