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  1. Quoting for posterity. Hopefully the community guys share this post at their next meeting.
  2. th0rg0d

    Aim assist needed

    No. I suggest you play more, and improve your aim while the game still isn't optimized. Then, when the game is optimized (hopefully), your aim will be on point. Please, go hide. We'll seek you out when we're ready to hear your terrible opinion.
  3. th0rg0d

    Anyone else frustrated...

    I do this on purpose, hoping that the next time I get on the forums, I'll see a post about it. Unfortunately, I don't think your post is about me, cus I haven't played in a few days.
  4. th0rg0d

    Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    I'm on Win7 64. It runs just fine on my win10 laptop. Is this just a Win7 issue? FFS... Edit for more info: I too get the BattlEye blocked avg....aswhooka.dll Game won't start. All other games run fine. I've done most of the troubleshooting mentioned above.
  5. I will keep it muted anyway. I could care less if they add it. All you people are toxic trolls anyway! I do think they should add it for the people who like the lols. Some funny moments happen on PC through the prox chat.
  6. Leaderboards? What's that? Oh right. That thing I'll never be on. Yeah, I'm either at the bottom, or very near it.
  7. th0rg0d


    Considering that Xbox doesn't have a death cam yet, I'd say YOU we're hacking. Or, probably just posting in the wrong section.
  8. This is PC build, but as far as I know, it applies to Xbox build.
  9. th0rg0d

    this post was not made lightly

    My stats look spot on. https://xboxpubg.com/Th0rG0d
  10. th0rg0d

    Please remove MMR or add casual playlist

    Well, I had to go back and be sure I hadn't read your posts. But I think I did. I don't have a problem with smurf accounts, as long as you are using them to relax. I do have a problem with smurf accounts if you are using it to boost stats by playing lower skilled players. Those people usually recycle their accounts often, as they quickly get moved back to where they should be. I don't know. I just don't get it. If you don't enjoy playing tough competition hour after hour, relax, have some fun, and lose some games. Your MMR will drop quicker than you can raise it.
  11. th0rg0d

    Please remove MMR or add casual playlist

    If slaughtering noobs brings you satisfaction, than I can't agree with you. I've heard this argument in other games, that "good players just want to relax too", and frankly, that's bullshit. If you want to relax, than relax. Relaxing and chilling doesn't have to come at the expense of someone else's game experience. The problem is, people want to relax, but still win. Because at the heart of the problem, is some people are just very competitive, and can't let go of that desire, or NEED, to win. But! Battle Royal style games are one of the few games where a wider skill gap won't hurt the game too much. New players do need to learn what it feels like to land shots, push and rotate properly. IMO, any match making system needs to have skill come into play. Connection is important, and so is playing players near your skill level. TL:DR If you want relax, than relax. Quit trying to win, and focus more on having fun. It's really that simple.
  12. Damn! Didn't even do him the courtesy to loot his box. Cold-blooded, bro. Cold. Excellent pit man. Just the way it should go down.
  13. th0rg0d

    this post was not made lightly

    Maybe the game is running better, and you've got to relearn the bullet drop? Maybe you were the beneficiary of a poorly optimized game before, and now that it's smoother, it's throwing your game off? Tough to say. Personally, I still suck, so nothing has changed on my end.
  14. th0rg0d

    Please remove MMR or add casual playlist

    I play this game casually too. In fact, I never drop into a game with the intent of winning. Thankfully, no matter who I match against, I will continue to play casually, with NO intent to win. See, it's easy to play casually. I think what you meant to say was; "I don't want to play players of my skill, because I want some easy kills. I don't like losing to players who are trying to win."
  15. I'm sure this will get fixed. Strangely, I've never used B to get out of the map. I always push the map button. But I do push B to get out of the inventory.