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  1. Beefyourjerky

    If the blue wall..

    https://sites.google.com/site/mypubgpage/home I told you all get some
  2. Beefyourjerky

    If the blue wall..

    hey bud this time use your calculator 3 thousand out of 3 million is 1% actually is less because its actual 30,000 here let me make it easy for you 1% * 3 million = 30 000
  3. Beefyourjerky

    If the blue wall..

    well first of all NA server's have highest leaderboard rankings of all servers and pros play TPP so I play TPP(no hit on shroud<3) and not only is my rank consistently in the 150 range but I have even hit 81 on leaderboard and yes I know I'm bragging but hey that's what I have put all this time into this broken game its all for bragging rights and also it doesn't matter what server I'm ranked in I'm still going to say world cause I'm easily in top 3000 out of 3,000,000 plus people do the math I'm in top 1%
  4. Beefyourjerky

    If the blue wall..

    He is right isn't the whole point for the circle to be unpredictable? How gay would it be if at the main menu it would say "military circle ending on southern coast" 😂😂😂 than everyone would just go sit there
  5. Beefyourjerky

    If the blue wall..

    I'm ranked 151 in the world at duos so when you playing I'm the guy who kills you before you can even think 🤔🤔🤔
  6. Beefyourjerky

    If the blue wall..

    Everyone is a snake on console they lay down or hide in bushes and don't shoot until they have to if the circle was slower this would be even worse the Xbox community is just a bunch of trolls
  7. Beefyourjerky

    Black outs and crashing

    Still waiting on that new patch you bum. It's been 2 weeks technically 3 because the last one just fixes what they broke do I need anymore proof? I got killed through walls and lagged out twice today oh thats right I'm ranked 158 in the world at duos probs be top 10 if I didn't get screwed by game
  8. Beefyourjerky

    Black outs and crashing

    Are you kidding??? pc gets weakly patches this game 3 weeks ago was inexcusable garbage it has gotten better but there is still so much bugs and glitches still going on its terrible
  9. Beefyourjerky

    Black outs and crashing

    NO??? I'm not going to be patient this game has been out for 2 months and I still crash and have tons of issues that are game essential issues like bullet registration issues this game is so inconsistent I refuse to be patient. This stuff should be fixed by now so why haven't they???
  10. Beefyourjerky

    Smooth as silk !!!

    you call yourself a bush ninja??? you are a snake who cant play the game right so you have to sit in bushes till the final circle than someone like me comes along who is good and fills you with lead till you look like Swiss cheese and I have 45 wins cause I don't snake in the bushes
  11. Beefyourjerky

    Patch 7 ruined this game

    have you guys not been in a game where its the second to last circle and there is 5 people driving around in cars??? and now you don't die from those bums who cant play the game right idk what you guys are complaining about they tune the game to whatever the mass majority of Xbox users want and you guys are not the mass majority so stop complaining and adapt.
  12. Beefyourjerky

    Game crash: Megathread

    hey bluehole, if I had a dollar for everytime I had a lag out/game crash I would buy bluehole and fix what you morons cant and than I would sell this piece of crap for 15$ because that's what it worth #writemeup #atleastyoureadit
  13. I have played 6 games tonight and crashed in 3 of them and died each time. ITS RIDICULUOS why is this still happening? how many updates have we had for this issue??? This is essential to the game its not like an issue like where we cant pick things up. NO we cant even play the game without it kicking us out. As I'm writing this my buddy just lagged out and died.
  14. Grenades 6 out of 10 times bounce off the window and break the glass instead of going right through the window and exploding killing the 2 snakes hiding in the shack in the middle of the circle it pisses me off and I know people die from this is it are grenades suppose to bounce off windows?