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  1. Sgt 12 guage

    stat reset

    Are you officially part of the pubg team now Andy? I've been off here for a bit, if so congrats, good to see!
  2. Sgt 12 guage

    Give these guys a break man!

    Come on, everyone loves non constructive input from strangers who know nothing of the struggles and difficulty of their job. I mean who wouldn't want someone calling you a idiot when u struggle with a difficult job at work or a difficult test at school? Sarcasm is life
  3. This has been mentioned before and I will mention it again. Fortnight =7+ years dev time. Pubg= 2 ish years. Oh and Google is free to use for all
  4. Agreed, been playing pub on xbox since the night it launched and the improvements have matched what I read about p.c in less time. Feels like we are not to far off some even better stuff:) looking forward to the future.
  5. Sgt 12 guage

    Proper surround sound please?

    Gimme that mono:)
  6. Sgt 12 guage

    Helmets, you should really know this by now.

    Thanks for the info:) the fog of confusion has been lifted!!
  7. Sgt 12 guage

    Is being Team Killed an Issue

    It happens slightly more then it should. Caused me to stop playing squads unless I know all involved. Not a epidemic tho.
  8. Sgt 12 guage

    Helmets, you should really know this by now.

    Question, if the bullet hits your cheek or nose while ur wearing a level 2 helmet would u take damage as if u didn't have a helmet?
  9. Sgt 12 guage

    Ban people who team kill you

    Terrible advice. It's time for a full scale invasion, we must get this guy. Justice will be served. Or what you said. Ya let's go with that instead lol
  10. Sgt 12 guage

    Bring Patch Live?

    Whoa slow down there. Next thing ya know u will be saying m + k isn't a big deal. On here we overreact and curse so this logic is confusing to me. ; )
  11. Sgt 12 guage

    Death cam needed urgently

    That's smart. Small things like this show blue hole is serious about this game.
  12. Sgt 12 guage

    Almost no noticeable difference after update

    Fortnight for console 6+ years in development Pubg for console 6 months Seems like u may not be looking at all the facts involved. Nothing great comes quick. 6 months is not a long time unless ur like 14. Chill da f out
  13. Sgt 12 guage

    My New Favorite Quad Kill

    Tom Brady would be proud.
  14. On my og xbox I noticed a fairly decent change in how fast things load. Slightly smoother as well so far. Overall it seems from the comments that og may have been the only console to see a improvement. Put that in your pipe xbox one x people lol
  15. Sgt 12 guage


    I got 4 kills from one crate in 3 min. Damn rights that's a good strategy lol fresh on to this one myself but gunna start up more.