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  1. sdaaf

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    DP-28 only spawns at Erangel and Miramar. Most likely Erangel, tough.
  2. sdaaf

    War Mode

    Playing with random people got boring after the first game, actually. Hope they fix matchmaking issues to join with friends. That could be fun.
  3. sdaaf

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    I was trying to find one since the quest came out. Yesterday I found one randomly on road side. It's pretty much an unicorn, indeed. I don't really think there is a specific place that has a higher spawn rate. Tried a lot on ruins and camps without any luck before. The fun fact is that with this ongoing quest you put a big target in your head while driving it, lol
  4. Not terrible, but I would still prefer things the way it is now.
  5. Finishing downed players or not is a tactical decision and is a core mechanic of this game. Sometimes, finishing a downed player is a way to make opponents rush you in rage without thinking too much. In other situations you can use downed players as bait. And a lot of times, not finishing them can turn a 1v1 situation in a 1v2. I don't get why people that hates dying keep playing a battle royale game where death means game over and come here complain in the forums about game mechanics.
  6. I didn't mean to be rude, but your idea is terrible.
  7. Human brain can do unimaginable things like... bringing this up. Seriously, what a terrible idea. As much as I like people thinking "out of the box", this idea is indeed terrible.
  8. My game is running pretty good with motion blur off. Only thing I did was to reduce my TV sharpness setting a bit.
  9. sdaaf

    One X users only

    What's your TV? Most of TV and monitors activate the Freesync only from 40 fps and up. The 25 - 30 fps range we have on PUBG do NOT triggers Freesync on most of displays available. Specially over HDMI. It's not me saying, it's AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/products/freesync-monitors The only explanation would be that Xbox maintain a 60Hrz refresh rate even for 30 fps titles. In theory the console could send the same frame twice to the display allowing it to activate Freesync anyway. It would not be perfect, but could be smoother indeed. I'm just curious how it works with PUBG.
  10. sdaaf

    One X users only

    Why should HDR be always off? I keep it off when playing PUBG since it's the only game that looks worse with HDR on in my entire library. You mean it should be next disabled for otherwise games as well? Game mode is a must, of course. I don't have AMD Freesync, but AFAIK, it wouldn't help with PUBG since 30 FPS is below its activation threshold.
  11. sdaaf

    One X users only

    @Clown Syndr0me Did you reinstall or only updated? HDR on or off? 4k? I'm so curious about all those mixed opinions out there. Still stuck at work for more 6 hours. Then more 2 hours to get home
  12. Then the quest is miss spelled, since it clearly states that you must take less than 100 damage.
  13. You must take less than 100 damage. If you died you took 100, therefore it won't count.
  14. sdaaf

    Linked Mission 5/5 (Normal)

    You have to take LESS than 100 damage. If he was knocked, he took at least 100, so it should not count. Congrats for completing the mission though. I think I'll never be able to do it, lol
  15. I guess the problem is with HDR. I turned it off and it's much better on my 4k HDR TV.