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  1. ashm2811

    Game is unplayable after this update

    Back up now.
  2. ashm2811

    Why do y'all wear hats?

    Naa I like to know what kind of helmet someone has on so I know if I can one-shot them or not.
  3. When you inevitably switch to a helmet as soon as you land, all it does is tell me that someone has been in the building when I see that hat on the ground. Makes me more alert and less likely to spend time looting there. Hats only help your enemies. And look fabulous in those pre-game lobbies, of course.
  4. Thanks all, yeah I think the only way to disable the sound is to turn off achievement notifications altogether, so I have. You can still see if you have a new achievement by pressing the Xbox button and there is a small number next to the trophy icon on the far left. And yeah, really not a brag. One of the 'achievements' is 'Jump out of an aeroplane 101 times'...
  5. Does anyone know if you can turn off the sound for Xbox notifications without turning them off completely? I literally just died because of it ('literally' in PUBG...) - I killed someone which unlocked some kind of achievement and the absurdly loud and long achievement sound came on - BWOOOOOOWWWWW. Couldn't hear a thing in the game including the footsteps creeping up beside me of another player who happily shot me. It might as well have been a stun grenade, couldn't tell what was going on. So if anyone knows how to turn the sound off, that's be great. Don't mind the banner coming up at the bottom, but God that noise is annoying. If it's not possible, I'll just turn them off altogether.
  6. Yep seen this a lot on Sanhok, but also in Erangel (for example in quarry in the storage shacks, items are on the ground by boxes but you can't pick them up).
  7. ashm2811

    Unable to connect

    Yeah I'm back on now.
  8. ashm2811

    Unable to connect

    Ah yes apologies, just seen it on the patch notes. Thanks.
  9. Anyone else getting this screen at the moment? I installed the hotfix update this morning and since then haven't been able to connect to the game. I've checked my Internet connection, and that my Xbox is connected and it's working fine, it's only PUBG not working... I'm in UK running Xbox One S.
  10. ashm2811

    People teaming in solo.

    Yeah true I thought that as well but I was straight killed and then I followed my killer and they were straight killed too, so must have been solo mode.
  11. ashm2811

    People teaming in solo.

    This happened to me the other day, got killed by a duo in solo mode. I sent the player who killed me a message and reported them but have heard nothing from either. It occurred to me that maybe I accidentally selected duo or 1 man team mode or something from the menu, so I checked my PUBG Detective page as this tells you the game mode you were playing in. The strange thing is that the game in question was missing entirely from my records (had the games I played before and after it, but not that one). So I wonder whether the game glitches out sometimes and sends you into team games on your own and then doesn't register it? Or maybe it was just two people teaming up in solo and the only glitch was that it didn't register that specific game. Seems a great coincidence though that my only game record that has been lost was that one...