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  1. I like the new map. A map selection feature is long overdue.
  2. Non-crate: Sks. Crate: Groza.
  3. Very much this. Client side FTW. And dont start talking about the smokes lul....
  4. Cheating Discussion

    How many repurchased accounts could there be in 3 millon bans? How many cheaters play for a while until the next ban wave then simply buy the game again? To me it seems that BH have a lot of money to gain from this process and up until now the wheel has just kept moving. Buy game>Buy cheat>Play>Get banned>Repeat. Who has the most to gain from this system? Bluehole does. Do you understand how bad it looks when threads like these just get deleted? Is it that you afraid of telling me that im wrong? Or that i am right? My last comment adressing this issue was promptly deleted without a trace. No warning points. No message from a mod. Nothing. Just gone without a trace. You must realize this only increases suspicion. Its as if they are trying to hide something.
  5. Rebalance Erangel.

    Oompa loompas are working hard i see.
  6. Rebalance Erangel.

    Your argument is cheap.
  7. Rebalance Erangel.

    Who is the killboxes?
  8. Rebalance Erangel.

    You have made it very clear that you dont have a counterargument to my point yes. You also proved my oopma loompa theory. Thats great.
  9. Rebalance Erangel.

    You dont even read my full posts do you? The tiny oompa loompas in your head just get one phrase and they go berserk screaming: "We have to type the same thing again because we dont have a counterargument to the point this guy is making". Yes, people are going to do exactly that: "Land at those 4 buildings north of the quarry and west of pochinki". If enough people land there over time it will become the new killbox. Thats how the school became a killbox in the first place. You could often land there solo in the early days.
  10. Rebalance Erangel.

    And the players wont select a spot where they will all land? At the birth of the game school was not such a massive killfest. Because there was no consensus among the playerbase that thats where you go if you want action quickly. Changing the map will do one thing. It make make players select a new spot to all land. Maybe severny or lipovka, i dont know but thats what will happen. Then what? You remove that spot. And a new spot gets chosen. You remove that spot and it all continues until you end up with my example. The blank space with weapons spread out perfectly even. And you guessed it there will still be a spot where a LOT of players will land, maybe in one of the corners or the middle. But it wont change the simple FACT that some players want the quick gunfights.
  11. Rebalance Erangel.

    And i stated the very obvious reason that this will not work. You would have seen that if you had read the post. But i guess its easier to ignore the obvious truth and try the same argument over and over again. ---- You could change the map into a massive desert with nothing but sand with weapons being perfectly evenly spread out. It wont change a thing because some people want to get into a quick fight and some wont. ---- Here you go. A perfect scenario. no killboxes. All the weapons evenly spread out across a map with no spot that provide any advantage in landing. How are you going to dissuade the players that want to land in a clusterfuck from doing just that? Because its not about the loot or anything else. They just want quick action. Thats all there is.
  12. Rebalance Erangel.

    You could change the map into a massive desert with nothing but sand with weapons being perfectly evenly spread out. It wont change a thing because some people want to get into a quick fight and some wont. How are you going to change the minds of those that want to get into shooting the moment they land?
  13. Rebalance Erangel.

    Youre avoidng telling us how you plan to control where people drop. How are you going to force players into a specific playstyle of your own choosing?
  14. Someone must have poured grase on that slight incline. Slip and slide yay.
  15. Rebalance Erangel.

    How are you planning to control how people play the game? Some look for a quick fight and they will drop in a clusterfuck and shoot until one man stands. Some players will take a more careful approach and avoid contact until they are forced to. Some players will choose a middleground. This is the very definition of battleroyale. Changing the map will not make players land evenly and try to avoid contact at all costs. Changing the map will not make everyone drop in the same spot. So, whats the plan for dealing with this?