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  1. Critic

    Rank 1 Solo, My Settings.

    Just a normal Xbox One S controller.
  2. Critic

    Weapon skins

    What would be the point in that? If you never got duplicates, I'd get every skin within a week, that would be pointless and stupid.
  3. Critic

    Weapon skins

    I know they're talking about buying skins, read what I said, dear me. Maybes I like having something which no one else has, which I've earned through playing the game. Instead of pressing a button and boom, I've got it, just like the over 100 thousand other people. What's special about a skin if everyone has it? nothing.
  4. Critic

    Weapon skins

    The hole buying skins with real life money out right, ruined the game in that area. Jumping into a game, having clothing which no one had, was a great feeling and it made my character unique. Now my clothing doesn't matter at all because of all you cry baby's. Maybes do certain weapon skins like the ones they've already shown, but don't fucking change it to all weapon skins from crates. You people need to learn to fucking grind and earn your shit, instead of being spoon fed.
  5. Critic

    With or without shoes?

    It doesn't matter what you wear, shoes on or off, you're just as loud. Only scrubs wear no shoes, thinking they cannot be heard. 😂
  6. Critic

    A New Map?

  7. Critic

    Third person or first NOT BOTH

    LMAO.. I'm dead.. 😂
  8. Definitely would! It would give you a reason to grind the season and hopefully the gear you'd get, would be exclusive!
  9. It's from PC, I wouldn't post it otherwise. It's just been announced officially by PUBG on twitter and steam. What ever get's done on PC comes to other platforms eventually.
  10. And more than likely when the ranking system comes into place, it will open the doors to rewards at the end of the seasons depending on what rank you achieved.