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  1. Cheats?

    My experience with a cheater (wallhack / aimbot) : https://youtu.be/_NSq323kBFs P.S. : I was banned from another topic talking about the non-existence of cheats in this game. I was telling the truth...
  2. Friendly fire reports to PUBG

    LOL. If u give them a true evidence like a recorded video of the situation, they will do something for you... Or for us... Because when you report those toxic people, you help the good side of community to enjoy fully the game. But actually, many cheaters and XIM4 users everywhere... We must be patient. But honestly, when you see upcoming games will offer Battle Royale Mode (Red Dead Redeemption 2, Battlefield, Mavericks...) and when you note the game isn't often updated, I fear that most of the playerbase will go and see other better games.
  3. Thank you a lot Mister. Have a nice day or night!!
  4. https://youtu.be/kNTboo090Zg There is the issue I'm talking about. Watch what happens when I decide to loot throught the inventory...
  5. https://youtu.be/kNTboo090Zg
  6. https://youtu.be/kNTboo090Zg You understand now!? I'm not crazy...
  7. Then, I saw everybody didn't believe me. So, I will bring some footages and u will see. Insane, people are unbelievable. I created a topic not just for the pleasure to create one. I create this topic because I have this issue since the beginning. Maybe, just a few players encounter this problem but it exists. You can transpose that with any product you can buy in real life: a car, a tv, a computer... Stop being so childish and self-centred. Thank you.
  8. Than Thanks man for your answer. I have XB1 X. Maybe that bug happens only for XB1 X owners. But, playing this game after playing BF1 is damaging your eyes honestly. Okay it is a preview game but there are limits.
  9. So. The 7th patch arrived for the XB1 version of PUBG. Okay, you're fixing several inventory bugs but not the most important and annoying in the game. The 'Can Go Only Straight' Bug : when you decide to pick up an object opening your inventory and after closing it, your character can go in an one and only direction : going straight. Your character can go out of that state if only you go in FPP and come back in TPP. Honestly, that's so annoying. However, that bug seems to occur less often that before. I hope that big bug will be fixed in the 8th patch once and for all. Thanks in advance for your answer(s).
  10. (Aiming on Xbox) PUBG developers, Help!

    Are you understand me!? I would like a system with both in the same time. That's why I'm talking about several possibilities, going towards a kind of freedom...
  11. (Aiming on Xbox) PUBG developers, Help!

    SO you are a DICTATOR. Period. OK. Converstion closed. Like your mind...
  12. (Aiming on Xbox) PUBG developers, Help!

    Honestly, I don't think you know how the Contextual Leaning Feature works in BF4...
  13. (Aiming on Xbox) PUBG developers, Help!

    Having those two possibilities (Contextual Leaning + Manual Leaning System) is a problem for you!? Really... Why do you wanna dictate how people must play a game. That's crazy!! So with you, developers can put off the Type B Control System and let an one and only control system for everybody. Not everybody is using an XBox Elite Controller... We are in 2018!!!
  14. (Aiming on Xbox) PUBG developers, Help!

    And how Contextual Leaning is a WASTE OF TIME, when this feature is fully made to ease the gaming experience. You will be more focused on your shoot. But everybody is different...