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  1. sdaaf

    Which map do you prefer?

    Why a lot of people call Miramar as "Mirimar"?
  2. This monitor is 4k, right? There seems to be a problem with calibration in 4k mode. I have a Samsung 4k TV and encountered the exact same problems. When I set my Xbox to display 1080, bang, the closed eye pops up. Switch to 4k and it's impossible to make it appear, no matter how what you set up regarding HDR and color range. Try this if you can. Switch Xbox to 1080p, calibrate the colors and them go back to 4k.
  3. South America, actually. Lag always have been a part for us here. Feel bad for you man, but it probably has to be your distance to the server... Maybe it will be better when it's released on OC servers
  4. It seems they put the bugged 0 aim acceleration setting. Their aiming is all over the place as it happened with this setting in PTS.
  5. Regardless of what number may say, the PTS was a much more smoother experience to the point that when I died I couldn't blame the game. That's okay for me.
  6. sdaaf

    In depth stat tracker

    Wow, that was fast It's fixed indeed. Now it pinpointed the exact drop locations. I went to the houses in the north ad my mate landed at the warehouses. Really cool!
  7. sdaaf

    In depth stat tracker

    There seems to be something a little bit off on landings heatmap In a duo game yesterday I (and my partner) landed at Lipovka as you can see in the travel path map. Yet, in the heatmap there is no landing there at all...
  8. Se vc tiver um roteador em casa, coloca o modem do provedor em modo bridge e deixa o seu roteador distribuir a Internet. Foi o que resolveu pra mim.
  9. sdaaf

    In depth stat tracker

    Awesome work! One thing I noticed: match leaderboad shows squads up to 7 people. One suggestion: heat map is too dark. Maybe lighten it a bit?
  10. Or maybe those so called idiots don't really care about spending some bucks in something they want to please themselves, you know? People spend more than that in a hot dog. As idiotic it may seem to some, money is not a problem for everyone.
  11. Outra opção é usar um roteador dedicado ao invés do modem/roteador do provedor de Internet. Aqui coloquei o modem/roteador do provedor em modo bridge e usei um roteador TPLINK pra distribuir a Internet. Agora não tenho mais problemas tb.
  12. sdaaf

    [XBOX] Jogo não carrega. Xbox One

    Mesma coisa aqui...
  13. Estou com o mesmo problema. Às vezes resetar o modem resolve. Na maior parte das vezes não. I have the same problem. Sometimes reseting the modem works. Most times it doesn't.
  14. Qual a Internet de vcs? Aqui tenho Velox
  15. sdaaf

    [XBOX] Jogo não carrega. Xbox One

    Estou com o mesmo problema aqui. Antes reiniciar o modem resolvia. Após jogar uma partida voltava o problema. Agora nada resolve. Já deixei o modem desligado 1 min, limpei cache... Notei que todos com esse problema são brasileiros. Vcs tb têm Velox ou outra conexão ADSL? Agora depois de limpar cache e resetar de novo o modem fica nessa tela: