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  1. toomanyhackers

    I have negative BP

    Whats the deal with you guys messing up and letting people through no nefarious action of there own (they clicked sure give me money when a popup pops up) and then take it back. Now Im in the hole 11k bp. What did I do to get that extra bp? Did I hack into the mainframe? No, I clicked sure give me money when the stupid popups pop up. Usually when a company messes up, they dont turn around and screw customers. Where do you get off
  2. Usually I can fix it by going in game, changing the settings, restarting the game and it works fine. But now, I cant get it fixed. I've reinstalled drivers, deleted all my config files so it would start from fresh and the game is forcing itself to run at 1280x700 or whatever its doing. When I play in fullscreen mode I get my expected 4k resolution, but then my mouse when I open my map and inventory is moved to the bottom right hand corner of the screen instead of the middle of the screen which makes marking the map and managing inventory a lot longer then it should. When I try and switch it back to the prefered Windowed Full Screen mode, it then takes up a quarter of the screen like the attached picture shows. This is ridiculous and I'm bashing my head trying to fix this. Any help would be appreciated. And changing the UI Scaling is not a good fix as it makes the mouse super tiny.
  3. toomanyhackers

    Cheating Discussion

    Subject of topic is what this topic of this post is. I dont like it. All of a sudden after a few months of relatively no hacking, now theres a shit ton. And, I'm pretty sure they're corrupting your replay shit so you watch the death cam, games crashes, and then you cant report them, just my 2 cents. I dunno. They also all happen to be chinese.