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  1. I just ragequit out of the game ten minutes ago, and came in here to try and find SOME reassurance that this game's performance is not normal; thank you for speaking up for the OP's frustrated post. Those of us who actually play the game, and watch others play the game, know that it truly is a piece of shit. The server latency issues have been around since Day fucking-One, and here we are two years later where emotes and skins are added before the REAL issues that actually affect the game are addressed. The developers have very obviously given up on improving this game, and are scrambling to push content ahead of E3 and all of the announcements for the BRs that are coming to DESTROY this pathetic garbage-game. I can fully sympathize with the OP's disgust at how terribly optimized this game is. I'm trying so hard just to play this game and laugh at how fucking ridiculous it is, rather than get upset over my losing a fight because my opponent is two seconds ahead of me on the server. That IS the game's fault, and all the trolls the cry "Git gud instead" are either not even playing the game, or have totally detached from reality. @prytek Don't get discouraged, man. ALL of us who actually play the game know that the abysmal server performance/connections completely ruin this game. Honestly, don't even play this game to win, just play it to laugh and have a good time. Stats and winning mean absolutely nothing in a game that has SO many random elements and performance issues; no one should ever take this game seriously. Besides, we only have to wait a few more months and there will be a LOT of new Battle Royales that will absolutely shit all over PUBG, so very soon we will be able to delete this garbage, look back, and laugh our asses off over how hilariously bad it was.
  2. I promise I'm not trying to be an asshole, but this is one of the worst excuses to not have a Test Range I've read, LOL! First off, cheaters don't need a place to "test their cheats", they do that in the fucking game! Whomever would be stupid enough to use that argument should be immediately dismissed anyway. Second, there is ALREADY a firing range in the damn game; it would be INCREDIBLY easy to implement a Test Range-mode in to the game. Finally, "Get good in game the way we have always had to.", is just a ridiculous statement. There are other games that have test-environments (Battlefield 4 has arguably the best one ever released, with almost all the weapons, vehicles, gadgets, etc. for people to use at their leisure), so we haven't "always had to" just learn ballistics and weapon characteristics on the fly in-game. Also, someone said it already: Bluehole doesn't give a shit about adding this feature. People have been asking for over a year, and considering they're not optimizing the game, but would rather add unnecessary bullshit like emotes, skins, etc., it's pretty obvious they're not interested in adding USEFUL elements in to the game that improve upon it. They know they have a piece of shit; they're just more interested in making it shiny for the kids instead of fixing it.
  3. MnkyLvrrr

    TPP vs FPP

    100% FPP. The camera advantage of TPP really turns me off, and being more of a competitive player, I like having the game be as difficult as possible. Last night, my friends and I jumped in to the Flare Gun/Miramar event, noticed it was TPP and gave a collective "Ew.", played one game, and immediately was reminded of why we hate the TPP mode. We played that one match and went back to Classic. Not having a FPP option during the events is lazy, and, honestly, a bit disrespectful to the customers who prefer that mode. But, this is Bluehole we're talking about, and they don't give a fuck about NA/EU customers; if you can convince China to ask for FPP mode in events, we'll get it.
  4. Agree with everything you said, man. And some REAL developer WILL come along and make a solid, stable, realistic (NOT Fortnite) BR game, and we'll finally be able to look back and say, "Remember when the only realistic BR was PUBG and we literally had to laugh our way through 90% of the terrible games we had?". Bluehole has already made an incredible amount of money, and it's extremely obvious that they're not interested in, or even capable of, improving upon PUBG's base. Now, they're only interested in grabbing more cash through bullshit micro-transactions, and adding extraneous garbage no one fucking needs (i.e. EMOTES??, weapon skins, etc.). Also, you're right, and the vaulting works pretty well, although, I find it slow (it IS supposed to be somewhat realistic, I suppose). I would argue that BF1's vaulting is even better! Which, speaking of that, I really enjoy BF1 so hit me up on Origin if you're looking for another squadmate
  5. I've definitely thought about it, and driving tractors WOULD be hilarious, although pretty useless if we're being honest. They would be very loud, and certainly the slowest of the vehicles, so they'd have to have some sort of buffed armor or something to make them actually viable. I have to admit, though, that I would DIE laughing if I rolled up on some dude plowing a field and blasting country music through the global chat
  6. MnkyLvrrr

    8-man Squad Feedback

    I'd like to add to the praise and also report that the 8-man Squad event was easily the most fun I've had playing PUBG in months! Having a large squad, PLUS the double-ARs, really added a LOT to the enjoyment of the game. In fact, my friends and I were having so much fun that at one point we honestly didn't realize we had made it to the final stage of the match until one of us killed that last person and the Chicken Dinner screen appeared before our eyes! Of course, you had your teams that were populated with annoying kids, and there will always be those POS people that teamkill for loot, but overall it was a great experience and I truly hope the 8-man mode is implemented permanently in some way. Normally, I'm a Bluehole-pessimist, but this was a great idea, so whomever came up with it at the office, please give them an extra hour for lunch or something *high five* One important sidenote: Double the ARs for EVERY FUCKING MODE! Even with DOUBLE ARs, we had plenty of matches where half the squad were running Shotgun/SMG kits because there weren't enough rifles to go around. Please, Bluehole, people have been complaining for quite a long time now that the loot system is broken; having DOUBLE ARs, and STILL not being able to acquire a full kit, is absolutely ridiculous. I had stopped playing this game until my friend begged me to come back and try the new 8-man Squad that he reported was the most fun he's had playing in a long time, too; one of the biggest reasons I left was because of how shitty the RNG-system is, and the fact that we're forced to jump as far away from the plane as possible to maximize our chances of survival. This is a FPS-game, despite survival being the "main mechanic", and I WANT to get in to fights. As it is now, we have to jump as far away as we can so that we actually have a chance to find a decent kit while looting, without having to worry about being killed by the guy that landed on a M4 while we landed on a crowbar; then you run towards the center of the circles for twenty minutes without seeing a damn soul, and then you FINALLY get to fight someone, who probably headshots you because they have a 4x optic and you have a holographic sight. The broken loot system is a big contributor to the death of PUBG. For the six-quintillionth time, PLEASE FIX IT! EDIT: If we're fortunate enough to get 8-man Squad-mode on a regular basis, please make it possible for us to create 8-man parties so that we can have a full group communicating through Discord. While we did have some absolutely hilarious matches playing with strangers, being able to communicate tactically with a group of friends you're already comfortable with would add a lot to the game's dynamic.
  7. MnkyLvrrr

    Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    You're kidding, right? This is just a troll post? They have a fucking TEST SERVER. THAT is where you upload a patch (NOT live servers) and let your customers, who are all on "thousands of varied computers", to run the new software to make sure it's stable for their build. How do you think modern game studios work? Do you think Blizzard, EA, Konami, Ubisoft...ANY of those REAL developers go out and buy "5+ year old" computers to test new software on?? They use TEST SERVERS. What a ridiculous comment, dude *shaking head*.
  8. MnkyLvrrr

    Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    If you have a certain version of Windows 8 it is, but the official free-upgrade period has unfortunately ended. I'm running Windows 8 and would love to upgrade for free. BUT, we shouldn't have to upgrade our fucking OS to run a game that had been working previous to a game-breaking patch! Ridiculous *shaking head*.
  9. MnkyLvrrr

    Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    Okay...I'm sorry to have to post this, but the fact that a developing studio needs to ask it's customer's to do the work FOR them, is unfuckingbelievable. TRULY. Bluehole has made an incredible amount of money off of this game, yet they continue to drop the ball on a consistent basis. Obviously, they failed miserably in testing this patch before releasing it, and now 10-20% of the playerbase (including myself) are unable to launch the game, which may sound like a small number, but quick math tells me 10-20% of an average of 2,000,000 players online per day equates to 200,000-400,000 players! <--- I don't know about you, but that seems like quite a large number to me. Not being able to play a game, when somehow your friends are still magically able to play, is an EXTREMELY frustrating experience. As time goes on, we see more and more how unprofessional and inept Bluehole is as a studio. I honestly can't wait for an actual professional studio to come out with a realistic Battle Royale game (NOT a kid's game like Fortnite; although, even that is WAY more fun because you can ACTUALLY PLAY IT.....FOR FREE, NO LESS!), because I will then delete this garbage game forever and all my friend's and I will look back and laugh at what a horribly hilarious experience owning PUBG had been.
  10. MnkyLvrrr

    Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    Negative, sir.
  11. MnkyLvrrr

    Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    Same here. The game crashed last night, and after agreeing to send an error report, it got stuck sending the compressed files so I canceled the operation, and since then have been unable to launch the game. I thought I did something wrong until I came here and read about everyone else having issues. Uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled and reinstalled AGAIN. Verified files. I wasn't even running an Anti-virus program when this happened, so I installed Bitdefender Free last night thinking I might have picked up an issue. Even so, I disabled it and still was unable to launch the game. CPU: i7-4770 GPU: GTX 1060 RAM: 16GB OS: Windows 8 64-bit
  12. Actually, you do. You have a mini-map showing grid squares, and each one of those squares is 100 meters across. If you zoom all the way in on your main map, you can use landmarks, i.e. rocks, buildings, etc., to have a solid object to reference distance. It may sound time consuming, but once you've done it a few times you get a general feel for the map's scale, and then judging distance is really not that difficult at all. Also, no, please do not add a distance report with my kill. If I want to camp as a sniper and try to beat my friends longest headshot records, I'll go play Battlefield. This is PUBG.
  13. MnkyLvrrr

    Buying a xb1x for pubg?

    Just an FYI: Used gaming PCs can be found all over your local Craigslist for $500+, and while they may not have a GPU that came out a month ago, a lot of them are perfectly capable of running PUBG on medium-to-high settings at 60+FPS. I just did a quick search and found a pre-built tower with an i7 processor, GTX 1060 3GB, plus peripherals for $700 (no monitor). Deals are out there if you do a small amount of digging To get back OT: I bought the One S just to play PUBG, but after about 100 hours of playing I'm starting to really regret that decision, and wish I had just put the money towards a PC instead.
  14. At no point did I say I was assuming the XIM behaves exactly like native M&K; in fact, I know it does not, AND, StoneMountain confirmed that by reporting it took a LOT of tweaking the settings to get the XIM to feel "right" like a native mouse (which I actually mentioned in my post). So, I'm well aware that plugging in a XIM does not give you as precise control as PC, but it's damn close, and certainly gives someone much better aiming control over a controller. I won't argue that looting is easier, because it most definitely is not; in fact, I'd say it's actually more difficult using a XIM, but we're discussing aiming with a mouse, and I really don't understand how someone could argue that using a mouse is almost equivalent to a controller. That's ridiculous, to be honest.
  15. The only issue I have with this argument is that you're assuming everyone he was playing against were "noobs", which is statistically impossible; of course there were plenty of players that also own PUBG on PC as well, so to write off his double-digit kills within the first few hours of playing as "not a M&K advantage" is a bit irresponsible and naive. I've played PUBG on my buddy's PC, with a M&K, which I haven't touched in YEARS, and I can tell you from personal experience that is a TREMENDOUS advantage in aiming. StoneMountain admitted that it took a lot of tweaking the XIM's (and game's) settings to get the mouse to feel "right", but he did it, and then proceeded to get almost TWENTY kills in a single match. I don't care how much time someone has playing the PC version of PUBG, getting that many kills with a controller would have been (and STILL is, in my opinion) magnificently difficult, so, to me, that is an extremely clear indicator that using M&K on XBox is certainly an unfair advantage.