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    Auto scrolling - inventory

    If you press the triggers the list goes up and down 5(I believe) at a time.
  2. Tigerstyle1986

    Can’t drive vehicles

    If you have more than one controller connected, or have any dongle (like guitar hero) disconnect them.
  3. Tigerstyle1986

    Red Zone Should Be...

    No joke, but everyone I play with knows I'm cursed with the red zone. No matter what map or where we land/go the red zone will always land on me at least once per match. Been that way since launch. But it doesn't happen in the pts.
  4. Tigerstyle1986

    why dont we have more audio options

    I still use the chat adapter that was needed for the og Xbox one's controllers eventhough I have the new controllers with the jack. It allows me to quickly lower game volume while In cars to hear my teammates better and turn back up when needed. It's a workaround that's not perfect but works well for me.
  5. Tigerstyle1986

    Vehicle won't drive

    Do you have a USB dongle for guitar hero connected? That was my issue.
  6. Tigerstyle1986


    They had stated before that with the release of sanhok will be the map choice. But it's not in yet. As for how the maps are decided now it's random. Basically a coin flip. And with that you could get heads 9/10 times. Yes it sucks but there is hope in the future.
  7. Tigerstyle1986

    Post-hotfix gameplay

    Alright bud, make sure you post this under the bugs section so the devs can see the issue and others can collaborate.
  8. Tigerstyle1986

    Post-hotfix gameplay

    Do you have a second controller connected? Or a guitar hero USB dongle connected? Those can interfere.
  9. All of it is relative. Just get yourself something that you are comfortable with and practice. Also another thing I think really is the key to things is play with the mindset of wanting to do well BUT not caring if you don't. I used to be one of those Gamers that would rage all the time when I wasn't doing well and you have to understand some days it just isn't your day, some weeks aren't your weeks. So just remember in the background of your mind that it's just a game and do well when you can but don't let it get to you when things go bad. Your gaming and your health will thank you.
  10. Tigerstyle1986

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    I've had this bug since day one the game came out. Originally started on the OG Xbox one, now on the X One X. Anytime the controller dies disconnects from the cord I get the menu pop up on the screen, doesn't matter if it's menus or in game. Cannot dismiss the pop up no matter what. But I'm still in control in the game i e: I can still move around access in-game menus but the pop-up is still on screen and does not disappear unless I restart the game by closing it out and restarting. Everything I have ever done to try and get rid of it has not worked and the only workaround I have found is to make sure that my controller is charged before I start playing.
  11. Xbox one x. Physical connection for online. On the pts I can get in vehicles but I cannot drive anyone of them. I press down there right trigger and doesn't move it make anything work nether backwards nor forwards. Tried altering the controller settings but no luck. Base game i can no worries. But on PTS vehicles don't work on either map. Any others have this. Any fixes, suggestions? Thx
  12. Tigerstyle1986

    Controller keeps disconnecting

    Have you tried relocating your Xbox to a different spot? Or other things nearby that could be interfering with the connection link.
  13. Tigerstyle1986

    9.18gb update?×4

    2 buddies have it now. Me and another don't yet...weird.
  14. Tigerstyle1986

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    I've had this issue since day 1 of the game. Doesn't matter where, when or the circumstances of the disconnect. The only fix immediately I found effective is to reset the game, which obviously can be catastrophic in game. So the only thing I recommend, which I do is make sure either that the controller is plugged in charging while playing or make sure your controller is charged before playing.