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  1. In a game, where you are rewarding players with cosmetic items, if 50% can't even be cosmetic during the game, why reward players with those items? You're right, a vest covers up your shirt, and a helmet would take the place of any other head-wear item you had chosen. I get it. It doesn't change the fact that those cosmetic items are pointless if they aren't even possible to be cosmetic during the play period. No one is going to intentionally handicap their game just to show off their sweet new red shirt, so why reward players with a red shirt? In real life, if I really wanted to show off my shirt, I could place it over my body armor. I could also wear my underwear on the outside of my pants. Thankfully, this is a game, and not real life, because I wouldn't have gotten very far in life otherwise. That said, I think it would PUBG would do better to implement cosmetics that acted more like skins, so we can show off that striped red shirt we got 5 of without hindering our game.
  2. From a Promoter to a Detractor.

    If that's your definition of unplayable, I'm not sure I want it to be playable. You seem to be doing just fine as is.
  3. PUBG ranking system

    I hope so. There were 3 seasons on PC before 1.0. I'd imagine that there is less cheating your way on to the boards here tho. Would be nice tho. As more and more people come over to the FPP dark side, I'm slipping further and further down the ranks. I used to be in the low 2k's, now I'm 10k+
  4. The worst part is, except for coats and pants, none of the cosmetics really matter. Any shirt gets covered up by the mandatory vest, any hat or hairstyle gets overridden by the mandatory helmet, and no one can even see your shoes. All in all, it's kind of a shit system.
  5. Great catch, I missed that. Welp, that's not good news. Off to go cry in a corner now...
  6. From a Promoter to a Detractor.

    I think Custom games will come to console if enough console gamers apply to be PUBG Partners. But they have to have tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers, or be fairly large on Twitch. I could be wrong, but I'm not sure those channels exist yet.
  7. From a Promoter to a Detractor.

    As long as the servers continue to populate, I'll continue to participate in the preview. I will admit, earlier today was the first time when the fps really tanked on me for an extended time, and it actually started to hurt my eyes. Usually, I can deal, but this morning was pretty bad. I hope it improves soon, but based on my experience on the PC side last spring/summer, I know it'll take a while. I hope enough people stick around so that it's not too difficult to find a game. Sea of Thieves hits soon, and that'll likely take away game time from PUBG for me. But I still love this game.
  8. When, date, time?

    I remember when PC players were clamoring for the new map. Then, it dropped, and everyone was excited. A couple months later, and they started editing their ini files to exclude it, because they preferred Erangel over Miramar!! But keep up the pressure. Bluehole/PUBG Corp will eventually crack under the forum pressure, and rush a patch out to please the vocal minority. Don't worry.
  9. From a Promoter to a Detractor.

    Based on the length of time the PC version was in Preview, and the fact that is was rushed to 1.0 before it was even ready, I'm expecting it to stay in preview at least till the big games launch in the fall. Around Sept-Oct. I think it has the possibility to maybe go a bit quicker, if they can get it optimized soon, because they can quickly implement what's on the PC version after that. TL:DR I'm expecting a 10 month preview period.
  10. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the weather effects that was on the PC, but that rain looks entirely different than what we had. Interesting.... Edit: To clarify, this is a much "lighter" looking effect. Not the heavy drizzle it was before. Also, I can't recall the rain ever coming in at an angle, whether you were in motion or not.
  11. Got an issue, outa space

    I have to agree. Looting is still clunky compared to PC, so we should be able to auto pick up whatever number will fit in our space allowed. Ammo already does this, so I know it's possible. And really... who carries 13 First Aids?
  12. An unfortunate trend

    Wait a minute!!! Punctuation? Paragraphs? Clear thinking?!?!?!? Quit masquerading as a Gamer. You aren't. It's clear that you've crossed over into "Adulthood", and you are forever lost to us. Get out of here with your legible logic, easy-to-read post, and rational experience!
  13. While true, it's well known that leaning further complicates the broken hit detection.
  14. It should be. But this is likely the case of hitting some extremity, like the arm. There is video evidence that holding a weapon in front of you prevents a body shot, as the arm hitbox is in front of the torso hitbox. Until we get the replay and kill cam features, we'll never know.
  15. why are there Xbox one x complaints

    Could be. I don't have anything else to compare to. That's prob the biggest prob for the devs, trying to pinpoint and reproduce peoples problems.