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  1. Running should cancel reload

    No, it shouldn't.

    Please, don't.
  3. Aim Acceleration was off (higher than intended) from setting 6 and up. I don't remember exact source, but I've read this from a developer.
  4. Yeah, it happened to me once or twice. My guess is that you actually is somewhere else and the game keep trying to teleport you to the correct location. Now, take a look at those, lol:
  5. Deadmou5 sucks at PuBG

    To be fair, Brendan Greene sucks in his own game, at least in the Xbox version. He didn't even know how to lean, pick up stuff or jump. Even before he put deadmou5's helmet.
  6. Forums VS Reddit/Twitter

    As already said by the devs, they're recruiting a community manager for Xbox. Regarding Twitter/Reddit, usually who post there is Nico, who doesn't work for PUBG. He is a Microsoft's employee. But I don't understand why people get pissed with that. First, if I got it right, Nico seems to have a wider "permission" to release inside info, probably because of his position in the partnership between Microsoft and PUBG Corp. Second, any info is info. If you pay attention, just some minutes after something regarding announes or updates being posted anywhere, someone posts here too. Requesting to release here first would probably just delay good info or make it to not come out at all until the community manager is recruited.
  7. I don't, but I was home alone and even with kid watching Netflix I've never had something like that before. Definitely something with my internet there. Now that you said, packet loss seem a thing. However, in the tests I made I had 0 packet loss, both at live and third party test on the internet. I do think it was something about the route to the server.
  8. Have you seen what keep happening when I try to lean at the corner? All that rubber banding? No others squad mate had that at the moment and I took like 3 seconds to have a door opened. So yeah, it was definitely me lagging. And it persisted through all my games that night. It wasn't an isolated issue there. I'm sorry, but playing this game OOR is not a good experience as people try to state there.
  9. Could anyone please explain how THIS is an advantage?
  10. Miramar coming next week!

    I hate click baits. If it's rumors based on nothing, PLEASE don't spread them. If you do so, at least put a rumor tag on your topic and don't use an "affirmative" exclamation mark on it. Regarding the merit: won't happen. Nico said on Twitter that Miramar got smoked by QA this week. Expect some more weeks of development and adjustments.
  11. Who got the NICO Loot?

    Hahahaha, yeah. Yesterday you beat me. I was at the... Eer, reading a newspaper, when I got the notification...
  12. Who got the NICO Loot?

    Hahahaha, it was one giveaway made by Nico on Twitter too. Maybe two weeks ago.
  13. Who got the NICO Loot?

    I got one of the warrior's pack the other day
  14. A Couple Circle Campers

    You definitely can't be accurate like that. If the target is moving its a nightmare to try to connect those shots. I lost a chicken dinner because of that. I was trying to move and I aimed down the sight the gas came and messed with my aim. I ran ahead of it and gas came and messed things up again. Then the other guy saw me and wrecked my face... That's my story of how I discovered this effect. However, depending on the situation and if the blue camper has the edge, he can cross the safe line, shoot, then go back.
  15. A Couple Circle Campers

    Yeah, it is. Put a 4x and things become even nastier!