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  1. New Matchmaking Ruined Game

    I don't know about "ruined", that's pretty dramatic. Would I agree I prefer it based off of ping? You bet. Partly for what you describe above but mostly for lag/hit detection etc. It's by ping on PC, doing it differently on Xbox doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  2. M416...too dominating???

    I die in the game probably 2/3rds of the time to a m416. Not scientifically tracked but it was noted for a while. I firmly believe that aside from having the best accuracy for its type in the game, that's well known, the game builds in some extra "hit allowances" for certain guns. Benefit of the doubt if you will. I had one such thing break my way, I had posted earlier this week and basically had a mildly kitted m416, hopped out of a car, dude shoots I break left for a tree and line up over his muzzle flash but in my haste about 20' above his position. Pull the trigger your let some off as cover fire as I strafe left and he dies to my last volley. Not to a headshot either, I said to my brother who was squaded with me, wait how did he die? I missed him completely. Stopped and did a capture because it was so bizarre. When I went and watched it looked exactly like I thought. With this gun particularly I am pretty confident that there is some RNG benefit people get.
  3. Since Patch 10 Hot Fix ...

    I had posted last week after the patch that it felt like aiming and hit detection had regressed. I was starting to notch a few more kills and then after this patch I had a long string of the scenarios you described and when I've had time to play I seem to get people with high pings because I line them up from 100' or less and watch them jump from the gunfire, unharmed and then I proceed to get killed in two shots. Much like everything in the current state of the game not everyone has the same experience with the game which is probably why this stuff feels so frustrating at times for people. I for instance have maybe 5 total crashes since launch across two consoles, definitely not the case for others.
  4. We need killcams badly

    Authenticity of what? The PC has death cams and they’re great to see how you were got. It also has a replay function where you rewind the game and step through the sections you want and change cameras to observe the game from their point of view. Fun and informative. Death cam would be my main wish list item beyond the stability and performance improvements.
  5. Moderators

    Sorry Danjal ;-)

    Vehicle frames are really rough right now, yep.

    I've had less than 5 crashes between my S and X since this thing launched and I've seen no rubber banding that I can recall since patch 9. Its crazy to me that people are seeing as many crashes they are but I acknowledge that would be a PITA. Yelling at them to fix their dam damn game is a bit silly though, that's what we're all doing here, testing and helping them uncover issues. Report the problems clearly and provide evidence, that's the best way for it to be solved.
  8. Confession

    Or, and I've said this all along, you can elect to not send people shit and just be a good person. Take whatever world view you have and knock yourself out buddy.
  9. Hotfix Requires Update?

    I like to think of it as getting value out of that fast internet I pay so much for and also getting a fresh install each time! ;-)
  10. @PUBG_Hawkinz Is there any indication if this will be reviewed or is it currently as intended? I thought this was purposefully adjusted back a couple patches ago? I know on patch 8 I was able to actually kill a player when at full clip.
  11. Hotfix Requires Update?

    The way the game is currently structured it appears they require to replace it in one shot. Not everything is architected the same. Windows for instance has to replace entire binaries if even just a KB is changed. That is currently being worked on but it all depends on how it was built. Hopefully long term they'll just be able to send out smaller specific tweaks or only replace/add portions to the program but currently in this state they look like they need to ship a whole chunk.
  12. Confession

    I find it humorous to me that you would tell me to "grow up" when the childish attitude is your own arrogance and the arrogance of anyone who things that unsolicited griefing videos are at all acceptable to send to anyone else on the internet. This isn't about growing up, its about ignorance of people like you and how you treat other people. I will report ALL DAMN DAY anyone who does anything like that and if you think that makes me a child well then take me to Chuck E Cheese and hand me some tokens. I also sit on Mixer enjoying a stream and have zero compunction to report people in the chat for abusive, racist and homophobic comments. I guarantee you it accomplishes more, even as small as the action is, than you saying "grow up" and "ignore the crap that people shouldn't be sending you anyways". I bet you're the same type of person who would tell a women online to "grow some thicker skin, it's just a dick pic". You are suddenly changing the narrative to me being hypersensitive and butthurt. I'm not, I can take that, but NOBODY should ever have to put up with it in any way shape or form no matter how slight and that is what you just don't seem to want to understand. Unreal.
  13. Hotfix Requires Update?

    It specifically calls out that this is a client side fix. And yeah, as mentioned above hotfix can be on either or both sides.
  14. Last several games this week I've had the luxury of being tagged by or tagging some people in a car but it's not doing lethal damage again. This seemed rectified from a couple patches back but now it takes two hits, even at full or near full speed to kill someone. Can anyone else confirm? I first noticed when a guy paced out my parachute landing and decided to get an easy kill, not sure how he made it there specifically so quick but whatever. He plows into me as I hit the ground, I take 60-70% damage, bounce back a slight bit and then sprint for the house I was going for and get in before he can hit me again. Later that same game I steal a guys car near the end and then go and run over another player, again, took two hits to do it. I have video of one of the incidents should that be of use to any devs though it'd be good to confirm if this is expected in the current balance or not. I think if it is, we need to revisit it. I didn't see it listed in the last couple patches notes, just the reduced terrain damage, which is very appreciated.
  15. Xbox One 'B' button, premature eject

    Took me two whole games to adjust to it. I think reviving him.15 times today points the finger at the real issue being your squad mate. It's in their list for their hotfix coming up next. Hopefully your buddy can relax his thumb a bit in the meantime.