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  1. UnknownError

    Sniping without zoom

    Yea it's a glitch. The same thing was happening to my buddy in squads while I spectated. He was using the M24 with an 8x and I was like " Why are you soft aiming?!", and he hit the head shot and replied " Do you really think I could have soft aimed that shot" and that's when we realized this little glitch existed.
  2. UnknownError

    M249 final circle domination

    Nice Dub brotha. Kept your composure under pressure. A hard thing to manage when in a final 10 situation.
  3. UnknownError

    Sniping without zoom

    No that's just a glitch when spectating. On his screen he was full ADS zoom.
  4. UnknownError

    Sniping without zoom

    ? He is using a scope ?
  5. UnknownError

    End of game stats

  6. No they aren't! Why are you spreading misinformation?
  7. UnknownError

    #make ARs good again

    Same here! I've been practicing but the KAR 98 just feels more natural in my hands. I drop the M24 for it on most occasions.
  8. UnknownError

    Weather is Game changing Fun!!!

    My fog match was amazing though. Bustin' backflips through the foggy mountains... Went on to get top 10 and I killed Selfless V in the process. It was great.
  9. UnknownError

    Weather is Game changing Fun!!!

    The RnG is strong with you.
  10. UnknownError

    Weather is Game changing Fun!!!

    Played about 20 games and The only evidence of dynamic weather I saw were Fog. Wasn't able to get caught in the rain yet... Looking forward to it tonight though. I'm just going to quit out until I get clouds. Don't really understand why every match isn't overcast??
  11. UnknownError

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Just lost me my chicken 😢
  12. UnknownError

    Pts update?

    Looting in the rain like...
  13. UnknownError

    Pts update?

    Downloading now! See you chicken fiends on the battle field!
  14. UnknownError

    Pts update?

    In theory