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  1. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    Is it related to mange, the skin disease?
  2. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    system power / how cartoony a game looks = game performance
  3. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    They're actually very comparable. "Cartoon shades" don't make rendering easier. Looking at console, I'd say Fortnite actually has the higher resolution textures on console. PUBG on xbox really isn't doing much graphics wise. Pubg has more complex geometry though, especially in the trees. It also has more dense ground foliage, I think.
  4. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    This sounds right, but isn't because they share the same game engine. Any work that was put into Fortnite before development started on PUBG would have been rolled into Unreal Engine. Also, much of the work and improvement that has gone into Fortnite Battle Royale has happened since it was released on console with Battle Royale mode. Most of the improvements are coming from the Unreal Engine team doing their regular engine releases. I don't expect PUBG to be perfect overnight. All I'm saying is Fortnite is a target they should strive for.
  5. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    Fortnite just released a 60fps mode today, even on base PS4 and Xbox One. In the last few months they've added level streaming, a new temporal anti-aliasing solution and now locked 60fps with dynamic resolution. Then there are a number of other smaller performance fixes. It has higher resolution textures, and it allows you to destroy and build dynamically. The geometry of the game does look simpler, but overall it's superior in many other ways. For some reason pubg players get really upset about comparisons to Fortnite, but it really is a comparable game, and it's far ahead in terms of performance right now. It's a good bar that's been set for PUBG to aim for.
  6. Which do you prefer for shooting?

    I used TPP close range when I don't have a red dot or a holo.
  7. A productive post....hopefully

    There are also a lot of good vids on how to use the various range finders in the scopes.
  8. DON'T buy a SSD, it doesn't help

    I don't think the external hard drives really help with performance in almost any game. They tend to just make the games load a lot faster. There may be a few that help textures stream in faster, but texture streaming issues are rare now.
  9. Gaming Monitor

    Yes, if you're using a computer monitor you have to set the xbox to output rgb (0-255) instead of limited.
  10. This is a great vid. I guarantee if they bad clips from some of the big cities, or late game, they'd see something even worse. But a lot of what they highlighted is great information.
  11. Lol, you may want to read up on Lunar New Year if you want to understand how many people observe it, and how culturally important it is in a country like Korea. Many companies shutdown for Christmas and Thanksgiving, and that's a good thing. A bad business decision would be forcing people to work over those holidays because it would probably be hard to hire anyone.
  12. Lol, this is absurd. People shouldn't get holidays because you want a video game patched? Get over yourself. Whatever country people are working in, they should be allowed to observe local cultural holidays, and their own cultural holidays.
  13. Gaming Monitor

    Monitors have better input lag than most tvs, so unless you have a very new tv a monitor will be better.
  14. What causes a crash?

    Xbox One X has a simpler memory architecture. One/One S have a small 32mb pool of fast memory attached to the gpu that needs to be managed.
  15. Credit to @KAR98. For first highlighting it in a video.