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  1. Finishing off damage

    This has to be addressed
  2. Why does it take just as bullets to finish off someone as it does to knock them down in the first place? I shot a guy I knocked out in the head twice and he still was able to crawl away and get revived. Frustrating
  3. Bullet Direction

  4. Start out on AUTO

    The same people saying "it only takes a second to switch to auto" are the same ones that wanted the left trigger to ADS only. It "only took a second" to hold down left trigger for ADS. My point is, it may only take a second to switch to auto but in this game that second gets you killed.
  5. Boat speed and gas consumption

    Way too slow for the amount of fuel required to travel anywhere meaningful. I don't think they are as fast as anything other than the clown car lol. You also have to factor in that a boat can't take shortcuts so there's not much reason for them to be slower.
  6. Burst-fire setting

    If I hold the trigger on a burst fire M16 it will shoot one single bullet. I have to simultaneously press the trigger for a burst.
  7. Burst-fire setting

    You two understand what I meant. The UMP on burst fire will keep firing bursts as long as you hold the trigger. The M16's burst shoots like a semi automatic where it will only burst fire tapping the trigger.
  8. Burst-fire setting

    Why does burst fire work differently on certain guns? With the UMP, holding down the trigger shoots a burst. With the M16, you have to keep tapping the trigger like a semi automatic. The latter should shoot a 3 round burst when holding the trigger. This has gotten me killed many times.
  9. Boat speed and gas consumption

    I own a boat. Totally irrelevant to this conversation also.
  10. Why do boats drive 40-50 kmh slower than land vehicles but use twice as much gas when using boost???
  11. Is anyone else experiencing this issue where anytime you switch weapons you are always forced to reload??? It's VERY ANNOYING