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  1. SoldierEffect

    Patch note 1.0... " performance "

    Server performance updates is what I’m after as is all of us...Tick rate increase to 30, ping limit servers, dsync etc and overall frame rate too if or when they will/can. I’m sick of getting shot 1/2 second later in gun battles in an out of cover and definitely when enemy has no line of sight, definitely feels like bf4 all over again. We need this ASAP....
  2. Frame rate increase would be good but this game needs tick rate increase badly and desync sorted out!!!
  3. SoldierEffect

    I really hate this game today

    Same here in Australia since update terrible hit reg, getting shot when behind cover when opponent has no line of sight of you. It’s like 1/2 sec delay or more in what you or your opponent is seeing on screen. They really need ping limit and increase in tick rate to servers. ATM it feels more like bf4 launch all over again 😡