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  1. it would be awesome to look at your character and his/hers outfit
  2. Colored Crosshair

    i love the idea
  3. i would be nice if they could try and up the fps to like 40 fps maybe?
  4. add character rendering

    its not a must but it would be cool if they add character rendering for the original xbox one and the one s
  5. fix the screen for console

    every time i play its always not centered properly they need to add a setting where you can center it properly
  6. it needs better foliage and view distance
  7. the fps is really bad on squads and so is the texture
  8. it will be really cool to see he weather change on pubg for xbox
  9. its really anoyying trying to get into a building and it wont load
  10. ive died many times due to having to hold x to reload please resolve this issue