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  1. Fortnite running at 60fps

    I did not say console looks best. Many console games look awesome but still better on p.c.
  2. Shedding some light on M&K

    Well what would u guess the percentage to be of m+k users on the xbox? I can't see it being much more then 5%.......based on not much lol
  3. Final 10 alive, final few circles

    Someone got caught looting to long lol
  4. From a Promoter to a Detractor.

    No kidding these people sound like 80 year old men complaining lol its been 2 months not 2 years. I mean I don't like the wavering frame rates or crashing but wow what a bunch of idiots who want it great now now now.
  5. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    To late he was bit by a radioactive donkey and u can see what it did to him.
  6. Fortnite running at 60fps

    I only own console. Every game looks better on p.c dude it's a fact lol calm down I'm not saying it's a bad thing but if want way better then 30 fps then the p.c is ur best bet. Sorry I set u off lol
  7. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    Ya S.T.I risk lol makes sense to me that it's illligal. It's also very sketchy lol
  8. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    I think he is playing the xbox version on his p.c somehow. Haha it's the only way it makes sense to want the xbox to get the p.c patches.
  9. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    Kinda a sad statement on humanity. Thanks for that lol
  10. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    I'm on board. Or start a petition to end dumb petitions
  11. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    And that's why ur petition will get laughed at hahaha
  12. Fortnite running at 60fps

    You can. Buy a p.c where 90% of games are optimized. Console is always gunna be on the low end of things.
  13. Fortnite running at 60fps

    It's simply saying that pubg is half the price of a normal game with 3x the problems as it is in preview (aka used car) and a full priced game not in preview would be good to go. U follow? Or do I gotta slow it down more.
  14. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    Come on dude this is sad. Not even worth a look for me. Does not seen like it has legs to stand on hahaha
  15. Fortnite running at 60fps

    It's not a final game. Game preview. So thanks for trying lol have u read the small writing at the first screen? Kinda covers that stuff. But keep on showing us how little u know. This should be fun.