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  1. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    Oh HELL NO! Never played wireless and never will.... people don't understand, u hook up wireless, your connection speed is literally cut in half automatically
  2. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    That is one thing ( knock on wood ), that ive never had in this game, is the network lag detected.... I consider myself lucky
  3. Share your longest snipe

    276 with a Kar98.... Im not the best sniper, lol
  4. The magic of the pan

    All I did was told my buddy to get his head back in the car, lol. Somehow, while riding shotgun, and me behind him, he knocked me with the pan?! http://xboxclips.com/xXI SHROOMZ IXx/428395b5-f3de-4e9a-889e-a3ca524fc159/embed
  5. 3 man squad only

    Seriously Eugene? Mr. Mullet
  6. Dancing Cars?

    Every match we played last night, there was at least 1 dancing car or bike... made them an easy target. If I was them, I would've been pissed, lol http://xboxclips.com/xXI SHROOMZ IXx/d01d5003-a2f8-42ec-a1d7-5fcc38cc6b0b/embed http://xboxclips.com/xXI SHROOMZ IXx/2a4d412c-e351-4f1b-98dc-335dcd3de225/embed
  7. Your own footsteps

    I'm ok with other people hearing my footsteps, but I think for your character you shouldn't hear your own footsteps as loud. Theirs been so many times where I stop what I'm doing cuz I think someone is my area I'm looting, only to be my own footsteps..... Maybe just tone it down a bit?
  8. Xbox no slow walk button

    On PC you can hold CTRL while you walk and create literally no foot step sounds
  9. Xbox no slow walk button

    Why is there no slow walk button on Xbox like there is on PC?
  10. Hit Markers

    I agree with you, but it is kind of annoying when my teammates and I are shooting at the same target, and we both shoot at the same time, and theirs one splat of blood. Neither one of us know who hit him, which also may interfere with my next shot. Maybe not hit markers, but something a little more than just a splat of blood to identify when I hit someone.....
  11. All the OP was saying I believe, is please don't listen to the people that's wanting to completely change the game to something they're more familiar with. Like aim assist, adding a bazooka, armored vehicles, hell, I even seen somewhere on here where someone wanted shots to show up on the map.... We want them to listen to our feedback, but not the ones who are wanting to completely change the way this game is to something like cod. That's how I took the OP, if so, then I agree 100%
  12. Lets post some x box one x data

    I don't know how to measure, but my X1X is running crappier. Asus 1ms 4k monitor Open NAT/300mbps 🔽 29mbps 🔼 External western digital HDD Don't feel these stats will help, but wth, at this point I'm game for anything
  13. To everyone

    It's not really all about blowing them up. Now it's more of, if one bullet grazes a tire, it's flat. Impossible to drive now. If me and my team land somewhere and the circle is too far, we pretty much know we're screwed, cuz you can't get a car across the map now without losing all your tires...
  14. Vehicle changes are too severe

    The way vehicles took damage before patch 7 were perfect. It takes literally nothing now to shoot up a vehicle.
  15. 8 Man Squads

    I think 5 man squads should exist. Not 8 tho, that's too much