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  1. Probably shouldn't put a feed of your game out there if you don't want it to kill you. Sounds like a streamer problem to me.
  2. toomanyhackers

    PUBG Ping Pong

    Like, what is going on with it? amirite? Anyone else notice the steady decline is quality with your connection and dieing behind cover, or dieing the second you see someone because they saw you 5 seconds ago and the communication with the server is at fault? Like, wow, what is the deal?
  3. toomanyhackers

    Cheating Discussion

    Subject of topic is what this topic of this post is. I dont like it. All of a sudden after a few months of relatively no hacking, now theres a shit ton. And, I'm pretty sure they're corrupting your replay shit so you watch the death cam, games crashes, and then you cant report them, just my 2 cents. I dunno. They also all happen to be chinese.