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  1. I seen awhile ago that they mentioned about adding a feature where you can exchange your items for better items. It'll probably get added next year now though.
  2. I'm not sure how many others play Sanhok only, but for me, it's literally the only map I play since it's release. The reason's I play Sanhok 24/7 is as following: - Land pretty much anywhere and get a decent gun/ loot from the get go. - Smaller map, so you don't need a vehicle to get around, which is a bonus if you're far from zone and can't find a vehicle. - Quicker games due to quicker circles. - More action.
  3. Critic

    LE Controller Pack

    Awesome, thank you!
  4. Critic

    LE Controller Pack

    @PUBG_Andymh5 any news on when this bug will be sorted? Just got my PUBG controller + clothing today. ??
  5. I can't wait for the new map either. Although I think it's gonna be a map which frustrates a lot of players, due to people wearing white clothing and hiding/ camping. As it might be possibly hard to spot those players on a white snow map. Who knows eh? We shall see soon enough hopefully!
  6. Critic

    What is the best gun all round?

    Yeah that's the only downside really. I normally try to pair it with a sniper, that way you're only need 7's and you don't really use much shooting the sniper.
  7. Critic

    What is the best gun all round?

    It's basically personal preference. For me right now, QBZ and Beryl are my favorite. I've spent time rocking the M4, AK47 as well but they just currently don't do it for me. Use what you feel most comfortable with, not what is the most "OP".
  8. No it would not be awesome, just no.?‍♀️
  9. Critic


    The amount of new players I've seen is crazy. The only downside to it, is I now have to look at every single bush twice on Sanhok. ?
  10. When it comes to the performance issues, it hardly effects us good players because we can work around it. Good players can consistently stay on top pretty easy, because we're that good, it isn't hard and no we don't have assistance. You'd be surprised what can be done with a controller.