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  1. FleeToTheCleve

    **MUST READ**

    Give us another minute of time per circle shrink to make up for the longer amounts of time it takes to loot on Xbox vs the PC. It would let everyone relax a tid bit more. That's the only thing worth changing.
  2. FleeToTheCleve

    I still get wins and top 10’s..do you?

    Why don't you goto your local elementary school and brag there
  3. FleeToTheCleve

    Today X1X framerate hit a new low!

    People that don't notice the frame rate drops on the X were probably not the best at baseball or other reflexive sports and just don't have a good eye for it honestly. I'm just not playing until they either revert back to patch 6 or 7 or fix the current blunder we have before us. Amen.
  4. FleeToTheCleve

    60 fps Xbox one X

    Every other game I already owned (besides this horribly optimized PUBG game) became light years better. Upscaled graphics, instant loading times, max frame rates, etc. Didn't mean to hate on the OGs but in the end they'll be limited with this game. Lakewood is a fun town.. I'm on the far East side. Lake Co.
  5. FleeToTheCleve

    We want 60 fps on our one x's

    Parity between the X and the oudated crap ass OG and Slim consoles blow. This game should have been X only. Sucks that it's too late for that, but they should further seperate the two versions. The X should be able to run 60FPS regardless of what the older systems are capable of. Not out problem. Major wastes of time trying to get the struggling OG consoles to render textures and buildings could be spent on supporting X consoles. It's like we're running a race and the OGs are our fat out of shape friend panting and preventing us from winning.
  6. That 26-27FPS average listed in that test is borderline horsecrap.
  7. FleeToTheCleve

    Patch #9 leak

    I would take a revert back to the last patch ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. 1X needs it.
  8. It's too bad this game isn't only on the 1X, because if it was I guarantee we wouldn't have all the issues we're experiencing from all the OG and Slim users holding us all back. As Trump would say, SAD.
  9. FleeToTheCleve

    60 fps Xbox one X

    Well it's all of the outdated OG and slim users holding everyone else back who has gone out and bought the X. It has benefited me in every game but this one. If we all ran off of the same version of the game X users would probably have the advantage. It's pretty sad.
  10. FleeToTheCleve

    60 fps Xbox one X

    I hope you're just trying to crack jokes.
  11. There's an actual option to "Clear Local Saved Games" or something like that. It requires you to do a restart anyways.
  12. FleeToTheCleve

    Smoother Frames at Night

    Playing on the X, I notice that my frame rate is fantastic until about 30 seconds to a minute after landing.. Then it all goes to shit regardless of where I am, or what I'm doing.
  13. FleeToTheCleve

    Sell to Microsoft

    As a lifelong Battlefield fan I would drop PUBG in a heartbeat if they made a BF4-styled BR game. Just sayin. They're trying, just not hard enough.
  14. Thanks Spazz. You're one of the few who actually contribute things to these forums. I've been clearing my Local Saved Games cache every once in a while and it seems to help for about half a day.