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  1. Next event mode needs to be a demolition derby everyone gets an m249 circle is in an open field with not much cover with uaz and dacies scattered around or something like that
  2. axed

    Worst Circle Ever On Erangel

    Agree and a demolition derby should actually be an event mode
  3. axed

    Good old pubg

    He easily could've just shot you through the window
  4. 4x on akm is trash
  5. I've been playing on my xbox one s every single day since release and not once has it overheated and i can barely hear my fans on it but i do agree the game was running much better months ago
  6. Get good im playing on 200 ping and still average 5 kills per game
  7. Agree even with the majority playing on NA i've still gotten a few lobbies that only had 50 players and a few that took a while to fill up this shows that pubg is dieing on xbox
  8. axed

    Queue times.

    This will be fixed late november they said i'm playing on north america server in the mean time
  9. Oceania server has been broken since mirimar and matchmaking timer was released before mirimar release i could find games instantly back to back but after mirimar release i've had to put up with 1 min-5 min waiting times and now oceania server is dead because of this
  10. axed

    OC server

    Oceania server is broken it's been broken since they released mirimar
  11. I feel like they've deliberatly done something to oceania to get everyone to play on NA
  12. I've been playing oceania solo tpp server EVERY single day since day 1 of release i would find matches back to back 7 times in a row INSTANTLY never ever had to wait longer than 5 seconds oceania server problems started as soon as they released mirimar there was a problem with NA being the default server after mirimar release i thought this is what was causing the long wait times but they fixed that a few days later but i still was getting 2-5min waiting times how can it go from me getting matches instantly every single time to 2-5minutes waiting time now its gotten so bad oc is completely dead
  13. axed

    War mode changes

    Yup 30 seconds spawn time is ridiculous needs to be 20 seconds max
  14. axed

    Find a game in Australia

    Cant say for sure but I think its a combination of low player base and matchmaking issues i've been playing every single day since day 1 of release and ALWAYS would get into games instantly back to back every time after they released mirimar tho is when matchmaking issues started which at first i thought was because of north america being the default server they fixed this but i still had long matchmaking times and this was after mirimar release when you'd think pubg player base was at its peak