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  1. I'm starting to think....

    Put the majority “the kids” in there own little lobbies, let the few “the adults” enjoy the game in a mature manner.
  2. Really Guys

    “alot” ... word bro!
  3. If they want to keep the console crowd they will have to add something, almost every successful PVP game last few years has needed to add some sort of PVE to keep people interested... if they don’t add soon it will just become a platform PC players use to rack up easy kills.
  4. I still play buddy, my friends though have moved on for the most. Would like some other things to do that bring them back and to not let this game fizzle out because on console if there isn’t something else to do it is generally what will happen.
  5. Not to a certain extent, it’s the truth.
  6. Shocked to see someone realising they are different markets for different audiences... was starting to think the majority here would class the Nintendo Switch audience akin to the XB1 and PS4...
  7. Judgemental? Are you judging me judgmental? Oh the irony....
  8. There is a reason they allow pc players to chat, they are mostly adults.
  9. Could you elaborate please?
  10. Excellent and insightful, well done you.
  11. I remember in call of duty if k/d was bad you apparently had no right to speak, we were all kids then, all of us.
  12. Hey kid, was going to make this a flying visit just to share what I was thinking but now, we’ll im here to stay and keep you kids in check, some adult moderation if you will.
  13. I think the bored easily is represented very well in thread, if you kids weren’t so bored why you not playing and so interested in a random thread that you seem to not care about?... I’ll tell you why, boredom.
  14. More fantasy, like a Disney fest in here...
  15. Finally, some adult words, well done kid.