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  1. Sgt 12 guage

    XBOX one X with SSD

    To bad battlefield is projected to be this year's titanfall 2. A solid game with a low player base due to poor release timing. Google it. Ur better off with cod but with the quick scoping and drop shots will it be that fun? Sucks Ur having a bad time with pubg but the options are limited as it stands now. Pubg will remain king for "realistic ish" battle royal games, I've seen nothing on consoles that will be a serious threat to that.
  2. Sgt 12 guage

    Lvl 3 Military Vests

    That would be kinda cool. Put some additional stress into the already stressful crate runs lol I like it.
  3. Sgt 12 guage

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    It's 2018 man. The people need emojis or they cannot understand. Words and reading???? Yuck