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  1. UnknownError

    Crashes are worse on PTS

    I only crashed once. I will say though that I experienced some desync, and the rendering is worse. The last build of the Test Server was better...
  2. UnknownError

    I played DUOS!

    2 hrs!
  3. UnknownError

    Teaming and Cheating

    Exactly... how do you think people successfully stream snipe Shroud almost every time he plays... It's the same on Xbox
  4. UnknownError

    You Need To See This! (Crates)

    The way you are attacking this post I would say you are in fact a pretty insecure person... or just a douche...
  5. UnknownError

    crate opening tips and tricks?

    Good pull! I packed an epic black sleeveless biker jacket and now everyone in the pre game lobby gang rapes me hahaha. I literally screamed a little when I packed it.
  6. UnknownError

    Crate Purchasing

    You can trade cosmetic items in Rocket League.
  7. UnknownError

    The Crate System

    I just packed a sleeveless biker jacket. Epic. Now I can run around the lobby and laugh at all you peasants 😂😁
  8. UnknownError

    Aim Punch

    😂😀🤣OMG dude... That was the single worst gameplay I have ever seen. You were standing in the wide open firing a Kar98 from 50 meters at a target behind cover... Then got punched to death by someone behind you... Never go full retard.
  9. UnknownError

    New scopes?

    I keep hearing mention of "the new scopes". Is this referring to the newly adjusted scopes or is there in fact a 3x and 5x now??
  10. UnknownError

    Who else blew 500,000bp points in pts

    I just pulled an epic sleeveless biker jacket on the real servers! 😀 muahahahahahahah!
  11. UnknownError

    Bp is currently down

    Pretty annoying. Keep us posted if it starts workin' again.
  12. At work and wondering if my fat stacks of BP are still available in the test server? Words of a 100 crate limit per day has me excited for a spending spree.
  13. UnknownError

    Crossbow Shot with a difference

    Lmao! haha. Too good.
  14. UnknownError

    Crate reset not working?

    Didnt get my bp for my dinner... and i can't buy crates either 😑