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  1. Duo NA INVITED him through GAME In party chat whole time before invite First match for both, he got in, I did not. Happened back to back. He readied up first both times. Both x1x wired. Invited through party chat for third time, worked
  2. It is possible to turn off. It's under settings/ preferences/ notifications/ Xbox notifications/ achievements. It will no longer pop up on your screen but you can still view it easily. I agree that the sound is way crazy.
  3. Tigerstyle1986

    Sanhok film Easter eggs

    Nothing quite like running past these and freaking out.
  4. Tigerstyle1986

    First game on, lost connection to host

    Happening every other match duo NA fpp. Didn't happen with our third in squad
  5. Tigerstyle1986

    Microsoft say we lose sanhok

    IF you're not trolling this entire post, AND you've been playing with them a long time, THEN they are bullshitting you into you buying the event pass. All it does it cosmetic and challenges. If you like the game and play it regularly buy the pass, it's only $10. But that is entirely your choice. Generally rule: if it sounds too odd, too good it is.
  6. Tigerstyle1986


    Nothing great.... Just potato https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/tigerstyle1986/video/60030573
  7. Tigerstyle1986

    PUBG Lost connection to host

    Buddy and I were playing duo tpp, about five matches in he gets that message but I don't. He got it another two times that night while I never did. Both x1x.
  8. They have said that the sets are just items put together on a set that you can earn otherwise.
  9. Tigerstyle1986

    Event pass question

    If you look at it you can see the timer. That should tell you all you need to know.
  10. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/20540/microsoft-account-earning-rewards-points
  11. You can get Xbox live free. Just do the Microsoft rewards. Just 10 mins a day. In about 3 months you earn enough points to get a year subscription for free. I don't know why people don't do this more often.
  12. It's literally like 3/1. Not even close to half.
  13. Tigerstyle1986

    Report Feature

    I just hit the center button, go to find someone, manually enter their gamertag and submit it through Xbox itself.
  14. Tigerstyle1986

    Another video of Miramar rendering X1X

    I'm on the x1x and have never had that issue.