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  1. Magicmoment

    (Suggestion) 3 downs your out rule.

    I suggested something similar. Personally I think you should not be revivable with a headshot.
  2. Magicmoment

    Shotgun range

  3. Magicmoment

    Headshot without a helmet

    Because no helmet means no protection. Players with no helmet should pay a higher price (in my opinion).
  4. Magicmoment

    Headshot without a helmet

    Exactly. There should be a bigger price to pay (in my opinion) if you get hit in the head without armor. Other games such as Call of Duty implemented something like this where headshots circumvented the final stand perk. I'm not bitching about the game just suggesting something I think adds more tactics.
  5. It would be nice if players shot in the head without a helmet died out right without the opportunity of revival. Nothing more frustrating than hitting someone in the head multiple times with a rifle from across the map for them to crawl behind a rock and be picked up multiple times.
  6. Magicmoment

    Armor is useless and game still unbalanced

    Armor is broken, at least the level 2 vest
  7. Magicmoment

    Vests are broken

    The irony of this comment is hilarious.
  8. Magicmoment

    Vests are broken

    Exactly. This guy above me is bringing up reality and not comparing apples to apples
  9. Magicmoment

    Vests are broken

    You brought up an irrelevant point in a attempt to discredit my initial post. Handguns will be fatal with a bikers helmet, so for you to bring up that shotguns will be fatal even with kevlar (real life) is a moot point. We aren't dealing with reality; we are dealing with Pubg. If you don't see where your post served no purpose then please exit stage left.
  10. Magicmoment

    Vests are broken

    You brought the irrelevant logic into the discussion. What the hell are you talking about
  11. Magicmoment

    Vests are broken

    I'm pretty sure one shot of a pistol would still be fatal even with a bikers helmet. See the logic there?
  12. Magicmoment

    Vests are broken

    Just got one shotted by a 1897 w/full health and a level 2 vest. Anyone else having this problem, helmets are broken too.
  13. Magicmoment

    How are the new weapons? Comparing

    QBZ is a groza on steroids with no recoil that appears way too often in game. I made a thread about it last night. Im never one to request patches on guns but this gun makes everything else irrelevant.
  14. Magicmoment


    QBZ is a little ridiculous. That is all.