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  1. Fractured Life

    Weapons nerfed?

    Playdough for him?
  2. Fractured Life

    External SSD help

    The next consoles had better have some SSD flavored versions. I think with my xbox one in dire need of opening up and cleaning, I might also look into drive cloning to an SSD.
  3. Fractured Life

    Rocket Launchers

    Did the video crash to desktop?
  4. Fractured Life

    Xbox dvr

    I see what you mean. I can find you but when I click on your vids it throws the same error message in red. That's all I can find /r/xbox/comments/2sf1i6/help_with_xboxdvrcom/
  5. Fractured Life

    Reloading guns.

    Doing my nut in.
  6. Fractured Life


    Not sure if its specific to this patch, but loading/reloading weapons is very frustrating now. I pickup a weapon/switch between primary/secondary/sidearm and automatically I'l start holding X to load/reload that weapon, but it NEVER registers the first time I do it, always have to start again. Its like there is an inbuilt cool-off period that means reload is ignored at that point. I've left the hints tooltip on so I might try turning that off and pray it helps.
  7. Fractured Life


    Big issues on Miramar, 1s long freezes where game seems to be holding one frame for ages before it goes back to normal frame rate. seemed to happen maybe every 15-20s so completely unplayable when it came to combat. Try and engage with a guy, frame gets frozen, I can still hear there is stuff going on around me, but by the time the frozen frame releases, I'm almost dead and have to work out where opponent is now at. Issue not reproducible on Erangel, so just quitting Miramar and only playing on Erangel. Map selection would be useful.
  8. Fractured Life

    Make so can heal in vehciles

    Get a better driver and you can heal. You can still turn just gently. You can have everyone fire a med then switch driver for him to med with 3 (not sure if seat swop possible with 4 in car) . Works fine but can also cause crashes to home if a few are all spamming down button lol
  9. All the Formula 1 games since 2013.
  10. Fractured Life

    My first adventure in Miramar...

    Weird how different the experiences are. I was surprised with erangel on the PTS, I could see buildings almost straight after jumping whereas usually I would need to be getting quite close to actually see them.
  11. We've been thinking about this when messing about. Might try it to see.
  12. Fractured Life

    For your consideration

    On a forum that basically amounts to saying nothing. That's not feasible but I get your meaning.
  13. Fractured Life

    For your consideration

  14. Fractured Life

    Seperating servers for Xbox one x and og users

    It used to be 256GB minimum, but after an update late '15 or early' 16, 240GB was allowed. And sorry that this is deemed off topic for some, but for others it's bang on topic. Short of buying a One X, for the price of another game would you improve your experience on the OG rather than wish all the One X users played together? As a One X user if more people were having a similar experience to you because they invested the price of a new pad in a small piece of hardware, wouldn't you rather keep everyone together rather than wait longer for One X lobbies? I'm against splitting the user base. Feel the same in the pad/wheel argument on motorsports games.