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    9.18gb update?×4

    2 buddies have it now. Me and another don't yet...weird.
  2. Tigerstyle1986

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    I've had this issue since day 1 of the game. Doesn't matter where, when or the circumstances of the disconnect. The only fix immediately I found effective is to reset the game, which obviously can be catastrophic in game. So the only thing I recommend, which I do is make sure either that the controller is plugged in charging while playing or make sure your controller is charged before playing.
  3. Tigerstyle1986

    Dumb ways to die.

    Threw a Molotov, it got caught in some tree branches and rained fire on my ass.
  4. Tigerstyle1986

    Faster back pack scrolling

  5. Tigerstyle1986

    Has this ever happened to anyone...

    What mode was that in? And in for you others? I haven't experienced this ever..so far.
  6. Tigerstyle1986

    Dumbest Decision Ever Made In PUBG?

    Squad entered into a town, all doors closed. So I open a shed and hit start to open the menu to loot when BLAM! shot down by a guy hiding in it, must've hid when they heard our Jeep pulling up. Since I was in the menu I had no time to have any gun ready. Boo
  7. Tigerstyle1986

    Horrible performance after Patch 12?

    Only issue I came across so far was frame drops when tossing Molotov. Other than that I felt it was good. More playing later today see if things change then.
  8. Tigerstyle1986

    Xbox DVR question for others

    I just use OneDrive. Upload from Xbox, download or share from PC/phone. I found it a no-headache experience.
  9. Tigerstyle1986

    Newbie tips

    You are going to be very frustrated for the first X amount of games. One key to doing well besides making lots of mistakes and learning from them, is to learn to block out the nerves and remain calm. If you are calm and focused you'll make less stupid decisions turn bad situations in your favor while the other guy panics.
  10. Tigerstyle1986

    Xbox Controller Disconnection

    I posted about this before to no response. I was charging my controller but friends couldn't hear me while charging so I unplugged the charging cable and that happened. Had to restart the game to rid the message.
  11. Tigerstyle1986

    This bug MUST DIE NOW!

    Usually when something like this happens it's not just simple like changing a few lines of code. I'm pretty sure they have been working on this since it began. Just have patience, remember it's still only in preview it will take time.
  12. Tigerstyle1986

    How to post pics and vids off xbox account?

    You can use OneDrive. Install on Xbox and then on another device such as PC or smartphone (I'm sure Mac has it too), then upload clip to it on Xbox and download on device. *This is what I do
  13. You do realize the game is only in preview status on Xbox right now? They are constantly updating the game. I've seen full release games not run this well so take it for what it is right now.
  14. There are Target dots you can buy that are accurate, defined and are removable and won't harm screens
  15. No I won. The guy shooting got caught. I won without shooting any of the last 3