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  1. Doc 777777777

    Community Mega Thread *POSTING RULES IN HERE*

    As an Admin of the LowT PUBG Gaming Community, it is my honor to extend an invite to anyone interested in becoming a part of one of the fastest growing and most laid back gaming communities. LowT was founded on the basis of laid back gaming to allow everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the games we play. With channels dedicated to looking for partners for duos & squads and worldwide users it's never long before I find myself in a full squad and chasing those wins. Our tips, tricks and strategies channel is also very popular with people sharing any hints, controller settings, tutorial videos etc. to help out their fellow members. We are sticking to over 25+, our average age is around 35. Mic is a must, to allow fluid teamwork (and the occasional good banter). All skill levels accepted. Join the Discord Chat in the link => and use your Xbox Gamertag as your name - LowT PUBG => https://discord.me/lowt You can also just join the XBL club if you are not interested in Discord chat: search for LowT PUBG Club in XBL clubs and send a request. Current members in our XBL club is over 500 members. Recently we have also branched out to form ourselves the LowT Mixer Stream Team => https://mixer.com/team/TeamLowT - we have numerous members of our community who are now becoming content creators and we always have the time to help aspiring creators as well. So be sure to come along and check us out & hopefully see some of you guys in the chat, look forward to getting some more of those CHICKEN DINNERS with you.
  2. Doc 777777777

    Fed up of being team killed in a random squad ?

    Thanks GDMong0rianz! Great to have you part of the group!
  3. Doc 777777777

    Fed up of being team killed in a random squad ?

    We don't allow stats search in our LFG. We have tried to make it a friendly place where anyone can be picked up to play. We don't force you to play with everyone, but we make sure you aren't posting that you are only looking for players with 100+ wins. Come check us out.
  4. Sorry SG Fellon our tournament has already started. Come join us anyways to meet some folks and get ready for our next one.
  5. Doc 777777777

    Just my prediction.

    I'm ok with that. $30 worth of hanging out with friends is a decent deal.
  6. Doc 777777777

    Do you.....

    I’ve had to go to the bathroom during a round. I’m not mad if someone does it to me. It never works when you’re in the lobby and say I can make it. Find a good hiding spot and hope you don’t get pinched.
  7. Doc 777777777

    MY first post

    Don’t forget the complaints about the complaints post.
  8. Doc 777777777

    MY first post

  9. Doc 777777777

    Looking to Join a Sqaud

    You are close enough to our 25 and over Club if you are interested. We have over 275 members active with mics. https://discord.gg/4T326pz come check us out if you want to.
  10. Doc 777777777

    Over 25 XBOX Discord & XBL Club

    Thanks SvN Zeus you guys are a fun group as well.
  11. Doc 777777777

    Over 25 XBOX Discord & XBL Club

    We created a Discord group as well as XBOX Live Club for the over 25 crowd. (Currently 275+ members between our Discord Group and XBL Club.) Our Discord has many subsection chats for LFG (Looking for Squad, Duo, & FPP) , Tips & Strategy , and General Chat. We have a few Voice channels for squads who prefer to use that way to communicate in the game. We also have a room dedicated to promoting our broadcasting players that sends out notifications when you go live. We are starting up our next Duo/Squad Tournaments on March 26th. The format is pretty simple: 2 games per week per team, Squad leader broadcasts team and takes a snapshot after each game to post for points in our Discord, tournament mods verify each teams broadcasts and points, depending on how many teams there are a certain amounts of teams a eliminated each week, final week is 3 teams that battle it out for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. We have talks about starting a pool system in the future for prizes. Bring your own team or join and meet someone new to play with. We have chat dedicated to pairing up people looking for squads and duos to enter the tournament. Signups end on Friday March 23rd. All players in tournament have to be signed up in our Discord or XBL club. Please do not try to get our Discord to join your Discord to team up. Our group is not only based around the tournament. If your players aren't interested in joining our group or participating in our general play with other members this place is not for you. Also if you are not interested in playing in the tournaments we have plenty of members from the US and UK playing at all hours. Our LFG chats make it easy to connect up to a group looking for additional players. We never have issues finding someone to play with. If you are in the US you have daytimes with the UK folks and all night with our US folks. The average age range in our group is between 30-35. Mic is a must. If you join the Discord chat use your gamertag as your name, if you already have Discord you can change your name for our group only. When you join we will verify your gamertag as well as send you an invite into our Xbox live club. Here is a link to our Discord. https://discord.gg/4T326pz XBL Club search for: LOWT PUBG Club
  12. Doc 777777777

    Lagged out on Xbox x

    I have to go back to slow looting again, and not picking up too much. I'd be ok with swiping by a bunch of stuff if I didn't pick up every outfit.
  13. Doc 777777777

    Lagged out on Xbox x

    I'm still lagging out if I go into my inventory screen quickly while trying to loot on my X. Lagged out last night right before the circle moved. I used to only be out for 30 seconds before with the X, but now it seems to be taking longer to get back in the game. When I got back into the game I was able to watch my knocked body die to the blue.
  14. Doc 777777777

    Fed up of being team killed in a random squad ?

    Thanks Swizz. Glad to have you and the almost 300 members between our Discord and XBL club. Zero drama and easy to find people to play with.
  15. Doc 777777777


    Would love to get the video of that. Can we duo sometime?