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  1. This game is FANTASTIC

    There's actually more truth in that question than you probably realize. We don't need to get in to adrenaline/endorphin mechanics, but PUBG does create situations that cause players extreme stress (you've very likely experienced elevated pulse and heart palpitations/pounding) which absolutely does foster an addiction. Being an "adrenaline-junky" is a very real thing, and I fully believe that physical reaction is part of what makes Battle Royale-style games so popular. I know that's why I personally started playing. Having said all that, of course you do actually get some enjoyment out of the game as well. We wouldn't have purchased the game otherwise, I don't think. Oh, BTW, I've played almost 200 hours between PC and XBox versions of PUBG, so the fact that you've played 500+ hours has no bearing on my ability to judge this game. Believe me, I am not a whiny kid that has no idea what I'm looking at. There have been numerous times where I've fired shots, SEEN BLOOD SPLATTER, and upon watching the replay there's no indication my opponent has taken damage. I have a powerful PC, use a wired ethernet connection, and have very few processes other than the game running while I'm playing, so there's no way there's a connection/hardware issue on my end. AND, I'm certainly not the only person to report that issue. The RNG issue is purely subjective, which I realize, but it fundamentally destroys the skill-aspect of this game, which is TRYING to be competitive. That's ridiculous. This game will NEVER be a competitive game when someone with a high skill-level can easily be killed by someone with a lower skill-level purely because the latter player was fortunate enough to drop on a more effective weapon. This forces people who want a higher chance of surviving to ALWAYS jump as far away from the plane as possible (or to a known unpopular area), which I really don't find as enjoyable. I want to fight people; this IS a FPS game, despite the main objective being survival, but when you very often have to loot for 20 minutes without seeing a single soul, THAT is boring AF. Honestly, that's a larger issue that needs to be addressed as whole; what needs to be changed then? More loot for everyone? Less loot? Better loot...or worse?? Is armor too much of a factor? Should armor be less effective? Should armor be removed completely? The RNG aspect both adds to, and detracts, from the game's overall enjoyment, in my opinion. It's fun if you're the one who is fortunate enough to land on a M4 with vest and helmet nearby, and NOT fun for the person who landed on a P92 with a crowbar next to it. Also, I wasn't moaning at all, just stating facts from my perspective. I was replying to a post that slammed people for complaining about what they don't like in the game. I don't agree with the OP's glowing review of the game, and it's my right to address it. And I DO play other games besides PUBG. Whenever it becomes too frustrating (very often and pretty quickly) I'll go play something else. Finally, some day, a REAL developer will create a stable and balanced (and realistic, NOT like Fortnite) Battle Royale game, and then you'll finally be able to look back and realize how terribly optimized and hilariously bad PUBG is/was.
  2. This game is FANTASTIC

    We also don't care about your opinion, either. The concept of this game is "fantastic", but the execution is very, VERY poor. Terrible hit detection, RNG is bullshit (which they've just patched a little and seems to be slightly better), and horrible physics (character, weapon, and vehicle). Abysmal optimization has very capable PCs struggling to pull decent framerates. For me, this is just another naive post by a Kool-aid drinker. I'm glad you're enjoying the game, though.
  3. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    You're kidding, right? This is just a troll post? They have a fucking TEST SERVER. THAT is where you upload a patch (NOT live servers) and let your customers, who are all on "thousands of varied computers", to run the new software to make sure it's stable for their build. How do you think modern game studios work? Do you think Blizzard, EA, Konami, Ubisoft...ANY of those REAL developers go out and buy "5+ year old" computers to test new software on?? They use TEST SERVERS. What a ridiculous comment, dude *shaking head*.
  4. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    If you have a certain version of Windows 8 it is, but the official free-upgrade period has unfortunately ended. I'm running Windows 8 and would love to upgrade for free. BUT, we shouldn't have to upgrade our fucking OS to run a game that had been working previous to a game-breaking patch! Ridiculous *shaking head*.
  5. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    Okay...I'm sorry to have to post this, but the fact that a developing studio needs to ask it's customer's to do the work FOR them, is unfuckingbelievable. TRULY. Bluehole has made an incredible amount of money off of this game, yet they continue to drop the ball on a consistent basis. Obviously, they failed miserably in testing this patch before releasing it, and now 10-20% of the playerbase (including myself) are unable to launch the game, which may sound like a small number, but quick math tells me 10-20% of an average of 2,000,000 players online per day equates to 200,000-400,000 players! <--- I don't know about you, but that seems like quite a large number to me. Not being able to play a game, when somehow your friends are still magically able to play, is an EXTREMELY frustrating experience. As time goes on, we see more and more how unprofessional and inept Bluehole is as a studio. I honestly can't wait for an actual professional studio to come out with a realistic Battle Royale game (NOT a kid's game like Fortnite; although, even that is WAY more fun because you can ACTUALLY PLAY IT.....FOR FREE, NO LESS!), because I will then delete this garbage game forever and all my friend's and I will look back and laugh at what a horribly hilarious experience owning PUBG had been.
  6. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    Negative, sir.
  7. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    Same here. The game crashed last night, and after agreeing to send an error report, it got stuck sending the compressed files so I canceled the operation, and since then have been unable to launch the game. I thought I did something wrong until I came here and read about everyone else having issues. Uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled and reinstalled AGAIN. Verified files. I wasn't even running an Anti-virus program when this happened, so I installed Bitdefender Free last night thinking I might have picked up an issue. Even so, I disabled it and still was unable to launch the game. CPU: i7-4770 GPU: GTX 1060 RAM: 16GB OS: Windows 8 64-bit
  8. Actually, you do. You have a mini-map showing grid squares, and each one of those squares is 100 meters across. If you zoom all the way in on your main map, you can use landmarks, i.e. rocks, buildings, etc., to have a solid object to reference distance. It may sound time consuming, but once you've done it a few times you get a general feel for the map's scale, and then judging distance is really not that difficult at all. Also, no, please do not add a distance report with my kill. If I want to camp as a sniper and try to beat my friends longest headshot records, I'll go play Battlefield. This is PUBG.
  9. Buying a xb1x for pubg?

    Just an FYI: Used gaming PCs can be found all over your local Craigslist for $500+, and while they may not have a GPU that came out a month ago, a lot of them are perfectly capable of running PUBG on medium-to-high settings at 60+FPS. I just did a quick search and found a pre-built tower with an i7 processor, GTX 1060 3GB, plus peripherals for $700 (no monitor). Deals are out there if you do a small amount of digging To get back OT: I bought the One S just to play PUBG, but after about 100 hours of playing I'm starting to really regret that decision, and wish I had just put the money towards a PC instead.
  10. At no point did I say I was assuming the XIM behaves exactly like native M&K; in fact, I know it does not, AND, StoneMountain confirmed that by reporting it took a LOT of tweaking the settings to get the XIM to feel "right" like a native mouse (which I actually mentioned in my post). So, I'm well aware that plugging in a XIM does not give you as precise control as PC, but it's damn close, and certainly gives someone much better aiming control over a controller. I won't argue that looting is easier, because it most definitely is not; in fact, I'd say it's actually more difficult using a XIM, but we're discussing aiming with a mouse, and I really don't understand how someone could argue that using a mouse is almost equivalent to a controller. That's ridiculous, to be honest.
  11. The only issue I have with this argument is that you're assuming everyone he was playing against were "noobs", which is statistically impossible; of course there were plenty of players that also own PUBG on PC as well, so to write off his double-digit kills within the first few hours of playing as "not a M&K advantage" is a bit irresponsible and naive. I've played PUBG on my buddy's PC, with a M&K, which I haven't touched in YEARS, and I can tell you from personal experience that is a TREMENDOUS advantage in aiming. StoneMountain admitted that it took a lot of tweaking the XIM's (and game's) settings to get the mouse to feel "right", but he did it, and then proceeded to get almost TWENTY kills in a single match. I don't care how much time someone has playing the PC version of PUBG, getting that many kills with a controller would have been (and STILL is, in my opinion) magnificently difficult, so, to me, that is an extremely clear indicator that using M&K on XBox is certainly an unfair advantage.
  12. Just for the record, I think the vast majority of us realize what a huge undertaking it is to develop PUBG on a console. Please don't take the negativity and impatience to heart, as many of us appreciate everyone on the team's efforts. Despite the issues, this game preview has been one of the best $30 I've spent on entertainment...ever. Keep up the good work; really excited to see how the game progresses over the next few months
  13. Shroud or the Doc?

    Doc's need to play a character bothers me a bit, too, despite it being a brilliant marketing move; I think that character's reaction to PUBG moments that are often infuriating closely mirror my own, though, and that makes me LMAO a lot

    I believe what you're experiencing is your player model clipping through the wall behind you. I've shot people and received hit markers when they were crouched in a building, but part of their body, i.e. a backpack, secondary rifle barrel, etc., was exposed to fire from outside the building. The very few times I've seen it the players were on the second floor of a lightly colored building, so I can believe that your opponent saw part of your body sticking through that light-grey fapshack.
  15. Why stop at the Last Stand perk? How about when I kill three people I get to spawn a UAV that spots everyone around me? And at seven kills I want a Harrier jet to fly in and hover around my AO murdering everyone for me. Hitting that twenty-five kill mark and I'm nuking the entire island, MOFOS! The suggestion part of this forum is honestly pretty entertaining