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  1. Sgt 12 guage

    Lvl 3 Military Vests

    That would be kinda cool. Put some additional stress into the already stressful crate runs lol I like it.
  2. Sgt 12 guage

    What did I do wrong here?

    I bet it would work. I had it happen to me in bf 1 and the 2 games have kinda simular bullet physics. This sounds worthy of a test lol
  3. If u have it on a carpet or on a dusty shelf it will cause the fans to kick in a lot more frequently to in my experience
  4. Sgt 12 guage


    Agreed. I used the vector with loaded up with silencer and 4x. Fetched me 6 kills. It fires so fast and in a tight pattern who cares if it takes 12 rounds to kill when it happens in less then a second. Same as the ump but a bit less so due to the lower rate of fire. I read a while back that they pc version buffed the smgs so they may get even better here soon
  5. Sgt 12 guage

    Where are our 2 free militia crates?

    You know what ur right, they should cease all work on the game until we all have our loot boxes damn it!!!!!! Where is my pitchfork and torch, this is a major human rights violation. The nerve of bluehole.
  6. Sgt 12 guage

    General Suggestion

    It comes with time. I can see your point tho.
  7. Sgt 12 guage

    stat reset

    Are you officially part of the pubg team now Andy? I've been off here for a bit, if so congrats, good to see!
  8. Sgt 12 guage

    Give these guys a break man!

    Come on, everyone loves non constructive input from strangers who know nothing of the struggles and difficulty of their job. I mean who wouldn't want someone calling you a idiot when u struggle with a difficult job at work or a difficult test at school? Sarcasm is life
  9. This has been mentioned before and I will mention it again. Fortnight =7+ years dev time. Pubg= 2 ish years. Oh and Google is free to use for all
  10. Sgt 12 guage

    Is being Team Killed an Issue

    It happens slightly more then it should. Caused me to stop playing squads unless I know all involved. Not a epidemic tho.
  11. Sgt 12 guage

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    It's 2018 man. The people need emojis or they cannot understand. Words and reading???? Yuck
  12. Sgt 12 guage

    LVL 3 Helmet - What's the deal

    That makes sense actually.
  13. Sgt 12 guage

    We need aim assist on console

    Or just set the bar higher. ...... aim assist is like training wheels. Not needed for ur whole life or ur doing something wrong.
  14. 5 matches deep I won a solo. 3 since due to teammates. Could of been more but the whole d.c thing slows my roll. Have had guys dead to rights and boom d.c when I'm the last 2. Twice now actually. Still going strong tho love the game.