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  1. wait which one of us is colorblind? cuz those are yellow with blue stripes to me
  2. feel like ive heard him say about 300mtrs
  3. srb85

    How to get E3 outfit ?

    press select at the main menu, youll see a prompt in the bottom right corner, and youll recieve the crate. then go to the items tab in the store section to open it.
  4. srb85

    I don’t even know at this point.

    its a glitch, it seems they are aware of it. not sure that the other person is even recieving the win, may just be the server screwing up and not registering the death. from the dev letter: Other important issues we’re investigating This list doesn’t include all issues we’re investigating, but these are some of issues being discussed the most: 2. Match not ending, as the game believes another player is still alive, even though you cannot see anyone else in the final circle
  5. srb85


    changes ADS to hold LT, and also moves Over the Shoulder Aim to LB so its paired up with Hold Breath
  6. srb85

    Attachment question

    the best you can do is highlight the individual attachment, select with A then move down to the secondary weapon's slots and hit A again, should transfer it. can only move one piece at a time tho.
  7. have seen this comeup on here for a while now but have never had it happen on either my old og or the 1x. your drives arent maxed out right? and are you using an external? if so check your xbox settings to keep the ext drive powered while the xbox is off, maybe that will help. if not, no idea, but its strange that it only affects a handfull of people. makes it seem more like a hardware issue over software.
  8. srb85


    in what way would the blue zone help with the frame rate? are you drunk sir?
  9. no explanation, but have noticed the same thing. sound out of sync or sometimes not there at all. do you use uploadstudio? i have a feeling it screws it up along with the resolution. just noticed that you can now trim clips without using uploadstudio so gonna experiment with that and see if its any better.
  10. you need to select the option "upload to xboxlive" when u look at the capture on your xbox. you should be able to access it on xboxdvr.com after a few mins. if your doing this via the xbox button>captures>recent captures when u press A it should show the option before viewing. if its an older clip then while viewing press down on the dpad and select the cloud at the bottom then upload to xboxlive. if your just uploading to onedrive then the dvr site wont see them. also wont see ones that are just saved to your hdd. you dont need to use uploadstudio unless you want to edit first, but if you do it pretty much walks you through it.
  11. srb85

    RIP my career stats...

    so do it again. just a heads up, they'll be doing this more frequently once they start running seasons like pc, may as well get used to it.
  12. not a total advantage, og/s players can run through walls and teleport...
  13. srb85

    Delete test server?

    theyll still be running future patches on it but prob not till next month sometime. you can always uninstall and re DL it next time they activate it.