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  1. Game is broke with latest patch

    I'm having issues with DPI scaling or whatever its called. I have a 4k monitor so my ui scaling is set to 200%, but PUBG all of a sudden takes up only a quarter of the screen unless i put it into fullscreen mode, and when i do that, whenever i open the map or inventory the mouse goes to the bottom right of the screen versus the middle. When I set my UI scaling to 100%, the mouse does get centered on the screen when opening the map or inventory, but I cant interact with anything thats not in the top left quarter of the screen, which mirrors your not being able to change components on weapons issue.
  2. Mexican standoff

    Little clip I made, love that replay mode.
  3. Advice on upgrading pc to run pubg smoother

    If you dont have an SSD, I would definitely invest in one of those, it turned my 2 minute load times into like 15 seconds, not sure what would be a GOOD invest for that much for new card/cpu/ram.
  4. Dying before the enemy fires

    Its because of their ping, not yours, so if they come around that corner and they got a 300ms ping, they got 0.3 seconds to shoot you before you'll even see them.
  5. BlueHole Officially Broke PUBG

    I dont see how video drivers would affect communicating with the server
  6. If they're stealing credit cards, I imagine there is a more lucrative options then buying accounts to sell fake things for steam cash.
  7. So the chinese are selling crates and getting $300 steam cash? I dont know what sarcasm is dude.
  8. Who is buying crates at $2? They're going for like $0.37~$0.60, with price averages dropping with time. And $50 would be the high end of your 24 crates a day math. And are they opening or selling these crates? The real question is, who the hell is dumb enough to buy a digital skirt for $800? And thanks for the lesson on Chinas cost of living, really eye opening.
  9. With a limit of like what, 6 crates per week, and with new, easier reporting, and I imagine more manpower to review reports, I dont think that would fix anything. I cant imagine people are making $30 in a week off 6 crates to rebuy the game. Its a negative sum game at that point.
  10. Whats with all the hackers

    Every server, but I find less on the south american servers, I imagine south american fpp has even less. Good luck.