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  1. Actually my highest kill in a single game is 17. I don’t need aim assist. And I have over 3000 Kills. Not even joking. But when players are hit for PUBG, then they stop playing, there’s a definite reason WHY they stopped playing. I literally play by myself with fandoms because my friend won’t touch the game, and aim assist was the main reason. They were tied of dying to potato aim. So before you jump down my throat about sthat meothibg otherbplayers were saying, get your facts straight buddy. Pubg on Xbox is dying.
  2. PUBG is losing players everyday. What’s going to happen when this game turns into COD with a super low player count? Aim assist will bring back most players. It’s already dying!
  3. I only use preset B. I didn't know it worked properly in preset A. I though it was something they changed on purpose.i NEED to loot with right analog or it slows me down tremendously.
  4. I used to shuffle with left analog and loot with the right analog. Looting while prone makes you vulnerable. WHY WOULD YOU DISABLE LOOTING WITH RIGHT ANALOG??!?!! What are you guys thinking??? Now I have to sit still and loot. Thank you for that. Do me a favor, DONT ME NO FAVORS!! I’m pissed!! DPAD looting is a recipe to get shot in the face. Give us back our original looting system PLEASE!!!
  5. King Kesey

    SSD hard drive. Do they work ?

  6. What does this have to do with Keyboard and Mouse players?? For one, YOU HAVE NO CLUE IF THEY'RE USING KEYBOARD AND MOUSE! ...AND... this is not answering my question!!!!!!
  7. Only because I would LOVE to hear this.... How would you ‘Gypsy Tim’ get a better position to go against a K+M player?!?!
  8. Well done of these posts make absolute sense. I guess if aim assist was added, KnM cheaters would benefit also. I love no aim assist, but something has to be done about people who break the rules!!!
  9. People are reading the headline but not the after text. I DO NOT NEED AIM ASSIST. I can take out an entire team Solo. I’ve done it plenty of times. BUT... if K+M are going to run rampid in this game, then there needs to be a balance. People can consistently say “ Go to PC if you want to use K+M” but let’s be real, they’re not going to do do that. So for cheaters if this sort, there needs to be a balance. I’ve seen people on YouTube use a Xim attachment and it converts Noobs into Gods. I’m personally waiting for Death scams because I have a 2.0 k/d with my highest Kills being 16 in a single game. Some of my deaths are very questionable.
  10. Is your gamer pic a blue car?
  11. I think I just added you. Is your gamer pic a blue car?
  12. I’m on XI original so military is very wonky for me. I want it to work properly SO BAD!! Kills are not an issue for me.