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  1. Reezy86

    Patch 11 PTS note are up

    I get why but NA server only boo
  2. Reezy86

    Oct 4-7 Xbox Event Mode

    Even with comp, stock, grip and ext quik??
  3. Game mode type events like war mode "Desert Knights" or Community events like the headshot one?
  4. Reezy86

    I’d still pay for PUBG2

    I legit would buy a full priced PUBG2....as long as it comes with AAA performance. Will there be bugs, yes but that's what patches are for. Current PUBG's port has been a labour to get it where it is now. If pubg corp got current game performing better, with a few more maps, cosmetic items and events here and there, I wouldn't mind playing it till they released 2...
  5. Reezy86

    COD vs. PUBG

    They need to fix the FPS....
  6. Reezy86


    We don't mind waiting, but at least give us a date, and not a vague timeline....
  7. Granted, but how long till they fix the game..it's reaching that point where core players are starting to lose interest. Even playing FIFA and Madden again now
  8. The idea is great...but we prefer better fps. Gone a week without playing like I used to everyday after work. Bad fps literally hurting my eyes - nothing to do with the 'brightness'
  9. Reezy86

    Hot spots on Miramar

    Dropped Hacienda the other day in duos and there was only one other person there.....
  10. Reezy86

    Holy Christ

    They need to fix the FPS man...my eyes hurt after less than an hour of playing..and that's not because of the 'brightness'. It's especially bad on sanhok
  11. Not an expert but from personal experience they have helped with sens. Accuracy as well yes
  12. Anything lower and I get stick drift
  13. Probability of hitting is already there....it’s called potato. I use this feature everyday without fail
  14. Finally got to try war mode last night. One thing that I did notice was that it automatically switches to na even tho my region is Eu. Realized this when I kept getting into matches with the good old folks across the pond. Don’t mind playing with them but ping is an issue
  15. It’s there under team management. Press hold start and select. You can mute anyone from the squad