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  1. LowT PUBG Tournament

    Do you host solo tournaments? Or have any plans to?
  2. Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    Not too hard to avoid to be honest. I always swerve my vehicle side to side going over any bridge now.
  3. Crossbow kills

    I have only ever achieved one crossbow kill as I hardly ever pick them up. However, this time I had landed at Ruins by the buildings by the river and there was next to nothing in them, so I took the bow. Then I run into the Ruins to loot and find some company... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ashm2811/video/45734401
  4. PUBG Limericks

    Thanks! I will have a look for you
  5. PUBG Limericks

    In the fields south of Yasnaya Lived a boy who just loved making fire. He lay in the grass, Held a flame to his ass And lit his own funeral pyre.
  6. I have definitely noticed an increase in instances of Network Lag since the hotfix. So far, none have cost me any more than mild annoyance, but it's definitely increased.
  7. Thats it....

    (I wrote this after reading the OP then read the rest of the comments, so apologies for repeating things other people have said) I am working on the assumption that you think the people in these videos must have been using M&K, and that these videos are proof of M&K use. On your first clip: 1. You can see the shooter's muzzle flash beside a rock to your left (about 100 degrees) at 0m 46s. They are literally about 30m away. You don't have to be a M&K player to make that shot. 2. There's nothing strange about burst firing from a full-auto weapon, not really sure what your point is, or why you think burst-firing means that they must be using M&K. Burst firing is more accurate than full-auto firing, so it makes sense they're not firing into the air. 3. You stopped your car in the open right beside a crate drop and sat motionless with an unloaded AK, you were a sitting duck, man. 4. You highlight the player's pinpoint accuracy as proof of their M&K use, but of roughly 22 rounds fired, only 3 hit you. They just sprayed the car, man. On your second clip: 1. That M16A4 is definitely on single fire mode, not a magical full-auto mode. It's clearly a series of single shots. 2. Even if it were lots of quick-fire shots, it is possible with good trigger timing, to use the burst function of the M16A4 almost as full auto. 3. I don't understand why your conclusion, when hearing what you think is a full-auto M16A4, is that they must be using M&K. M&K doesn't allow you to alter the rules of the game and change weapon settings. You'd have to be a hacker to do that. 4. Your shooter was almost certainly behind one of the trees to your left. Probably 50-100m away - not a particularly tough shot, especially with a zoom scope and especially when you are standing still by a tree (side note: there was lots of open space to your right and lots of tree cover to your left - you should have anticipated that the most likely direction you'd be shot at from is to your left and taken appropriate cover. Simple situational awareness). On your third clip: 1. As you have acknowledged, your shooter is clearly visible standing on the cliff directly in front of your boat when you park it on the beach. Probably 50-60m away. Easy shooting, even easier if you have a zoom scope. 2. Again, you highlight the player's pinpoint accuracy as proof of their M&K use, but of roughly 13/14 rounds fired, only 2 hit you. You had less than half health. At best, there is 0 evidence for M&K usage here and that in fact there is some evidence to suggest that at least one of these players was definitely using a controller as the aim was so bad. I think in each of these situations you could learn something about your own gameplay to make you better in the future. For example: Lessons to be learnt from this: 1. ALWAYS load a gun the second you pick it up, whether it's a pea shooter or a Groza (incidentally, why did you attach the red dot to the AK but not load it?!) 2. NEVER assume you will be alone and uncontested. Never. Always be aware and on the lookout for potential enemies. I'm not calling you out and saying you're a bad player. I make basic errors ALL the time - my point is that I try and recognise where I went wrong in each case, not just assume that my killer was a Xim4 bastard so unbeatable that I must now join them. I mean, go ahead and get a venom x. If you continue to play like this, you will continue to get killed like this. You need to address your gameplay, not your hardware dude.
  8. PUBG Limericks

    This is too true!
  9. AFK Players

    Yeah TBH I have no problem with people killing AFKers anyway. They're breaking no rules and I think the beauty of this game is that there are no rules. They are cheap kills, sure, but certainly not free. You have to jump last and not move in the air which takes ages and ages to descend, then punch kill the 1/2/3 other players who are there, THEN start looting. By that time, you'll only have about 2 minutes and will likely be fairly far away from a town, not to mention the gaming circle. You seriously dent your chances for the rest of the match in doing this. You're also just as likely to be jumping with other AFK-killers as you are AFKs. I bet there are scenarios where 5 jump at the end and each of them thinks they've got 4 kills, then they all hit the ground and start moving.
  10. AFK Players

    Hmm, I dunno, again I feel like this could penalise legitimate players. If my pizza delivery arrives when the plane is half way across the map, I don't want another death against my name just because of that. I think there are 2 solutions: 1. What the OP said - have players eject over sea. AFKs drown but non-AFKs can't attack them and claim the kills themselves. 2. What another user suggested and just have the plane carry them off the map and out of the game - but this should not count as a death. Just a no-show. Number 2 could potentially result in the situation whereby 99 players are AFK and the one player who drops wins a chicken dinner before the first circle is even announced!
  11. PUBG Limericks

    The patch was released, number six, To smooth out the creases and nicks, But the fans lost decorum, And moaned on the forums 'Cause they'd broken more things than they'd fixed!
  12. PUBG Limericks

    The girl could just taste chicken strips. For the dinner, she emptied her clip. Network lag was detected, She froze, unprotected... Now her Xbox resides in a skip.
  13. Robbed of Chicken

    Not sure you can claim you were robbed of chicken when there were still 30 odd people left! But yeah, that's hella annoying, especially as you'd got yourself some tasty gear.
  14. I already do this sometimes - if I'm upstairs in a Mexican standoff with the enemy downstairs, I sometimes punch out a window to make them think I've jumped out and wait to see what they do. It's a valid tactic. There's a lot you're not in control of in this game, you have to play and play and play and then rely on experience to outwit your opponents (not saying that my window punching technique is some piece of genius derived from God-like battle wisdom, but what the other player decides to do in that moment could be - rush outside to meet me, stay put or rush upstairs?).
  15. So most of you have probably seen this already but I hadn't, so I thought I'd bring it to your attention. There is concept art for a new jungle themed map which is a quarter of the size of Miramar and Erangel (4x4 km). The map can be found here: https://pubgmap.io/en-gb/jungle.html#2/-120.1/120.0 I'm guessing it would accommodate a new game mode with fewer people and a faster playing time. I mean, 100 people on this map would be utter chaos. The one I'd really like to see is an abandoned city, like a post-apocalyptic GTA-style map.