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  1. Three-seater Bikes are broken

    Delete the fucking 3 seater bike and place more normal bikes every fucking time it has bugs , just patch after patch she is retarded
  2. Or at least make the rear mirrors and the inside one to work as real mirrors !
  3. Loot spawn BUG

    Hello guys ! At Georgpol near the hospital at the three warehouses (you will see the photo bellow) the loot spawns in the boxes and as a result you cant loot it but you can see the loot! Please fix it https://prnt.sc/iohz10
  4. Hellow fellows! If you have huge stuttering and the game is unplayable, you have just to turn OFF deathcam and replay and you can enjoy the game again
  5. Remove "you are dead" confirmation window

    You are way to tilted mate.Just agree that your are dead.
  6. General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Since the last patch (6.2gb) I have notice that motorcycle knocks me out for no reason (driving straight on a road)! And this have happened several times so it’s defiantly a bug.Please try to fix it ! Thank you !