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  1. Reezy86

    So they cancelled the June 26th patch?

    Anyone know how big the hotfix is? Thanks
  2. Usually try get some sort of revenge and either die trying or back out
  3. Reezy86

    What is analogue movement?

    is it not the movement on a keyboard with AWSD versus the 360 degree movement you get with an analog stick on controller?
  4. I've always thought it's a d**k move to finish someone that's downed, but they can still give callouts to their team mates. So I finish them now
  5. Reezy86

    Sound: Spectating VS Playing

    Looks like we got a bug! And it's a major one....do I still get bug bounty reward.....?
  6. Reezy86


    Does this sight work under the assumption that you have your automatic clip uploads on?
  7. The other night I was last man alive from my squad with my buddy spectating, 3 Teams left and I was rushed by two guys. My buddy heard the footsteps before me and by the time I heard them and reacted it was too late and they rekt me. Similarly, when spectating my buddy I hear footsteps and stuff before him. Is this a bug where spectator somehow hears sound before the actual person playing. This anomaly has happened on a few occasions. Anyone else experienced this?
  8. SSD helps with loading and rendering times. My buddies on the OG got SSDs and they load quicker than me on an S with external HDD
  9. My buddy 9/10 will crash. I crash maybe 2/10
  10. Reezy86

    Come on M4

    I don't like the M4, prefer Scar....I always drop the M4 for scar
  11. Crash meta till the 26th - my buddies and I even rotate driving now depending on who has just crashed. One buddy doesn't drive anymore because guaranteed he will crash
  12. Throwing in one direction but projectile, especially grenades, going in another is a big problem. I don’t mind the arch not showing but boy they need to go where you throw them!
  13. Reezy86

    Landing with me yet invisible

    Yep. Definitely been happening for a while. Drop somewhere and think all’s clear then boom round the corner you meet up with someone. I’ve just gotten into the habit of not assuming it’s clear when it seems clear
  14. Deffo done my fair share of ubering...needless to say 0 stars