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  1. Definitely big difference on the x, only the poor are having problems when the solution is get a job and upgrade.
  2. Good to see other people who appreciate the work going on behind the scenes, game is running amazingly well!
  3. Loving this game so much at the minute, it runs amazingly well, thank you so much
  4. Map size is 100% the problem, how some could think otherwise is just crazy.
  5. skpes


    We paid to not get this stuff in the op, they got our money but I can guarantee we would get loads of extras if it was free to play, there would be new things constantly to get cash out us but since we already paid they don't need to push out content.
  6. I think it would make sense for the devs to focus on PC where they know what to do and let another console competent team create a game for Xbox with same mechanics but optimised for us.
  7. The fact you think it may be even if only 1% says everything.
  8. And them releasing PUBG Xbox instead? You know, one that works on Xbox, I'd say it's about 50/50.
  9. skpes

    Future map selection problems

    Well you do know, either Mirimar or Erangel?
  10. skpes

    Future map selection problems

    If the game somehow manages to keep being popular choice of maps won't be a problem.
  11. The game is pretty much dead for most my friends, I'm still on but everyone else has dropped it destiny style.
  12. skpes

    Headphones are usless

    Was struggling to locate direction of shots being fired on the test server last week but it's fine on the game preview.
  13. skpes

    Couldn't deal with it

    Thanks for letting us know what wizard03 done today.
  14. Ok wasn't sure, thought people were lying on hills but blended into unrendered grass earlier on, guess they was behind a tree or something and I missed them.
  15. Would you be able to see them as if they were lying on a flat surface or are they basically invisible because they are blended into the un-rendered grass?