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    Yep. These two sites definitely need to join forces...
  2. Somehow I have only just discovered this site and I absolutely love it, thought I would share it on here for anyone else who doesn't know of its existence yet. You can go back through past games and freely navigate the map in real time as the game plays out. You can see who killed you, where they were etc. So handy for those games where you get shot out of nowhere and can't work out how they got the drop on you! https://pubg-replay.com/
  3. ashm2811

    4X AKM?????

    I love the AKM on single fire with any kind of zoom scope. Absolutely pointless using auto fire for anything other than CQC. AKM is often my sniper of choice.
  4. ashm2811

    Lost my head in Miramar...

    Haha ah right, well it popped back when I deployed my parachute anyway so no harm done?
  5. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ashm2811/video/53102463
  6. ashm2811


    Have had no particular problem finding vert grips on Miramar myself. I've been surprised by the number of M16s and Lv1 backpacks though, found at least one of each in almost every building last night.
  7. ashm2811

    what's the deal with the aim punch

    Well I can recommend this, it's a much better carp game: I see, well I've never experienced that level of aim punch myself.
  8. ashm2811

    what's the deal with the aim punch

    Think you answered your own question here. Hit them first and you will be rewarded.
  9. Hahahaha Fartnite.
  10. It was definitely in the patch notes that I read but haven't seen it implemented yet. I hope they don't, I think it's a terrible idea.
  11. Do you mean the first circle should show when the plan sets off across the map? If so, absolutely not. It would totally remove the element of risk involved in deciding where to drop.
  12. The good lady has been out at a friend's tonight and so I have been playing PUBG since about 7pm to now, which is 4.30am... I have had no problems all night - 10 second matchmaking time tops, then straight into games (I play solo TPP). But since about 30 minutes ago I have not been able to get into a game at all. Matchmaking just goes up and up and up without ever joining a game. I have reset it a couple of times now to see if it fixed it, but no luck. If I had left the first matchmaking going, it would be on about 35 minutes by now. Anyone else unable to get on a game at the moment? I should have gone to bed at least 2 hours ago, so I might just go to bed... But I thought I'd see if anyone else was having the same trouble.
  13. ashm2811


    I suspect they need it live to identify and fix all the bugs. Miramar is at about the same stage Erangel was at on Xbox back in January. Doubt it's just a case of copying Erangel's bug fixes over to Miramar, they need people to be playing it for data collection.
  14. ashm2811

    How many wins a row?

    I've managed 1 in a row a number of times on solos.
  15. ashm2811

    Under map glitch miramar?

    This happened to me last week - perhaps this happened to your opponent but they stayed under the map? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ashm2811/video/52005465