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  1. zunderholz

    New map update from Nico.

    Oh yah, I didn't read that carefully enough.
  2. zunderholz

    New map update from Nico.

    Well, it got "smoked" which means most it's probably out for the patch 12 timeline. Patch 13 will probably be 2-3 weeks after patch 12.
  3. I'd recommend equalizing the draw distance and density of grass and other foliage across each of the versions of Xbox. The same for shadows. These are competitive differences for spotting players. All of them should run the same way. On PC everyone that's competitive turns most of these settings down, because of the advantage it brings.
  4. This clip is seen on an Xbox One X. About 19 seconds into the clip, you'll see a texture on a railing moving back and forth. I've noticed it happening in a few places. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/zunderholz/video/46494249
  5. zunderholz

    Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    Yes. It allows you to quickly spam x to pick up bullets, grenades, medical supplies without accidentally swapping weapons, armor, helmets or clothes.
  6. zunderholz

    Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    Played one game on One X. Parachuting still wasn't great, but the game felt smoother than it normally would in Yasnaya. We jumped in a car, and the passenger camera was much smoother and didn't jitter around. Normally as a passenger I'd look away from my screen because the camera would jitter back and forth which was very unsettling. Everything was going good until we moved into the circle at military base. We ended up rushing one of the mounts on the runway with the bunkers underneath. The second we started fighting, my frame rate dipped a bit, just like it did before. So overall, the inventory, the smoothness outside of combat were nice improvements, but the combat seemed the same as before.
  7. zunderholz

    New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    Lol, people thing this mobile version is better? It looks well done for a mobile game, but some perspective is needed.
  8. Who cares? Check reddit or twitter if you want the news earlier. They always put the patch notes up here in the announcements when the patches are available. What else do you need?
  9. zunderholz

    New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    I'm not so doom and gloom to think it can never be fixed. They've already made significant progress. Hopefully it doesn't take too much longer to get it staying at 30fps in critical moments.
  10. zunderholz

    New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    That's not what certification is. Certification just checks to make sure the game doesn't corrupt the Xbox OS, and that it complies to certain standards in terms of how it handles devices, interfaces with Xbox Live. It even checks for weird things like having an icon on the screen when a game is saving and a message that warns you not to turn off the console during saving. It's not certifying that the game will not crash, have bugs, or perform well. Those things are up to the developer.
  11. zunderholz

    Xbox one X Yes/No?

    No, don't replace your console for one game.
  12. Your game definitely does not run at 30fps at all times. You're just able to play through the drops. Some players, especially less skilled players, will suffer through frame drops more. What Digital Foundry has recorded has recorded is representative of everyone. Same code + same hardware = same performance.
  13. Fortnite runs at much lower resolutions than PUBG, which is part of the reason why it can push twice as many frames per second. Xbox One runs at 1600x900 in best case scenario, dynamically scaling all the way down to 600p (1067x600). Common resolution is 792p (1408x792), so not a lot higher higher than 720p. Pubg runs at 1080p, no dynamic scaling. 1080p = 3.24 * 600p 1080p = 1.86 * 792p 1080p = 1.44 * 900p In the best case, PUBG is pushing 1.44 times more pixels per frame. In the worst case 3.24 more pixels. In the average case, 1.86 times more. One X runs fortnite at 1728p best, 1440p average, 1152p lowest. Pubg runs at 4k, no dynamic scaling. 4k = 3.51 * 1152p 4k = 2.25 * 1440p 4k = 1.56 * 1728p In the best case, PUBG is pushing 1.56 times more pixels per frame. In the worst case 2.25 more pixels. In the average case, 3.51 times more. So, for pure simplicity's sake, to go from 30->60fps, you need to reduce your frame time in half, from 33.3ms to 16.6ms. To do that you'd probably need to go to something like half the number of pixels per frame. That's an oversimplification, but you can see that Fortnite is running somewhere around half the pixels/frame in the average case and less than a third the pixels per frame in worst case scenario. A target of 792p to 800p on One, and 1440p to 1728p on X, could make big improvements. I'd rather see them sacrifice resolution for performance now, just to get the game running well, and then slowly increase resolution/graphics as they optimize. There may be situations where pubg is cpu limited, but it seems like there may be some big wins just by lowering resolution (save memory bandwidth, ALU and fillrate). Fortnite is doing a form of temporal upscale/supersampling, to help mitigate the visual loss by lowering resolution. There does seem to be room for improvement just by lowering resolution in PUBG. In situations with blood splatter, smoke, the blue wall and other transparency/overdraw, lowering resolution could go a long way.
  14. zunderholz

    New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    One X was running at full 4k and I'm assuming it still is. Dynamic or lowered resolution would help in situations with alpha transparency. That would be smoke, blood splatter, the blue wall and perhaps leaves and grass. It should be possible to lower the resolution of some effects like smoke independently.
  15. zunderholz

    New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    This may not be true of someone that bought it as part of a bundle. I'm not sure how the state of the game is advertised on a console bundle box. It's more obvious when you're buying the game separately from the xbox store.