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  1. Thatguy111

    Map selection for Xbox

    They (some pubg Corp or bluehole rep person) stated some where that map selection caused match making errors. Too many different groups of people only trying to play solo or duo or squad on one of 2 maps isn’t so bad but add a third (savage) and a forth (snow map) and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and extends waiting times for people.
  2. Thatguy111

    Why is mirimar still on this game

    I have a 1X and a ssd also I delete the game and do full reinstalls for every patch. Still crash on Miramar relentlessly. Last game literally crashed while aiming at someone. Hate that damn map but get it 8 out of 10 matches. It’s gotten to the point where I just back out of the lobby and try again. The concept of the game is fantastic and respect the fact that the developers are trying to improve the game. However I for one will be more than willing to try out any new battle royale game that comes along simply because of the persistent issues with this game.
  3. Thatguy111


    I hide scopes. I will pick up scopes, lvl 3 helmets, etc... find a bush dump them and move on just so no one else can have them. I found it first! you can’t have it!! Of course I also like to run around leaving Pac-Man trails of 1 bullet boxes that lead to a room with only one door then just leave no camping no trap just a pointless trail. Once knocked I will try to dump all my loot in a spread out area then crawl off and die without leaving a loot box. Hopefully leaving the the vitamin D deficient, mouse and keyboard using, mouth breather who just killed me annoyed.
  4. I think the mix is decent. I enjoy most of the guns in the game as of now. The WW2 guns aren’t the normal ones you see with the exception of the Thompson and the 1911. Maybe the PPSH-41 would’ve been more appropriate on a russian themed map. At least there isn’t a garand or the 03 Springfield. To be fair the 1911 and Thompson had plenty of of fame prior to 1941. The nagant revolver in the game entered service in 1895. Well before most of those who fought in WW2 where born. And the Kar98K was a revamp of a WW1 design. Not up on the DP-28s service history and don’t really want to tab out to google it. With more guns comes more balance issues. I know the PC side recently got a guns balance patch. Seeing as how the Xbox lags behind the pc by a few months I’m expecting to see the same thing on Xbox shortly. Additionally more guns might create a loot issue if the gun needs its own ammo type. Hence why the 7.62 round is used in the MK14 (actually chambered for 7.62x51 /.308), Kar98K (8mm Mauser), AKM (7.62x39). Maybe add the Scar-H to the mix? Modern rifle chamber in 7.62x51. FAL would be cool how ever it would render the Mini 14 obsolete. If the FAL is put in the game it should probably be a crate weapon. Aside from changing things up I can’t come up with a gap in the span of the current weapons in the game. Except for the Winchester rifle... that thing is worthless.
  5. The worst Final circle I’ve ever been apart of was in north goergepol (don’t care if I mispelled it). It closed in on an apartment building. So it ended up that there where 3 squads left each with there own floor. Stair where in the blue so there was no escape. Truely a shit show of a final circle. Became a heal race when the circle went pencil thin. I agree the field get old just be careful what you wish for.
  6. Thatguy111


    I loose fights like that all the time as well. Don’t dwell on it it’ll just take the fun out of the game. Maybe lob another gernade next time?
  7. Thatguy111

    How and why

    Lol I don’t know what to tell you. For some reason “it’s a game preview” and “it’ll be fixed soon” comes to mind. I’d be confused and frustrated too.
  8. Thatguy111


    Custom servers sounds awesome. I don’t think the resources are there to get them running properly because the normal servers are having issues.
  9. You already have it. When you crash or your bullets don’t hit your desynced..
  10. Thatguy111

    All Those New BR Games...No.

    Pubg started a genre. Others will pick up on it and there will be other offerings from competitors. 5 million plus copies sold on Xbox alone has proved the market. If pubg is doomed it will by their own hand. The bugs, lag, crashes, etc... will be the cancer that claims this game.
  11. It gets as far as the black screen and stays there. Back out to dash board quit and reload did nothing. Restart the Xbox did nothing. I literally can’t play the game right now it’s so fucking broke. God damn man can you fuckers hire someone with a clue already?
  12. Right! Their advise is so badass it got them killed.
  13. Thatguy111

    I gave up tonight.

    My understanding is that they filed suit over the battle royale game type. Is that accurate?