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  1. JennRal


    I had the same thing as your first video happen in the same arena.
  2. Parachuted into the stadium in El Pozo. Walked through the wall, when intending to climb it, and fell underneath the concrete “bowl.” I was trapped and could not get back out. Video: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjJm5Iz6CDb2hFkDIpqqLhfPx-eM Solo, TPP, One X
  3. JennRal

    Not seeing everyone dropping/parachutes

    We have experienced this on both the regular, and the test servers. I think I read invisible players are a known issue in the regular server.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug, or intentional. -Near full health with a Level 3 helmet & slightly damaged Level 2 vest. -Inside a wooden shack with closed door. -Frag explodes outside of closed door, and instantly kills me. (I expect some damage, but zero protection from the building seems extreme.) https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjJm5Iz6CDb2hFWcplHkVOcu6F-X
  5. JennRal

    Player rendering

    Bumping this thread because it is a big issue, IMO. I pan around the entire way down, seeing no chutes drop with me, only to be shot in the first building I go into. Teammates have experienced the same issue.
  6. I’ve been shotgunned through concrete walls, myself.
  7. JennRal

    More vehicle types

    A bicycle would be awesome, both single and tandem. Instead if making tandem bicycles, attach a kiddie seat to the back for someone to squeeze into, or even a kid bike trailer. I can picture it now....riding through Pochinki, firing my M4 out of a bike trailer. 😆
  8. This has happened a few times, so I’m reporting it as a bug. Here is a video. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjJm5Iz6CDb2g3vANTCWurcoFNvd (final blow was through the wall)
  9. Ditto. My team and I have noticed the same thing over the last few weeks. I originally thought it was a rendering issue, but I upgraded to the One X about 10 days ago and the issue still exists.
  10. JennRal

    Pop smoke when knocked

    You have your preference, I have mine. I realize you'd already be dead in solo. I prefer team play, and something small that could possibly increase the time to react as a team would be fun. LOL See, it would be fun. Smoke could definitely work against a team, too. It's not like I'm suggesting to be able to hold a frag and become a suicide bomber while knocked.
  11. JennRal

    Pop smoke when knocked

    The guy shoots you with the S686 and knocks you. He has to reload, giving you time to pop smoke. The smoke cover could buy you enough time for your team to respond. Chances are still high you will end up dying, but it gives you a little bit more of a chance in the right situation. In other situations, it is common to crawl into a doorway or around the corner in a firefight. Crawling into some smoke cover could buy you an extra few seconds in that situation as well.
  12. JennRal

    Pop smoke when knocked

    Sure, that is one tactic, but often times your teammates are not right there to do so. Most people do not have their entire squad go into one house while looting. There have been more than a few times I have walked into a seemingly unlooted house, only to find a guy crouched in the corner of a bathroom with a shotgun who knocks you and then kills you within 10 seconds before a teammate in the house next door can respond. I know the community is pretty split on whether or not you should be able to do anything while you are down. I'm a fan of having some sort of minimum capability, such as popping smoke.
  13. JennRal

    Get rid of shirts and pants in loots

    Agreed. The clothes we drop into the game with are just fine. The clothes on the floor just get annoyingly in the way. A couple weeks ago, I opened three crates in a row. Every one was the exact same item. I would love to see a couple more ghillie suits in the game. Still keep them rare, but not as rare as they are now. Maybe instead of laying around inside of a house, have them laying in random places out in the middle of the grass. It would take some luck to find one, but would be fun.
  14. I believe it would add an interesting element to be able to throw a smoke grenade, if you have one, when you are knocked. I know it is controversial whether or not you should be allowed to use a pistol after you are knocked. A smoke grenade would cause no damage to the other team, and would add another layer of tactics to a gun fight.
  15. This has happened a few times since Update 9. I am 100% sure I have picked an item up, but it is not there when I go to equip it from my inventory later on. In one case, I was going through a building with a Level 3 backpack, picking up almost all attachments in sight to drop for my team. When we rendezvoused, I opened my inventory and no attachments were there. Last night, my husband was playing on a different Xbox, had this happen to him, too. I figured it was worth mentioning, in case others have noticed this occurring. The first time it happened, I thought perhaps I had made a mistake, but it has happened a few times now.