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  1. It is quite annoying trying to take aim at an enemy only to have your gun/animation spaz out for being too close to a wall. I've been killed this way too many times. The only game I know that has this problem besides Pubg is Ghost Recon Wildlands.
  2. PC players can literally roll the vehicle multiple times without any damage.
  3. Magicmoment

    Melee weapons.....whats the point?

    I'd argue melee weapons (pan mostly) is does too much damage. I got hit with a pan once and it took 90% of my health, I had on a level 2 helmet. Meanwhile I shot the guy twice within 10 yards with a shotgun and he scampered away.
  4. Magicmoment

    Update from Nico on last PTS this week

    Can you post the exact model
  5. Magicmoment

    Weapon change after grenade throw

    I agree OP. It's frustrating.
  6. Magicmoment

    Stop changing parachuting!

    I'm aware of the "on par with PC" excuse which is full of shit. If players are forced closer together that increases frame rate drop and lag.
  7. Magicmoment

    Stop changing parachuting!

    Parachutes have been broken for a month or so. Sucks because I used to be able to travel half the map.
  8. Magicmoment

    PUBG in a nutshell

    Only in this game does a pan take 90% of your health while a shotgun from 10 feet away allows you to run away unscathed; not to mention my level two helmet. 🖕 this game quite honestly https://youtu.be/05eKruqwoRg
  9. Magicmoment

    SSD arguement solution

    I run Pubg on a SSD from my old HP laptop, I still get play doe anytime I land near the flight path. Original Xbox One
  10. Magicmoment

    The Dredded Erangel

    Not sure what performance tweaks you are talking about but my game still has loads of rendering issues. I constantly get trapped in places that render around me. I should not have to stand outside of a building for 30 seconds after landfall before I can loot with the fear of being trapped inside an invisible table that had yet to render. I have SSD too.
  11. Magicmoment

    Downed players

    Any advocate for downed players being able to use a pistol must not have played COD Black Ops. NO THANKS
  12. I have an SSD and still have rendering issues. But that's beside the point of this game needing optimization of the basic functions. People should not have to buy more hardware at the hopes of this game being playable.
  13. Exactly. I don't get why the basic functions of this "beta" have not been at the forefront of every update. Functions such as rendering, network lag, and constant crashing. Yet, people are excited about a new map for this bullshit experience? 🙄
  14. Magicmoment

    Shotguns worthless?

    I love the shotguns especially early game. I prefer the double barrel for cleaning out buildings over most guns in the game. Gears of War was my bread and butter so maybe I'm biased.
  15. Magicmoment

    Shotguns worthless?

    Not worthless just inconsistent