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  1. We already know why they don't put higher sensitivity settings in that game. We already saw what happens when you turn very fast (aiming acceleration)... with those bugs and that low framerate... They do know that will be a huge mess with a higher sensitivity. But I really think they should let us to set higher sensitivities. If it lags or crashes... They'll find a solution... I hope... 😰
  2. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Esp Hackers taking over Leaderboards

    And some people still tell you there is no cheaters and no Keyboard and Mouse players on Xbox... LOL.
  3. Hahahahhhhhahahhhaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaaaaaa 😂
  4. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Strafe movement looks dodgy af

    This game is in a horrible state honestly. Okay it's a preview... But... What a view!!! I don't think lots of people will keep playing this! We will see the next week update with the adding of Miramar...
  5. RebelsAlwaysWin

    M&k is getting rediclus now.

    Errr... two words : Stone Montain. This youtuber made some streams on PuBG Xbox One using MnK. Are you kidding!? And smoking cigarettes is cool and very good for health, isn't it!?
  6. RebelsAlwaysWin

    M&K Native support like fortinite

    YEAH for sure. If you want to play PUBG with a MnK, just go on PC. That's simple. You just want to play with an advantage against controllers users. At this state of the game, with an awful aiming system and framerates issues, you'll certainly destroy every opponent. The only solution I see for you MnK users is to create lobbies dedicated for you MnK users. This feature already exists in the mobile version.
  7. Je te comprends. Mais à l'avenir, écris en anglais si c'est possible. Car déjà qu'ils ont du mal à lire les critiques écrites en anglais ou en coréen. Alors en français... Mais, faut juste être patient. Mais, je remarque que les jeux populaires (ceux de Battle Royale notamment) sont en fait pas du tout équilibrés (le pire exemple c'est Fortnite ou 'Aim Assist Land). Et cela reflète aussi la mentalité de la plupart des personnes... Ecraser tout le monde et être le meilleur... A tout prix (à noter, beaucoup de teamkillers en mode de jeu 'escouade'. Et ce ne sont pas des gosses qui ont ces sales pratiques). Manque d'éducation, manque de repère, inconscience, plaisir de transgresser/ détourner les règles... C'est ça le monde actuel malheureusement... Faut s'adapter ou bien on va voir si l'herbe est plus verte ailleurs...
  8. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Thoughts from another developer

    PUBG is a "need" created by those developers. PUBG became a trendy product thanks to us, customers. Don't forget this is the customer who has the power to decide about the future of a product. You can always tell me "to be a game developer" is extremely difficult... But, at the end, this is us who will choose if this game is good or not. You can transpose that case with a car... If people tell you that your car isn't good and dangerous because of bad design, will you answer in the same way with ease. You won't call people/customers stupid because they don't know how to make a car. That is an insult. And you know what happens when people hates something or somebody. Mostly in this area where social media can destroy a "life" in an instant. So doing the big guys will only make the situation worse. The customer is king.
  9. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Here we have it guys pubg killer! Probably

    This game looks very beautiful but no. I will wait until E3 2018 to know what Mavericks : Proving Grounds and Read Ded 2 will give us.
  10. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Hate The Elitist LFG on Xbox

    That answer... You're pitiful... I don't know why you still answer me if thoughs of others don't matter for you. Go back in your own corner please.
  11. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Hate The Elitist LFG on Xbox

    Yeah selfish. And STUBBORN. You don't want to understand that every player doesn't have the same experience at this point. Just a few people enjoy the game right now. I think most of the playerbase want to have fun when they decide to turn on their console. Video games are for fun first. That's not the 1% of the players who wanna be a pro gamer who will dictate how and where the game will be. So, stay in your own little corner and keep grinding. Be so self-centered won't never be a solution to solve issues. Everybody is different. Understand that is the first step to a better world.
  12. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Hate The Elitist LFG on Xbox

    I'm 100 % agree with you. How can they be so elitist with the current state of the game!? They want to dominate knowing other players don't share the same experience than theirs. So many differences of gaming experiences between all three XB1 versions. And more, the performance can be completely different between two same consoles (for ex, the XB1X Pal vs XB1X NTSC). And everybody doesn't have the same quality of Ethernet. They are so selfish and completely stubborn. They don't care about others problems. Most of the over 5 millions players have an atrocious gaming experience. The two biggest issues the devs are working on are : 1) those framerates drops in high-peopled areas and during cqc 2) the horrible aiming system that makes burp sometimes. You can't even track enemies with ease. And add aim assist can make things worse. That's propably the same guys who are complaining about not to have enough content in the game. But they don't realize that the game is highly broken and doesn't let most of the playerbase express themselves as they would. Also, that's probably the same guys who are using devices like XIM in order to dominate people. Everybody knows the bad consequences of mixing M&K players with controllers players.
  13. RebelsAlwaysWin

    M&K Aren't Going Anywhere

    Hey man. The devs do what they want with their game. If you're not happy, you know what to do... And I'm happy here. They seem to listen... But talking to you about the existence of unfair advantages on console players using M & K will make lose our time. That fact has already been demonstrated.
  14. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Here is why your aim sucks (AND HOW TO IMPROVE)

    I'm on ONE X. This is very helpful. Nevertheless, so many players have big difficulty to aim properly in this game because of framerate issues and a kind of "lag compensation" (even if that's not Peer-to-Peer technology used here). Tell me if you manage to track enemies' moves (mostly in CQC) with "low framerate" drops and the non-registration of most of your shots. So, they have to fix the aiming system and the severe issues with the framerate. Solve only those huge problems and the game will become so enjoyable. Actually, this is literally TORTURE.