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  1. Reezy86

    Pts is great, but...

    I get that. But thinking you’ve made it into cover but haven’t grates
  2. Reezy86

    Pts is great, but...

    getting shot around corners isn’t. Please devs open up option to play in other regions other than NA. Thanks
  3. Reezy86


    in as much as the dynamic weather is cool, i think it being frequent would start being annoying. I think the frequency of it now is fine
  4. Reezy86

    Duo (2 Man) Squad

    Yeah - 2 man squad
  5. Reezy86

    Finally got to play PTS

    sweet thanks
  6. Reezy86

    Finally got to play PTS

    how big is the hotfix?
  7. Reezy86


    I always fresh install, even with updates on live
  8. Reezy86


    The mini heart attacks...it's just a game but they are real
  9. Just played a solo and got killed by a teamer. Got vid evidence and messages from the guy admitting it. Kill me one v one I’ll take it. Kill me cus you’re teaming nah
  10. They are working (apart from duos) but so many people left FPP when it was down for TPP and a lot just haven't bothered coming back. You can tell it's a core amount playing FPP as you keep bumping into the same people especially on solos
  11. Reezy86

    Hotfix drop times?

    Apart from the UMP bug, I and my buddies are enjoying the current weapon balance. Makes a whole lot more guns viable than just running double AR all the time. Heck, even the AK is decent now albeit no nerf was done to it (I stand corrected on the AK)
  12. Reezy86

    Hotfix drop times?

    Looks like another 11gb update boys. Might as well fresh install. Make sure to screenshot your settings if you do
  13. Reezy86

    Shot guns need to be nurfed

    Needs a buff if anything. Only really viable at beginning of the game. And yes, if you have zero armor on you will get one tapped from across a building
  14. Not playing because of stats? These are the same people that tell you how many black ices they have in siege......No one cares
  15. Reezy86

    Picking up loot

    more often than not I bring up the inventory when looting in case I miss something