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  1. wickedfool

    New Weapons

    I think the G36C is a very fitting weapon for this game.
  2. wickedfool

    Really reinstall game improves performance?

    I was having incredibly long load times (xbox one x) and finally decided to give reinstalling a try. I was starting the game in the plane already flying over the map. It resolved that issue at least.
  3. wickedfool

    All settings reset.

    I was getting the same problem. Hard resetting Xbox fixed temporarily but the issue returned. I reinstalled game and had been fixed ever since
  4. wickedfool

    Loading into matches suck after patch 9

    Update: reinstalled game and put on internal HDD rather than external. Booted up game and issue seemed to be fixed. In starting area, I had 21 seconds before plane took off Moved game back to external HDD and booted up. Problem fixed and had 28 seconds before plane took off. I think reinstalling the fixes the issue.
  5. wickedfool

    Loading into matches suck after patch 9

    I have above average internet speeds. Consistently, 300 down, 60 up. NAT always open. Game is installed on an external harddrive. The pregame lobby typically is not an issue. Once everyone ready up, we are launched into game. Occasionally, I get put into the launch zone with only a couple of seconds left but Id say 8 out of 10 games I see a black screen until I hear the plane sound. One odd thing that happened after this update is that the controller settings were lost and would not save until I hard reboot my xbox. Once I did a hard reset, the settings were saved and has not been lost since. The loading issue has never been a problem until this patch. I also notice the buildings taking a bit longer to load and occasionally being totally empty for a few seconds after walking in them. However, that doesnt always happen. I have not played on an OG Xbox but I assume those building and interior loading issues are what they see. Performance has been a lot better minus the odd loading issues.
  6. wickedfool

    Loading into matches suck after patch 9

    Im on Xbox One X, more often than not, I see the black logo screen and hear the plane sound before I even join. The plane typically has time to be over land by the time I even see the game. This has only been this way post Patch 9. I am not complaining but its very odd.
  7. wickedfool


    I think binoculars shouldnt take bag space but the place of the melee weapon. That way, it already has a designation on how to use it. It also makes sense because you can hang it on your back similar to melee weapons and you lose the ability to have the pan save your @$$. Its a decent trade off and the animation takes a bit to pull up. You have to lower your weapon, pull out the binoculars to hold them, and then hit the normal scope button to look through them. To me that is balanced and integrates them into the control existing control scheme. I think they should have a range finder built in as well but maybe an approximation. Specifically saying how far a pinpoint location is might be really overpowering snipers.
  8. wickedfool

    there should be a benefit to wearing boots.

    I agree. Boots = a tiny armor increase to represent the added durability but make you louder when walking Sneakers = slightly faster but slightly louder walking (not as loud as boots) Bare feet = quieter walking but take a little more damage from high falls these increases are tiny but would give you more reason to pick up shoes other than cosmetic.
  9. I think this is a great compromise. Keeps things simple. It actually makes holding gas can important for those that want to have a vehicle at the end (consuming valuable bag space) and doesnt mean a giant shift in the gameplay.
  10. wickedfool

    Left lean reset

    I fully support this. It can definitely be frustrating especially in unsuspecting cqc situations where the split second correcting the issue results in the "better luck next time" screen.
  11. wickedfool

    Disable Vehicles in Final Circles

    I agree with the gas. I never consider picking up gas. Right now, gas just isnt important.
  12. wickedfool

    Disable Vehicles?

    Wow. The thread is concerning vehicles and their use in the final circles. I was simply stating an alternative to removing them entirely from the game....which I think is terrible idea. We may be beating a dead horse but you need to get off your high horse.
  13. wickedfool

    Disable Vehicles?

    Yeah but they can heal up. I dont want to remove vehicles. A lot of people complain about there use in the final circles. A person can be at a quarter health and the vehicle a full strength protecting them. They also can used to provide cover which I have seen. The increased damage taken helps that but does provide a bit of shield while you find out where the others are. It would at least give a little balance if the vehicles took damage from the blue as well. It would probably lower the amount of vehicles in the final circle just because they would be abandoned earlier.
  14. wickedfool

    Disable Vehicles?

    What if instead of wanting vehicles to be totally out of the game in the final circles, the blue would damage them similar to how it damages a person. Instead of catching fire and blowing up, they would similar stall out and be unusable after a while in the blue. That would prevent people from using the blue to their advantage and make shooting them in the final circles more effective since they are probably damaged to some degree. Plus, it would also fit the game since it damages people, it could have an effect on vehicles. It wouldnt totally take them out of the final circles but would limit their effectiveness.
  15. wickedfool

    What would you like for patch #7

    Id like to get a fix for the auto switch to pistol if you press up while on map.