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  1. "Test time may change based on operating conditions" Thanks for the video evidence.
  2. Dunno I got one shotted with a shotgun last week with a level 1 vest. Wasn't a headshot either, I went back and rewatched. Also because I managed to fire 40 rounds during this exchange without apparently hitting him once, in a stairwell so...…
  3. I think scopes should stop working at the 5th circle....
  4. Cowtown

    Miramar test server ?

    They always said it was coming in May, so I don't know where that false news is coming from. As it is they have stated in their update a couple weeks ago that the mirimar release will also include significant changes to the client as a whole so just shoving the map into the existing shell wouldn't be what they're looking for testing wise.
  5. Cowtown

    Miramar test server coming 4/24?

    Miramar is very very slow paced but that said it has some neat aspects to it and variety is certainly good. PuBG corp has also been reworking and adding bits to the map over the past several weeks to address feedback from the community and fill in some map density. I will say this, if you get off on sniper game play or flat our running a lot you will likely dig this map. I'm sure if it is coming to just 50 to start it will be just that, a start.
  6. Cowtown

    Xbox One PUBG is lacking

    PC version 1.0.x.x, Xbox version 0.6.x.x. Yep checks out, they aren't the same nor is Xbox the same build level. Your point is?
  7. No I believe you, I found playing with keyboard and mouse was a PITA. I respect people who do it quickly and I am a very very long time PC gamer. That said I think PuBG has done a good job with the controller mappings, its just fine aiming that is a challenge, can't match the mouse with that.
  8. Cowtown

    Latest patch is bs

    Its a build up everyone. They are looking to May and Mirimar, plus the testing servers, to start to knock some of the bigger crashing and performance issues down. I guarantee they have their own internal development roadmap and while it may not match what you think they should or can do in what time they have it certainly is better to have things patched and tuned/tweaked on a periodic basis rather than just waiting on monthly or 6+ week update cycles, which is what you would be seeing otherwise. Back when they were doing FPS and crash fixes a couple months back the same people would be on here decrying that they weren't enough. You can't have it both ways. You want the FPS and crashes fixed? You have to wait for it.
  9. Cowtown

    My Game Has Crashed 4 Times Today...

    I haven't had a crash in over 3 months and 200 games at this point. I play nearly entirely just solo TPP. It'd be good for those crashing to maybe start a single crash report mega thread with. Xbox version PubG build at the moment of posting Wireless/Wired Solo or Squad TPP/FPP Action being taken short description when the crash occured Also indicate if you are running an Xbox Insider dashboard/build. Just my suggestion though. Always lots of reports of it in various patch threads but the info isn't anywhere near detailed or the like to show trends. I suspect the crash dump and telemetry info PuBG gets probably tell aot of that but any organized feedback can't hurt.
  10. Cowtown

    Clothing Items Missing from Loot

    I missed it too, wasn't until one of the mods piped in yesterday. Good change either way!
  11. Nope, not losing faith, I found a lot to like the last couple patches. Not saying all my areas of concern are remediated by a long shot but I like what I see. I do have a ton of other stuff to play though so if I am getting annoyed by some persistent issue (not often) I can always bounce.
  12. Cowtown


    I think the main reason mobile has them versus console is that in a lot of cases people might be playing it on mobile that aren't necessarily using headphones and that of course makes it more difficult to locate shots. Far less likely that some audio isn't available in some way on PC or Console.
  13. I didn't experience what the OP was saying myself and I ran into trees and the like at good speed a couple times. I did just post on the buggy thread that the pedestrian damage doesn't seem good enough still. I am assuming, again just my postulation, that the effort to make it easier to damage the occupants more intrinsically ties the player object to the vehicle and if that is the case I can see how balancing all this in any effective way is going to be really tough. IIRC they had some more specific limb damage type of stuff coming here or at least on PC and perhaps when that reaches Xbox it will allow them to balance this to a finer degree.
  14. Cowtown

    Buggy Spin Outs

    Buggies certain do seem to spin a bit easier now but overall I'll say the general vehicle state is better than it was. I still think the hitting pedestrian damage just isn't enough. I smacked a guy quite good at 70+ and he just bounced off like before. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has found the pedestrian damage has improved in a measurable way as that was the only time I managed to run into a dooder on the field since patch 12.
  15. I play both and admittedly to not screw myself up I use controller on PC. I imagine on their forums they have a lot of people complaining about removing us from the PC. ;-) But I do like seeing both and I get to play in different settings. Kids all camped out in living room lets me still play in the office and see the new new bits earlier. At night get the headset on and relax in the lazboy.