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  1. The Turing isn't meant for gaming.
  2. vibitrary

    Ideal size of map : 6x6km

    Sanhok is basically a 3x3. A true 4x4 and a true 6x6 would be nice, I don't care for the island theme too much.
  3. vibitrary

    hate erangel

    That's funny, we played 12 games last night got 0 Erangel.
  4. vibitrary

    Frequent game crashes

    I don't even get an error message now, it just freezes and crashes and I have to restart. Happening to my friends, too.
  5. Yeah so this is becoming irritating. Anyone else experiencing frequent game crashed out of nowhere? Never has plagued me before...
  6. CTF style gameplay would be fun but that's about all I like about your idea tbh.
  7. AR's are fucking rubbish and aren't in anyway realistic
  8. Yep I can hear them before I even enter the lobby...
  9. vibitrary

    Erangel and Miramar

    Oh look, it's this post again. Old maps are fine. New map is pretty garbage TBH.
  10. vibitrary

    Shroud's quitting PUBG

    P.S. it's a slightly buggy bridge. Sometimes it wobbles and throws cars off of it!
  11. vibitrary

    Shroud's quitting PUBG

    Yeah I don't really care what any one streamer says... but anyone who says he ain't right, I got a bridge to sell you.
  12. vibitrary

    Poll: Return weather modes

    You're still going on about this? We have a sample pool of ~450 who reported in the poll. The actual results very closely mirror the amount of players in a fog or rain lobby, 70-80. So give us the stats on people in weather lobbies, because as far as I recall, on average, there was 20-30 people who left the lobby. Making the argument that a map is unpopular based upon a relatively small minority leaving it isn't a very compelling argument, the vast majority continued to play weather maps. The fix to people leaving certain maps is so insanely easy it's kind of disgusting it hasn't been implemented: queue up the same map as the one they left from for that particular individual. Since you have continued to refuse adding map selection, you are obviously committed to having maps receive equal amounts of play, so why wouldn't you implement this as a feature to prevent people leaving lobbies? It would improve everyone's game play be reducing the amount of fair weather gamers who leave when they don't get "their map," as they would know full well they'd just get it again. I do find it interesting a developer has butt into this forum conversation, after it has been noted in the road map that weather will be making a comeback in one form or another (tires squealing in the rain, hint hint). Anyways, your response is purely symbolic and pretty much worthless (and as such violates the forum rules, lol, because you add nothing of value to conversation) because we all know, and as you've pointed out in your very own post, you show absolutely zero regard for what your player base wants. Statistically speaking, with a peak of 3,200,000 concurrent players, this poll would be considered an accurate representation at a confidence level of 99% with an interval of +/- 5 points. You should probably fill in your bosses to that fact, because as time has gone on this poll continually leans harder in the direction of support of weather (70% to 81.5% in the last month or so) indicating that support could be even higher than is represented here. If we pretended this poll had 10,000 respondents, the data would have an interval of <1 point (even if we used total sales, which isn't even remotely an accurate method of gauging player preferences as we all know millions of sales are fraudulent from hackers, it would still be <1 point.) Now of course, none of this polling is being done scientifically, but that being said, it's still hard to dispute the fact that a very large, most likely a majority, of players want weather modes back. I look forward to your response.
  13. vibitrary

    Poll: Return weather modes

    The poll results pretty closely mimic the amount of players in a weather lobby, lol.
  14. vibitrary


    Found the google translate entirely amusing, so here it is. "Jedi survival account was mistakenly sealed On the evening of January 1 and teammates playing together double play chicken, the result played about two or three, a chicken has not eaten, the number of killings per bureau less than 0-2, and Did not hang up, and then off the assembly line the next day has been title, record and kda are low No open hanging was hoped to unlock this really is wrong. Thank you"