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  1. JennRal

    so up and down...help

    I think that is a common experience. I have chalked it up to desync being worse some days than others. I have a video clip where I was shot by a shotgun, yet the dudes back was to me. I find if I occasionally completely close the game and restart it, it helps.
  2. Oh man. Thanks. I’ll fix it. Edit: Nevermind, no option to edit original post.
  3. Thanks. So weird. I’ve played a dozen games, or so, and no Miramar. 😂 I get so sick of Erangel. I like when it is mixed up.
  4. Been playing for a few hours (solos & duos, NA server) and have not played Miramar a single time.
  5. Ditto. Additionally, there have been a few times my teammates or I will drop an item for each other, and it will completely disappear.
  6. JennRal

    Markers indistinguishable

    Agreed. I have mistaken markers for my teammates several times.
  7. JennRal

    Enemy players not showing while parachuting

    Yep. My crew has had this issue for a long time on both servers. It has gotten better over time, but still happens.
  8. I noticed this, too. The game looks way better in the PTS than the regular. Colors and contrast are much better, almost as if I had turn HDR on. (I have HDR turned off for PUBG.)