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  1. Ryank

    New week with test server

    Not gonna lie I’ve stopped playing the whole game in general until they realise the pts to live server. Don’t know about everyone else but for me I’ve put 50 days into it and the progress being made is too slow to keep me going back
  2. Ryank

    Patch 11 PTS note are up

    Were have to see, fair enough hip fire so up close battles is not just down to luck but over the shoulder shooting should not have been touched but we shall see
  3. Ryank

    Patch 11 PTS note are up

    Not really, reduce bullet spread will just increase the distance you can over the shoulder due to the bullets not spread as wide what’s the need for ads when I can laser you with accurate over the shoulder shooting
  4. Ryank

    Patch 11 PTS note are up

    Alright, like me saying how easy do you want this game? Reducing bullet spread will make it easier
  5. Ryank

    Patch 11 PTS note are up

    Why? Bit of common sense....... TPP Your be getting laser’d from over the shoulder shooting
  6. Ryank

    Patch 11 PTS note are up

    Bullet spread is reduced when hip firing and soft-aiming good thing or bad?
  7. Ryank


    45days 1653 matches played 294 wins 282 - solo wins 4 - squad 8 - duo 6046 kills Just play solo really, I’m average no pro just made me laugh them tips
  8. Ryank


    No not really I was top 10 yesterday kill rating EU I occasionally break into it when I put the hours in. You think because your top 10 top 20 top 30 your a good player think again
  9. Ryank

    Dsync and more dsync

    Your be better when they have auto region select people will have no option but to play in there own region, probably boost oc severs...... maybe
  10. Ryank


    In Golfing terms your par, nothing special yours stats - 50days 2961 games played 389 wins total kills 6953 .......its alright nothing special
  11. Ryank


    What’s your stats or gamer tag
  12. Ryank


    Didn’t know you was a pro mate got anymore tips
  13. Ryank

    Massive FPS drops with hotfix?

    Hard reset your console, seemed to sort it out for me
  14. Ryank

    Massive FPS drops with hotfix?

    Not the only one on OG just had a game of Sanhok it felt like day one again throughout the whole match I’d say no more then 20 FPS jittering throughout
  15. Ryank

    1080p/60 performance mode

    Good post, I’m sure your get one off the die hards commenting on your post defending PUBG like I see them do to every constructive post. ??