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  1. Improving Gameplay

    Any truth to this?
  2. Sticky aim?

    aww..thanks for ?
  3. Sticky aim?

    Seems...when I use the RB right joystick to pan/look around while running etc..sometimes gets stuck in one position and my crosshairs in another. I have to put weapons away, go prone etc..jump etc..to get crosshairs to work correctly for aiming. Its like Im running one way and looking another? I had to actually try to run backwards at one point to try to get inside the circle..wondering if its just me or ? Im using an elite controller as well and wondering if it would be that? Thanks for any advice/help
  4. I can chew gum and snap my fingers at the same time and cant even walk to ..at the sametime and my mom says im special do i qualify?
  5. Welp, its here...

    Good luck with it dude..be sure to post your findings of whether it was worth it or not
  6. So..last half dozen games cant say have been my best Every gun fun I get into and the bad guy has an ump 9 im dead.. like 1 bullet shot from my gun..dead? Im not horrible but not the best either...but the ump has been lighting me up latley!?? Is it possible its THE gun for m&k users? I mean the fire fights i get into against it...Im dead within seconds I can be behind cover..shooting out 2nd floor window..hidden in the tall grass etc...boom "You were killed by so and so with the ump9"
  7. For the love of motorbikes...

    Yesterday was the same exact experience for me!!?? I could not do anything right
  8. Share your longest snipe

    270 with the DP28 !
  9. UMP Broken?

    Ya..that freakin gun I cant seem to kill anyone with it..yet, today I was killed 3 times by it at close and long range Also..that match making system is killing me. First 5 games in solo swear I saw rambo at one point, everytime I shot my gun I died first.. Im horrible
  10. Squad kills, who loots?

    Yup..i totally lost it one game and had to sign off.. He just kept jumping on every crate to loot, following me or someone else in the same house when there was 5 other houses to loot..meanwhile he has a scar and m16,4x scope,red dot,lvl 3 helmet ,vest etc.. I killed a peep, he immediately jumped in to loot and i told him to back off, meanwhile he just kept looting, what exactly I dont know, soo, my over/under shotti accidentally went off to his head Our group of older peeps average age is 40+ ,we game during the winter...we have all known each other a longtime,married etc.. He is still abit green with this game yet is coming around and less bullets are needed
  11. Squad kills, who loots?

    We got one peep who we reference "da jEw" ..he waits in cover during fire fights then runs in to loot after me/we(not "da jEw") gets the kill.. Sooo..accidentally, he gets shot every once in awhile
  12. Patch 10 - Audio changes

    Havent played yet..but I actually posted in the bugs section about the "white noise" and never even got a reply , that woulb be awesome if everything you mentioned that was fixed...was actually fixed