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  1. In my case BFV didn't let me start PUBG again.
  2. sdaaf

    Taking away NA FPP Duo?!?

    They only gave SA the Squad TPP
  3. sdaaf


    Apparently my previous post regarding how discriminative those sentences are was deleted. So, it's ok to stereotype all Brazilians as Spanish speakers with the worst connections in the world and responsible for all NA desync problems, but it's not ok to note that this thought is completely wrong and misleading as well as fit another world famous stereotype that I'm not going to mention again. Yeah, ok. People just like to live in a bubble, apparently.
  4. In a few years hardware probably won't matter anyway, since they're investing hard on Cloud Gaming. It's rumored that PS5 will come with a tablet to allow playing away from console. Also it was already said that project Scarlet is a project about two separate devices, one being focused on Cloud Gaming. Probably the next generation of consoles is indeed the last one. And I don't like it at all.
  5. sdaaf


    We hate to play on NA server. And if you think Brazilians playing on NA is your only problem, you're way off with that. Asian, EU, OC and Africans also play on NA a lot, as well all other Latin America countries. Why? Since the Asian/OC servers merge, their matchmaking is f. up for a long time now and most of them just gave up playing on their servers. Also, a lot of Asians use VPNs for a handful of reasons and this just make things worse. EU seems to have a lot of NA friends and squad up with them. Also, past 3 am their matchmaking is also bad with matches starting with 30 people or so. And bluehole did a very bad job announcing the new SA servers test this time. There isn't even a warning on main screen and, yet, I still find matches within a minute at any time of the day. Don't blame connections of the "third world" for lag. If you play on SA you will have a bad connection too. The distance causes any fiber user to have more or less 130 ms of latency both ways. Also, this thought is discriminative as hell.
  6. sdaaf


    Yeah. We need this server always on so bad. Matchmaking is fast and with PUBG going out on game pass next week there is no excuse. SA Servers will have even more players as well other regions.
  7. sdaaf


    Set your deadzone on left stick to 20, movement sensitivity to 90 and if you have an elite controller set left stick sensitivity to aggressive. That's much better. And yeah, deadzone needs to be adjusted because they changed the deadzone shape and are looking for a fix. Setting a high deadzone will mitigate the problem.
  8. sdaaf

    Item highlight

    The only change I really cared about. I really hope you don't give up on bringing this to live servers. Personally it didn't seem to impact my game at all
  9. sdaaf

    No highlights ):

    The only change I really cared about they take away... Sigh...
  10. I love, but also got tired. Tired of waiting this game to have, at least, stable frame rate. Since new games are coming out steadily this year's end, I just hope next update is indeed good. BFV is on the corner and I will surely spend more time over there if things remain the same with my beloved PUBG.
  11. Yeah, I don't really want to play PUBG again until we have SA servers back. And I played this game every single day since launch. After playing with local servers, NA just isn't good enough.
  12. sdaaf

    Tuesday update from pts

    And if nobody is playing who will test it further? I can't find a single game on PTS.
  13. sdaaf

    New weapons are a bit loud

    They should just tune down the sound for the player that is shooting. I though I became a deaf person the first time I shout those guns, lol. No need to tune the sound for others.
  14. sdaaf

    Such a shame

    Did they solved the ice skating movement?
  15. sdaaf

    new left stick movement is soo bad

    It's horrible now. Seems like you're ice skating, lol