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  1. This just show that they have no clue how to stabilize the tick rate. No idea how to get the game to perfrom consistently. No idea how to combat cheating. fuckin nothin'
  2. Rince

    We really want stupid emotes?

    yeap bye! Going to play escape from tarkov instead of this retarded crap
  3. This is a joke right? EMOTES? Just....I cant....what... Im done i dont have words for this
  4. New roadmap to be announced next year. We are sorry for the delay (but not really).
  5. -New crates -Stabilize the server tick rate next year -New paid crates -We are working on improving hit registration, maybe, in a few months -More paid crates -We have been working on a new anti cheat but not really because rebuys make us lots of cash -Some more crates (that you pay for)
  6. Its not my job or responsibility to educate you. But you are still wrong.
  7. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. Also your opinion is wrong. Sorry.
  8. Its the inconsistent tick rate. Some notice it, some dont. Its still shit.
  9. This thread again? It has been discussed to death. Just no.
  10. Its a common bug. Happens to everyone. Sometimes footsteps just dont play. Noone knows why.
  11. This is so rediculous. This way of playing reminds me a lot of quake where everyone was jumping around like mad. I think its a good thing to be forced to stand relatively still while aiming or using meds. If you want a game where everyone is bouncing around like mad: go play quake.
  12. I like the new map. A map selection feature is long overdue.
  13. Very much this. Client side FTW. And dont start talking about the smokes lul....
  14. Rince

    Cheating Discussion

    How many repurchased accounts could there be in 3 millon bans? How many cheaters play for a while until the next ban wave then simply buy the game again? To me it seems that BH have a lot of money to gain from this process and up until now the wheel has just kept moving. Buy game>Buy cheat>Play>Get banned>Repeat. Who has the most to gain from this system? Bluehole does. Do you understand how bad it looks when threads like these just get deleted? Is it that you afraid of telling me that im wrong? Or that i am right? My last comment adressing this issue was promptly deleted without a trace. No warning points. No message from a mod. Nothing. Just gone without a trace. You must realize this only increases suspicion. Its as if they are trying to hide something.