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  1. ST6 Rawker


    if it was a crate outfit then fine i'm all for camo, but not regular clothing.
  2. ST6 Rawker

    long scope for the winchester

    What's the drop like on it? Would an 8x even be viable?
  3. What about that shield from the e3 trailer?
  4. ST6 Rawker

    long scope for the winchester

    Maybe a Winchester specific scope much like the k98 bullet loops. I'd run a Winnie w/ vector combo.
  5. ST6 Rawker

    For all the old school gamers...

    Gost recon pc was and will always be my favorite competitive shooter and pubg never gave me the shakes like I had back in the day but the feelings pubg give me are just the same. Peeking, strafing, and sniping are all very much played out the same but the sandbox makes the engagements fresh every time. BTW LFG, been flying solo for the past couple of weeks, just add me and invite.
  6. ST6 Rawker

    4K gaming monitor for Xbox one x

    Yeah I made the same mistake but the monitor is cheaper because of this and hopefully next gen uses display port. Don't bother looking for an adapter because there isnt one.
  7. ST6 Rawker

    X2 Scope Blurry

    Blurry still for me 7 months later on the x, same as holo was in the beginning but it was fixed.
  8. It shows a coloured marker on the compass.
  9. ST6 Rawker

    Scenario I struggle with

    I find that by third circle being centered with cover leads to the best results because everyone will want your spot and be forced to expose themselves eventually. Youll know where your threats are coming from and when. Even without the best gear you can easily hold your position and you'll get better gear from people who try and dash in.
  10. ST6 Rawker

    New blue zone

    I like it, the less transparency is great and the white trim line helps. It makes it harder to see those who are stationary through the blue wall which benefits those ahead of it. It would be nice to have those in the zone suffer (full health or not) from some sort of screen distortion to punish lerkers and benefit those who are not in the zone because they are being burned constantly after all.
  11. ST6 Rawker

    Sanhok film Easter eggs

    something circular is from the hunger games if i remember correctly.
  12. ST6 Rawker

    What is a hot fix?

    I think it's just code changes so they tend to be under 2gb. Patches are larger and include changes to the maps, like ramps for the crates, bars on windows, or lighting so you have to download the full 13 gb again.
  13. ST6 Rawker

    Weapon Skins

    prices are insane, why not make it like $5 for all weapon skins for a particular gun. So i could spend $5 and get the AKM skin and all future AKM skins as opposed to 1 and then in 3 months a better one comes out so i have to buy that one.
  14. Right battlefield splits it's players with every new add-on which then becomes unplayable once the new one is out and people move on to it. Buy or don't buy the cosmetics, at least the player base isn't being divided.
  15. So I've lost scopes multiple times now because of the way that a full inventory is handled. If I'm driving and swapping scopes with a full inventory then I lose which ever scope I swap out (usually an 8 or 6) because it falls to the ground now instead of telling me I can't unequip and I need to make space. I understand the ease that this feature has added to attachment management but losing the best attachment in the game sucks. Can we please sort this out, my assumption is that the 8x takes up more inventory space and thus can't be swapped for a holo or maybe create a backpack overflow cache for scope swapping.