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  1. Thatguy111

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    I woulda been so mad if I was that guy.
  2. Thatguy111

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    Was going for a UAZ realized the other guy was gonna beat me to it so I turned off. He tries to run me over.... yeah this clip still makes me laugh. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dh-kustom/video/58819221
  3. Thatguy111

    With or without shoes?

    I always start fully clothed and slowly strip during the course of the game. The trick is that If you drop clothes in the waiting area it stays there when the game is launched. So I like putting a shirt in the middle of the street a hat in a building etc... I’ll never know if I’ve caused any panic or fruitless searches but I’m gonna remain optimistic on it.
  4. Hey I saw that Epic games was going to be teaching classes on how to use the unreal engine! So maybe buy the next set of clothes to help Bluehole/pubg pay for tuition. Cause you know student loans suck.
  5. Thatguy111

    PUBG ambient life, part 1.

    Add sharks with freaking laser beams on their heads!
  6. Thatguy111

    PUBG ambient life poll, part 1.

    All the other things this game needs and you wanna add animals? Really?
  7. So I watched that whole video and all he said was “maybe” “we’ll see” “we’re working on it” and “soon”. I don’t know anything about what’s going on behind the scenes and could’ve done that interview.
  8. Thatguy111

    Possibly 1.0 "soon"

    Tried everything battery packs, new batteries old batteries plugging it in switching controllers only thing that works is switching games
  9. Fixes comming “soon”
  10. Thatguy111

    Possibly 1.0 "soon"

    Every time I try there’s some new bug that empties the cup. Can’t even play this game with out my controller disconnecting every 5 minutes.
  11. Thatguy111

    Possibly 1.0 "soon"

    That anything and everything dealing with this game is comming “soon”
  12. Thatguy111

    Controller disconnects

    Yeah I’ve tried going back to a regular controller, battery pack, AA batteries (old and new), none of it helped
  13. Thatguy111

    Possibly 1.0 "soon"

    Everything in this game is soon. What’s your point?
  14. Thatguy111

    Question for the Day 1 players.

    Day 1 player and rarely play anymore. Not a fan of Miramar not a fan of the weapons balance not a fan of most of the changes. Not a big deal just time to play something else.
  15. I’m on an Xbox 1X and running an elite controller. Every game sometimes 2 or 3 times a game my controller disconnects. Is it just me or are other expirencing this?