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  1. In order to hotfix something you have to actually know how to fix it. Which the developers continue to prove they have no clue how to fix things.
  2. You can’t have 4K because th developers are incompetent.
  3. OP: Feel your pain I’m right there with you. 1 shot out off of a motorcycle at full speed by a kar98 then sniped by a UMP but I go to shoot at some one frame rate falls off and comes back to show the death animation... i rarely play more than 3 games a day anymore. MW2 is backwards compatible now so #f$&*thisgame
  4. The crates are crap. All of them. It’s only in the game so they have a mechanism that can use for micro transactions later.
  5. This isn’t 1.0. Check the version number next time you log in.
  6. Thatguy111

    How much will player count drop?

    Looking forward to Fallout 76. I’ll be playing less PUBG when that comes out. I’m sure I’ll come back to this game from time to time but I don’t think it’ll be my go to game for too much longer. So burnt out on COD/BF. The last COD game I got into was MW2. Everything since then just hasnt excited me. Additionally all the latest games seem to come with issues and I have a hard time pre-ordering a most likely incomplete game that I might not like. Any EA/Dice game I’m wary of because of their relentless pursuit of micro transactions. So most likely I’ll be letting friends spend their coin the newest games so I can try them out. I like PUBG I enjoy it when it’s running right. I can see where it’s vulnerable to competition and that’s a good thing. It’s awesome to have a new game from new a developer then just the annual installment of a 10 year old franchise who ran out ideas 8 years ago. I’m glad they didn’t just sell out to one of the larger developers. Now let’s see if they can adapt to challengers.
  7. The cosmetic side of this game has always been terrible everyone knows only most people don’t care anymore
  8. Thatguy111

    Too overpowered

    I completely agree. Just think that most shooter games go through balances where some guns come out on top others not so much. Tends to be more a flavor of the month than an actual balance. I do the exact same things now with a UMP that I did with a M416. Keep a red dot for close up and a scope for ranged work.
  9. Thatguy111

    Where are 60fps???/

    Welcome to the forums. If you’d kindly use the search function you’ll find many threads on this exact topic. FPS has been and will continue to be an issue. As for DayZ no one on this forum cares and it makes you sound like a troll.
  10. Thatguy111

    Too overpowered

    It used to be drop any gun for an M416. Now it’s drop anygun for a UMP/vector. Give it 6 months and they’ll “balance” the weapons again and there will be a new flavor. Different game same routine.
  11. Thatguy111

    Hit registration

    Anyone else having issues with hit registration? It’s been really bad for me so far today.
  12. ACR was meant to have changeable barrels to accept what ever ammo was encountered hence “adaptive combat rifle”. Initially introduced chambered in 5.56 NATO or 6.8 SPC. Other conversation kits where available to adapt it to other rounds. It just never caught on. Introducing a new caliber would just confuse looting. I would think if people wanted another 7.62 weapon it would either go SCAR-H or an AK variant. At this point I think a new weapon would have to be map specific (think the Winchester) and take the place of another weapon already in the game.
  13. Thatguy111

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    I woulda been so mad if I was that guy.
  14. Thatguy111

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    Was going for a UAZ realized the other guy was gonna beat me to it so I turned off. He tries to run me over.... yeah this clip still makes me laugh. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dh-kustom/video/58819221
  15. Thatguy111

    With or without shoes?

    I always start fully clothed and slowly strip during the course of the game. The trick is that If you drop clothes in the waiting area it stays there when the game is launched. So I like putting a shirt in the middle of the street a hat in a building etc... I’ll never know if I’ve caused any panic or fruitless searches but I’m gonna remain optimistic on it.