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    Cheating Discussion

    Subject of topic is what this topic of this post is. I dont like it. All of a sudden after a few months of relatively no hacking, now theres a shit ton. And, I'm pretty sure they're corrupting your replay shit so you watch the death cam, games crashes, and then you cant report them, just my 2 cents. I dunno. They also all happen to be chinese.
  2. Because I cant play the game. Seems like I cant connect to the live server during what I imagine wouldnt be server maintenance time due to it being prime time for dudes looking to rek some nerds. Also, I cant seem to connect to the test server to rek some nerds because I dont know. Is the test server up and its being swamped with too much traffic? I dont know, apparently its too hard to have one webpage that has 2 graphics, one showing the live server up/down and one for test server up/down. www.playbattlegrounds.com/serverstatus.html wouldnt that be nifty? Also, come on bluehole, this is garbage.
  3. If when you land in pecado you dont get network lag detected and connection timeout and then try and re join, then spend another 5 minutes to time out again, then join another game, and have it do the same shit to you. It'd be nice if it didnt do that. And also all the chinese hacking mother fuckers, if they could be locked into there own area thatd be cool too. Also if you didnt have to fight the "servers are too busy" screen at least twice before actually connecting, that would be cool too.
  4. And we're both going to be dead in 90 years and none of this will matter anyways.
  5. woopsies double post
  6. I think maybe you should understand what a word means before you say something isnt something. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/feedback Feedback - a reaction or response to a particular process or activity. The activity being Bluehole taking servers down for 3 hours, starting right when I get off work and ends when I go to bed. The response, me bitching about how I dont like it. How is this not feedback? How is me telling this company I dont like what they're doing not feedback? It doesnt matter if there is a reason for it, its still feedback that I'm sure any business would be happy to recieve. I'm a business, I want to improve my customers experience so I can keep them as a customer, what can I do? I can listen to feedback and make changes. Maybe they stagger when they do updates, every other patch swap between 11am korean time to 4pm korean time to try and please more consumers. Maybe they do nothing, it doesnt matter, I'm just letting them know I dont like it when I want to play and I cant. That is feedback.
  7. You sound like a guy who doesnt understand that people give negative feedback when negative feedback is due.
  8. I dont fucking know man, I dont work for the fucking company thats made lots of money and can definitly afford to hire a guy to work offshit to install patches. I'm just the guy who plays the game and gives feedback to the company on there forums where it says "Feedback".
  9. Yah man, dont give a single fuck about why they did it, I'm going to provide feedback to them in the feedback sub forums where they can expect to recieve feedback. Maybe if they region locked the game to keep them dirty hackers out, they can provide localized update hours to the different servers. I don't know, maybe theirs a solution, maybe I'm just here to provide feedback to the company which you guys dont seem to understand.
  10. Is it difficult to accept that I'm providing feedback to bluehole about how everyone in America probably doesnt like 8pm Wednesday updates? For 3 hours? Yah, I'm allowed to bitch, and I'm doing it. If you dont want to see how people feel, dont read this.
  11. Oh, I didnt know I was talking about everyone in the world, I'm just letting them know its a shitty time for me and everyone else east of Hawaii. I dont really care if its 11am in korea, because I dont live in korea. Why would I not give feedback to the company on things I dont like? I dont like updates 8pm my time on a wednesday.
  12. And its still a shitty time for updates, nothing new!
  13. At least its convenient for someone!