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  1. Magicmoment

    PTS This Weekend

    You missed the point completely. Footsteps became bugged again last month.
  2. Magicmoment

    PTS This Weekend

    It's not his headset
  3. Magicmoment

    I swear if I get Miramar one more time!!!!!

    If I see bright sand I quit
  4. Who cares about cosmetics when the game has 100 playability issues
  5. Magicmoment

    Players who leave the Miramar Lobby...

    Nothing in Pubg is random 😂 If you see one sniper spawn you'll see all the snipers spawn, if you find one scope you'll find many, if you see one vehicle spawn you'll see all the vehicles spawn, the only randomness to this game is which set you'll get.
  6. Magicmoment


    Are you the forum moderator? If there are multiple threads on this topic why are you here as if you didn't know what the topic would be? Then you spent two minutes typing up a response on said repetitious thread. Good logic there.
  7. Magicmoment

    Gun switch bug

    Not a bug just a dumb feature in this game. I went back and forth about this in another thread that you should not switch weapons after throwing grenades; amazingly some people think the game should work this way. Like the guy above me said just start keeping your scoped gun in the second slot. It's dumb to have to do this but it is what it is
  8. Magicmoment

    Am I the only one?

    M16 sucks now with the added recoil
  9. Magicmoment

    Healing and moving

    The only moving while healing should be in vehicles. Still to this day can't understand who thought it was a good idea.
  10. Magicmoment

    Damage of final circles

    Thanks for stopping by.
  11. Magicmoment

    Damage of final circles

    I'm talking about the time between circles speeding up.
  12. Magicmoment

    Damage of final circles

    Again, I don't mind the damage but it's the damage combined with the rate.
  13. Magicmoment

    Damage of final circles

    I'm not saying the damage should decrease. I'm saying having it do increased chuncks of damage coupled with increased rate is OD. In my opinion.
  14. Magicmoment

    Damage of final circles

    This statement is so contradictory it doesn't even grant a response.