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  1. Gt - HoldanMcgroin would love to get some games in with some skilled teammates.
  2. HoldanMcgroin

    Post Patch#9 X1X Performance.

    Graphics are much better. Game runs smoother. Colors seem to be more vibrant. Red zone sounds much better, Gun fights are way more manageable, 4x scope now shows reflections of the environment. All noticed after half a game. Will see what else I notice
  3. BINGO!!! My thoughts exactly
  4. HoldanMcgroin

    Chernobyl map?

    The pool by the school is based off the Chernobyl pool
  5. HoldanMcgroin

    Please refund The Dark En1gma’s $30

    I’m willing to chip in. Let’s just keep him from posting in general. Seems all of his posts are negative so how about we find a way to just not allow him to post anymore. That would be great for everyone to not have to read this idiots comments every day
  6. HoldanMcgroin

    I’m sorry but this new update ruined this game

    The game definitely feels way worse after this patch. I like how they fixed the input lag a bit but the overall feel of the game is a lot worse. I’m on the X and any gun fight is so choppy from the low FPS that it ruins the experience of the game. I’ll wait and look forward to the next update. The game is too frustrating for me to play in this state right now. Here’s to hoping some good optimization patches are coming soon.
  7. Same. Also on the X and I am now having way more issues than before. Rubber banding has gotten significantly worse and crashing is happening more often when I used to never crash.
  8. HoldanMcgroin

    Looking to start Xbox one team

    Gt - HoldanMcgroin add me, I’ll be on tomorrow. Age 30