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  1. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Frame Rate on Xbox One-X reduced on 1.0

    Of course that's not 100% of all X users. Because US players don't use the same version of X than EU players. PAL and NTSC devices doesn't use the same resolution. 720p on PAL X and 720p on NTSC X aren't the same thing at all for example. It might be one of the main reason many players don't have a great gaming experience now.
  2. RebelsAlwaysWin

    I really start to get angry (Xbox X)

    Guys. Don't forget European and US players don't use the same version of Xbox One (all versions included). PAL and NTSC are not same resolution at all. This difference can be so important and can explain why some users of X or S (Europeans most of time) have lots of issues. Changing your display resolution can have a huge impact on your gaming experience. But PAL Xbox One users... Should we play in 720p to decrease those big amounts of framerate drops or not!?
  3. RebelsAlwaysWin

    I really start to get angry (Xbox X)

    I feel you man. SAME. I will give up soon I think. Enough is enough...
  4. @PUBG_Oreoree ; @Andymh5 Everything is in the title. 1️⃣ For A Smooth Experience in Hot Situations : With the introduction of the proximity chat, sometimes you'd better use your voice to fool enemies. So, being able to use these actual emotes even crouching or proning will create amazing situations (visually and aurally). By the way, a problem about the actual emotes must be outlined... 2️⃣ Add Tactical Hand / Arm Signals for efficient communication : The addition of these emotes could revolutionize the actual gaming experience. With those, an assigned squad leader can give instructions to his/her fellows quietly or communicate over a distance (The fellows can zoom in and see their leader's hand signals. Cool, isn't it!?) Thanks in advance for your answer. Have a nice day or night.
  5. Okay. I'm sure now there is no bugs about this feature. LOL. I don't go in solo mode actually. I rage too much because of the poor framerate. Even 30 fps hurts my brain honestly. Most of the people are used to play with 60 fps now. When I play in Squad, I can play relax. You can speak or use emotes to communicate with mates and spend a good time. Thanks for your answer. Have a nice day. P.S. : I'm using a XBOX ONE X. So I'm actually quite disappointed about the actual state of the game. But things seem to improve slowly...
  6. ⚠️ Important Fact ⚠️ @PUBG_Oreoree @Andymh5 You actually shot down one player of a duo or a squad. Do you think it is actually fair this killed player is able to spectate you and give his/her mates your actual position with precision!? That's amazingly strange that almost nobody is talking about this important unbalanced feature. Thanks in advance for your answer. Have a nice day or night! 😊
  7. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Patch #17 Feedback topic (LIVE SERVER)

    Hello! 1) About the actual issues with the leaning system... Can someone tell me why they decided to change the leaning system. Did they really test this to make things like that!? When you click Left Stick or Right Stick, the character stays stuck in this leaning position even if you want to run. Why!? Who said that change will improve the gameplay!? That's not intuitive at all. Where is the mobility here? I don't have to click on the stick again if I want to move... So PAINFUL!!! I want to have the choice if I want the leaning feature is linked to the aiming system or not... 2) About the actual framerate issues with XB1 X... This is still a big mess in high populated areas. You can't deal with two guys in the same time. Atrocious to watch... Atrocious to play... And, most of the time, if you are in a zone with more than 2 people, you can imagine how awful will be your upcoming showdowns.
  8. The actual problem is aiming speed. For me, that's literally too slow (All my settings are at max. Even the aiming acceleration). When you play BF4 or even Fornite and you come and play this game, it's really painful. And I really think some players are using cheats because when you land with nobody around and a few minutes after, a team goes directly on you with certainty. But even if they are cheating, with that problem of slow aiming and ADSing, you can't perform like in an actual FPS shooter. Framerate can be blamed too...
  9. Yeah. For sure the game is in a real good state, isn't it!? In the early years of the game on PC, the best tip was to put most of the graphics on low in order to increase FPS and it gave you a good advantage on the field. Less graphics details let you focus on the action a lot more. You can see enemies more easily. It's the same thing with the console version. Nevertheless, you cannot downgrade your graphic settings on console. Especially for the X. This is an a clear advantage for OG and Xbox S users when comes last circles. They can see you with ease between bushes, grass and trees. However, the start on OG and S is still quite painful. This is the big disadvantage of those hardwares. I own an X and I'm actually giving up with this game. Low framerate, Framerate drops during gunfights, Clanky aiming system...
  10. We already know why they don't put higher sensitivity settings in that game. We already saw what happens when you turn very fast (aiming acceleration)... with those bugs and that low framerate... They do know that will be a huge mess with a higher sensitivity. But I really think they should let us to set higher sensitivities. If it lags or crashes... They'll find a solution... I hope... 😰
  11. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Xbox one x disadvantage

    Yes. The game runs actually better on S than X. I can't win most of close gunfights because of the violent framerate drops and the non-registration of my shots. I noticed if you are playing TPP, during a close gunfight, aiming down sight is a big disadvantage. Your bullets actually go through your enemy. My connection is very stable and my ping is 8 ms. So, we can see players with awful connection, having OG Xboxes and Xboxes S, are swimming in happiness. My wallet and I feel the pain too.