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  1. Balloonknot

    What's your filthiest win?

  2. Balloonknot

    No thirst initiative

    I like to down someone then drop them a medkit and some pills and let them be. That way if they somehow come back from the brink, they will remember my good gesture and let me live.
  3. Balloonknot

    SR suppressor

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MZqX1h7-L3l8QnpYtYCiaeR2EH53wWx0h2PtyxWkLU4/htmlview?sle=true 700m for DMR and snipers. 350m for ARs, 100m for pistols, 100m for SMGs Although watching wackyjacky101 video shows a different answer.
  4. Balloonknot

    SR suppressor

    bolt actions fun, forget the suppressor, it doesnt actually suppress as much as youd like it too. VSS everyday all day. M24/ Kar98 audible up to 1000 meter. suppressed M24/Kar98 audible up to 700 mterers. VSS audible up to 125 meters. Most engagements with a bolt action are between 150-300 meters. They can hear you and pinpoint your direction. People 700 meters and beyond wont hear it though so you got that going for you. But a VSS is deadly up to 400 meters, has a range finder on the scope that you can use up to 400 meters. Nobody can hear you at all after 125 meters.
  5. you guys are weird, I just park the car and turn the ignition off and my car shuts off just fine.
  6. Balloonknot

    Team killing is such garbage

    not that often really. Not since they included the report system. Kind of curbs the behavior but some people just dont care. I am curious what the actual punishment is. Ive had to team kill a team killer and im curious if theyve ever reported me. This particular team kill got under my skin because I had an M24, extended mag, suppressor, and 6x scope. my favorite setup.
  7. m249 with a scope and laying prone is a laser too. try it in the test server practice mode. Its wild. I can accurately hit targets 400m + with a 6x scope when you lay prone. The bipods are awesome.
  8. I had a match before the emotes were introduced. It was the first PTS match released with the Miramar. I dropped and got into a buggy and raced to where my team was who got killed by another squad. I managed to run over two of their squad members and there was 1 left. I was doing circles trying to hit this guy for a solid 2 minutes then the blue circle started to encroach us. He hopped into my buggy and we drove all the way to the circle. He got out with me and followed me into a building, I had guns and he still didnt have anything. I got back in the buggy and sure enough like a lost puppy who's entire family was run over by a car, he hopped back in too. We get to the 2nd to last circle and hold out in a shack. I kept an eye on him as my trust was wavering with our close proximity but he just alerted me to other players by jumping to acknowledge he sees something "What is it Boy? What do you SEE? Timmy in the well again!?!?". I dropped him my R45 and some ammo so he had something to work with and watched him even closer as the blue encroached again. Its time to run. We both go out the door and just like an attack dog, he runs at a squad firing wildly to distract them from my escape from the shed. Sadly they put him down and I managed to make it to the next circle to avenge my fallen comrade. I went down too but I took two of those dog killing bastards with me.
  9. not posting the clip because Im aware that you get banned from this forum which makes no sense calling people out but I did report the guy on both the internal report system and the live report system. This @$$hat better get a week ban or something. Has anyone confirmed what the actual punishment is for purposefully team killing? I rescued this douche from a 3km run which he surely was going to die to the blue and when we get to a safe building, he unloads on me as im looking out the window as other squads passing by. He wanted my SR suppressor for a sks I dropped on the ground to pick up an m24. Not enough that I let him have the DMR but he decides he needs the suppressor? I am usually pretty aware of funny behaviors from randoms, this guy did drop by himself somewhere far away and my other two team members died. Thats always a sign when the random is by themselves... should have known.
  10. Balloonknot

    duo/squad que trouble

    having same issue. randomly occurs for me.
  11. Balloonknot

    unable to ready up, no games last night.

    so basically you had the same experience I did except I gave up lol. I did have a game going prior to it failing to load me into a match for EVER. The fact that you had a match eventually with 21 people tells me it was happening to everyone and those 21 people were the ones who didnt give up trying to load up a game until the servers reconnected or whatever was going on.
  12. Balloonknot

    Budget vs non-budget headphones

    Its not the headset. I know that. Its the xbox and the shit design by microsoft. its the same reason the controllers constantly disconnect. My post was more about "doesnt matter what you pay, if your headsets crackling or breaking up now, a more expensive one isnt going to solve it".
  13. Balloonknot

    Budget vs non-budget headphones

    With Windows sonic incorporated into Xbox one. Theres no need for expensive headphones. They can all be true surround sound. The driving cost factor for headphones before was the label "true 7.1 surround sound".. Now the cost is more closely associated with features like blue tooth, noise cancellation, wireless, "enter name brand here". Some will say 7.1 surround sound is way better than windows sonic but how can that be true. Windows sonic utilizes coding thats always been there for directional sound that separates stereo from surround sound. surround sound is surround sound, no getting around that. no pun intended.
  14. Balloonknot

    Headset recommendations???

    I can attest that the 800x were louder than the 700s. I traded my 800x for 700s because of sound breaking up and disconnecting. Frankly the 800x is an old headset and are not supported as they should be from turtlebeach. The 800x were very uncomfortable for me for long gaming sessions but they had the best ear cup and noise cancelation. The 700s are much more comfortable but not as loud and the ear cups barely block any ambient sounds. Id just stick with 700s and try to keep your room that your playing in as quiet as possible.
  15. Balloonknot

    Budget vs non-budget headphones

    no. The only differences I can think of is higher end headsets will have louder drivers and equalizer presets that may help. Like Turtle beach 800x has a louder footsteps preset which focus on the audible range they use for footsteps in game. To me it sounds like everything is in a tunnel so I never used that preset. The 800x also have really really good active noise cancelation and sound proof ear cups. The 700s on the other hand sounds like the ear cups dont block any external ambient sounds and the active noise cancelation is non-existent. The sound volume on the 700s is lower as well at max volume. The comfort to wear however is higher on the 700s then the 800s. The 700 stealthforce (2017) cost ~$150. 800x Elites (2015) cost ~$250. The 700s do work with the turtle beach app, in fact its about the only way to control some of the features on the headset. The 800x had buttons for everything and they were very sensitive to touch unfortunately. You would accidentally change settings if you bumped the headset with the couch or your head or if a cat brushed up near you... Now bottomline. All wireless headsets are complete garbage on xbox one / s / x. They constantly lose connection and drop in and out just like the garbage controllers. There is no hope or solution to work around this. So whether you spend $50, $150, $250 is up to you as to what you feel comfortable wasting your money on because they all going to piss you off eventually when the sounds start crackling and disconnecting repeatedly. Anyone tells me this is a one off event with my xbox can shove it, its happened on 3 xbox's that ive owned. two OG, and the xbox one X. Best headset ive used is the One Sevens. Sounds were quieter but they direct connected to the controller. They didnt crackle and break up as often. Before them, I had X12's on the xbox 360, these direct wired to the xbox, these were the ultimate headphones to get. Never dropped a sound. wireless is not the answer. Its just convenient.