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  1. If you're looking for ACTUAL info from the DEVS then you must follow them on Twitter and Reddit. They don't post shit here
  2. BoomerSooner

    Crate weapon

    The AUG is like a souped up M416. Have dropped a whole squad in front of me with it.
  3. BoomerSooner


    Keep in mind most guns will drop you with 2 headshots even with a level 2 helmet. Only guns that won't are ump, Uzi and a couple pistols but even those only take 3. Doesn't take much if they actually hit you.
  4. BoomerSooner

    Taking pills/Energy Drink

    Yeah some other guy told me that didn't know at first lol
  5. Probably a mouse and keyboard or he just turned quick af and got lucky. But if I could give any advice it would be not to stand in the open area. Maybe stay in the building and lean out. If he was coming in the back you would have heard him. Also number 1 reason people die, scared to fight.
  6. BoomerSooner

    Does anyone else think FPP plays smoother?

    Just accidently chose FPP and I always play TPP and FPP was much smoother agree. Mainly looting was working well and no rubber banding
  7. Anyone have a list of the devs Twitter accounts
  8. Yeah I land at a certain spot quite often and I never can see in this one room but when I went to my buddy's house and played on his OG I could see in the building no problem. The colors were very clear and there's no way I wouldn't be able to see someone. I've changed my brightness on my tv several times and I can't get close to seeing that well in 4k. I have 55in Vizio 4k TV
  9. BoomerSooner

    Test for myself..

    It's not placebo my dude. I've switched it back and forth for like 3 hours...it's like night and day. I said improved frames but I should say more likely to get better frames because ultimately the frames are trash all across the board.
  10. BoomerSooner

    Test for myself..

    I mean I wa snt like wow the frames are perfect because they still drop just not as often. Also when I'm in 4k I have to lead people pretty far when they are running. In 4k I feel like I'm hitting someone but no blood splatter. Also weird positioning when looting in 4k. None of these issues in 1080p
  11. BoomerSooner

    Test for myself..

    Yeah that's it. You obviously cant see as far but everything is smooth. Never been able to get kills from distance anyhow so
  12. Probably something like this.... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/BOOMERSOONER011/video/44222168/embed
  13. BoomerSooner

    Test for myself..

    I like your point on the bundle not being on the X lol you might be onto something Switched my X to 1080p and the frames are way better.
  14. BoomerSooner

    For those who are blinded by hype.

    Bro I have loads of fun. If you're tired of waiting for updates go play fornite since ya know, according to you it's better. Edit: Also this game isn't hype for me, I legitimately have loads of fun even when it pissed me off. No Hype here just lots of fun.
  15. BoomerSooner

    What's your Favourite Shirt

    Grey trench or padded jacket (camo)