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  1. RebelsAlwaysWin

    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X FPS

    Yeah me too. I have both. And I confirm what he told you. PS4 Pro seems much smoother. First solo game. First win. So enjoyable.
  2. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Crosshair Color always Default after Restart

    Yeah noticed that day one. Actually, the game has some annoying issues right now as the random jamming weapon.
  3. RebelsAlwaysWin

    played on ps4 last night

    Yeah you must have a PS4 Pro. Sooooo smooth my god!!!
  4. RebelsAlwaysWin

    G36C replaces Scar on Vikendi!!!!

    G36C... 😋 My BF4 favorite weapon...
  5. I have a PS4 Pro and I can tell you that PUBG PS4 version runs smoother than PUBG XB1 X enhanced. It's a real pleasure to play whereas I don't enjoy playing with huge framerate drops on X during CQC anymore. For me, it's a visual torture.
  6. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Previous Xbox player

    Honestly, this game is so smooth on PS4 Pro. My first game I got a Chicken Dinner on Miramar with 9 kills. The fact that we can see the map with the touch pad makes things a lot easier and smoother. When I play on PS4, I seem more relaxed. Yeah, the controls are clearly smoother on Sony's console. Furthermore, we can see Xbox One X's poor performance is caused by too high graphics... Who really needs native 4K honestly!? P.S. : Excuse my grammar. I'm French...
  7. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Broken Type B Preset...

    Why nobody talks about this main issue!? Maybe because most of the players play with Type A Preset... https://youtu.be/Y4GORg3vVNA 😒 @PUBG_Andymh5 Thanks in advance for your answer.
  8. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Desync? Witchcraft? Or I'm missing something?

    Yeah desync is still there. The other problems is the placement of the camera on the character you're controlling and the bad health of the servers here. Furthermore, because of that unsteady framerate and that non-smooth movement system, desync seems to be felt a lot worse (mostly for the people who have low ping). Like in other games, there are a few people who aren't playing on servers of their locations. EU servers are invaded by Saudis or Qataris for example... So, ping is the main factor of this actual mess.
  9. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Searching for teammates!? (Casual / Chill)

    We don't care you suck. The game has so many issues on XB1. The baddest issue is the low framerate during cqcs.
  10. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Searching for teammates!? (Casual / Chill)

    I will add you guys... 😃
  11. If you are searching for teammates, you should proceed like that : - ID/Gamertag - Your server location (EU/NA/SA...) - Your XB1 version (quite useful to know) - Spoken languages I hope this topic will be useful for some people. P.S. : For example, I want to improve my way of speaking English. So I look after some cool English speaking teammates. But if you are a French speaker like me. That's all good... 😃
  12. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Your Expectations...

    Yeah a long way to go... to the 60fps sadly... And I hope they will implement the wheel system very soon because the throwable item management is awful... Mostly in gunfights...
  13. RebelsAlwaysWin

    So, it’s finally official!

    Of course they learned. We will have a lite version first I think. Then they will improve the quality of the version step by step like Epic Games with the PS4 version of Fortnite. Very happy. Now we're waiting ?
  14. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Your Expectations...

    Here we are guys. Now tell us what do you expect about this version!? The Good or The Better!? The Bad or The Worst!?
  15. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Gonna fix Xbox desyn now ?

    Yeah I feel you. Since that last patch, you should avoid close quarters combat against shotgunners. Desync plus awful low framerate (make me so dizzy) is insane now. But the main problem is why they don't manage to replicate real controllers movement like in a Battlefield now. Unadapted aim acceleration plus bizarre left stick deadzone make a painful gaming experience.