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  1. Hi All, one simple question: "Where is PLAYERUNKNOWN?" I have been following his work for years. Loved the BR ARMA mod with its great community. PU also seemed to me like an honest person, really interested in making good games. I am really happy for his current success. But now we have this huge hacking issue. "I'm not worried about that, they will find solution." This is what i would say, were it not for the strange silence from Bluehole an PU himself. He usually comments on stuff and comunicates with players on discord. But now nothing. It's like there is no hacking. Why won't he or anyone comment on this? And no, i don't think giving out numbers of banned users is communication. Its not like there are only few hacking players, they are literally in almost every single game, ruining the experince. Does PU really not care? Will he comment on this? Or is money doing the talking now?
  2. so far the hackers are mostly limited to 3RDPP
  3. More hackers than before?

    Its getting out of controul EU used to be safe haven. Guess the FPP is now the last hope
  4. They need to improve their communication, so far they havent even acknoeledged this being a problem.
  5. National leaderboards

    It would be nice to have National leaderboards to see how do i compare against my fellow countrymens.
  6. Red Zone fix/proposal

    I think the redzone mechanics should be changed to be similar to what they are in A3 BR. Now its is simply unfair, you can get killed immediately when it spawns upon you. I think the intention of the redzone should be to force the players to move and only kill them only if they stay at the zone intentionally. You can be number 1 player and still get killed not because of a mistake or good play of an enemy, but just by bad luck. Such randomness shouldnt be in a competetive game.