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  1. vibitrary

    Subcription system to kill cheaters

    Not growing, not dying, yet.
  2. Queue the next wave of newcomers making ridiculous suggestions for a broken game!
  3. They did a gun balance patch because of losers like you complaining about the dominance of the M4 - a gun that in real life is one of the best firearms in the world.
  4. It's not supposed to be a "balanced" and "fair" game. It's a survival game. Life isn't fair and balanced, learn to cope with it as best you can, land a few buildings away from other players so that you may loot 2-3 buildings before an engagement. Asking for things to be average and equally divided is childish. This isn't a game that caters to your every need.
  5. vibitrary

    Bring back warmode!!!!

    You can still play it in Custom Games, but I don't think its ready for a full release yet.
  6. Doesn't make sense to have only one level three item be crate only. Make them all crate only, or tweak the stats of the lvl 3 helm so that it's not as "OP" (I don't think it's particularly OP). Once they do this, I guarantee you, the next meme on the forum will be nerf the Kar 98k (again) which is another perfectly fine and balanced weapon.
  7. vibitrary

    50% Hackers

    That's due to the fact the game compensates for other players lag. Largely what is being discussed here is desync issues, where two players clients have each of them in different spots, yet due to the desync issues it usually gives the player with the high ping an advantage. So on your client, you head shot that guy peaking out of the window, but on his client he had ducked back in cover as you shot and as such no hit is registered. This is what people are complaining about, and its nuanced, not obvious as seeing people sliding across the map or running in place like games used to have.
  8. vibitrary

    The majority?

    Most of these polls are statistically significant, although not properly controlled. Take for example the weather poll, based upon its respondents it actually is a fair representation for the 30,000,000 copies sold of PUBG. You can say up to a 99% certainty that its accurate to within 5 points, based upon the total sales. Who knows how many millions of those copies are bought by the same individuals. Of course there are some flaws in that argument, but I think it's kind of ignorant to suggest it's not statistically significant. PUBG devs clearly just have absolutely no long term plan or vision for their game and change their minds along with the wind. They're amateurs who have refused to hire a larger staff and seek consulting firms. Live up the good days of PUBG while you can, because based upon the way it has been run it won't be relevant within two years time at most.
  9. My guess is what you think is the final circle... isn't the final circle. 2nd to last circle ticks about 20% of your health every tick. You can't out heal it.
  10. Crates have always dropped level 3 gear. What kind of drugs are you smoking, and may I have some? *Edit* Oh... I see what you mean. Next time, link that shit man. https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/3229520292657294288
  11. vibitrary

    F the m4

    Oh, it's this thread again? Every game will have a dominant gun, ability, or unit in it. Learn to deal with it. BTW Groza and AUG are far better if you're not rubbish with them. They both have far higher DPS. The point is, there is more appropriate weapons for mid to long range than the M4, and if you use them in addition to the Groza or AUG for mid to close range, you'll beat people with the M4 all the time.
  12. Bullshit, even the 2nd and 3rd last circles damage you faster than you can use meds.
  13. Yeah imo it's just another example of mis-allocated resources.
  14. I think it's pretty stupid. Do you really need a line drawn on the map to approximate the trajectory of the plan and your jump path?
  15. I agree with your comments on Savage 100%. Takes me about 3-4 games of it to get bored. I'm hoping that most of the buildings are merely placeholders, but I'm really afraid they're not. I think the developers (again) rushed something that shouldn't have been so rushed. In trying to address, what in their eyes is the biggest problem with PUBG, they demonstrated their complete lack of understanding for what the biggest problem of PUBG... the development pace and rushing content. Releasing a map to beta with hex cubes for buildings? I mean, come on guys.