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  1. AzxGameZTA

    Player movement

    I feel when I move my player around it's sluggish or he's just drunk
  2. Would be cool if the building dropped when being hit with the red zone. And craters made on the land. ****Hulk Smash**** Or just the door and window as it is plus the vehicle destroyed. Just my thoughts. Yes I would love C4. To go through a wall or drop building. Now that would be 😎. 💘 you Pubg. Keep up the good work and stay 🍦 Friend. O Can we get the a crate that will have chicken dinner shirts in it. . .or Just me 😉...
  3. I don't want to always want to jump in tje driver seat when I get in. I do want to get out the vehicle with out it having to stop. . . Specially now that thing blows up so fast or you die so fast in a vehicle it's crazy sad thing is you need a vehicle to get from one side of the other place if you're trying to loot..
  4. I get the car campers. But when you die faster in a car than being outside is Mind blowing. . even with level 3 armed on.. Shouldn't die so fast like that just the vehicle should get shred it
  5. AzxGameZTA

    Can’t jump out windows or walls after update

    Yes I can't jump out windows or over walls. Not all windows but ones I have jumped out before. . . .. . . Mostly balconies for the walls an windows On the second floor
  6. AzxGameZTA


    You die faster in a vehicle getting shot with level 3 armor then you do outside of the vehicle it's kind of Bonkers
  7. AzxGameZTA

    Kill cam

    I would like to see how I did. I fell I've been shot through walls and hills. PC has kill Cam bring that to Xbox please.
  8. AzxGameZTA

    Game crash: Megathread

    Its random dashboarding for me parachuting down, just walking around, passenger in a car, driving a vehicle, on the back of a motorcycle, walking in a building, waiting to get on the plane, the upsetting part is when you just get all your loot everything you finally need and you crash and come back and your dead. When you dashboard and drive out of the zone cuz the car don't stop less it hits a tree or building or wall. Dashboard while sprinting an run out of the zone. Now our Squad makes bets who will not dashboard in a match. Lol