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  1. Asian Invasion

    Well its not matter of cheating for me. The main problem is the huge ping disadvantage. We will see if they will be able to solve this program-wise
  2. Asian Invasion

    Most troubling, however, has been the reaction of some of the game’s fans in the West. Amidst the rapid growth in the Chinese player base, racial slurs have begun flying on social media. Some have even called for Chinese players to be booted onto their own dedicated servers. Greene strongly condemns the behavior. “It's quite disgraceful to see,” Greene said. “The Chinese player base is very passionate for Battlegrounds and they love our game. They're the reason we have such a high number of concurrent users. Yes, there's some cheaters that come out of there, but the majority of our Chinese players just love our game and love playing it. “This kind of xenophobic attitude that a lot of Western players seem to have online is just disgraceful. It's 2017! We live on one big planet together! What the fuck? I'm quite ashamed of those players that shout these things out. We want to create a great space for everyone to enjoy across the globe and locking one region out ... I don't know what the fuck they’re thinking.”
  3. Asian Invasion

    PU said that there will be no region lock becasuse it xenophobic and racist. But he didn't mention the laguage and ping barrier at all. Its politics (i.e. money) all over reality again.
  4. It is impossible to parachute longer distances since 1.0 was implemented, now there is no difference between pulling early or just falling as far as possible. Is this intentional?
  5. National leaderboards

    It would be nice to have National leaderboards to see how do i compare against my fellow countrymens.
  6. Red Zone fix/proposal

    I think the redzone mechanics should be changed to be similar to what they are in A3 BR. Now its is simply unfair, you can get killed immediately when it spawns upon you. I think the intention of the redzone should be to force the players to move and only kill them only if they stay at the zone intentionally. You can be number 1 player and still get killed not because of a mistake or good play of an enemy, but just by bad luck. Such randomness shouldnt be in a competetive game.