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  1. srb85

    RIP my career stats...

    so do it again. just a heads up, they'll be doing this more frequently once they start running seasons like pc, may as well get used to it.
  2. not a total advantage, og/s players can run through walls and teleport...
  3. srb85

    Delete test server?

    theyll still be running future patches on it but prob not till next month sometime. you can always uninstall and re DL it next time they activate it.
  4. srb85

    Instructor Set $4.99

    is the headset part of the hat or just a camo patrol cap?
  5. srb85

    I'm unable to play, error window keeps apearing.

    started 6pm pst/ 9pm est for a period of 6hrs, its only been 5. still have a lil ways to go. the test server is up and running, perhaps thats where your friends are playing
  6. srb85

    9.59gb update??

    live servers are sched to be down for another hour or so
  7. srb85

    Servers offline

    its working ok, there are instances where it may say servers too busy or offline but hard quitting and reloading seems to fix it. had it happen to a squad mate about an hour ago.
  8. if you participated in the pts you'll receive 2 mil crates, not sure how quick tho.
  9. srb85

    Kar98 damage question

    Headshot Damage Level 0 187.50 Level 1 131.20 Level 2 112.50 Level 3 84.30 unless you have a lvl3 helmet on, your done.
  10. fps drops out just as bad in tpp
  11. smallest squares are 100m, large squares are 1km
  12. srb85

    Quieter game after recent updates?

    they removed ambient noise patches ago, that wind was super annoying.
  13. srb85

    What up with the servers

    wonder if the pts needs a reset, had to wait a few mins each time last night just to que and then wait a few more mins for the lobby to fill up. had this happening for both solo fpp and tpp.