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  1. The new map was added..playing with Elite controller Soft aim is not accurate anymore for me.. Any help is appreciated
  2. Much needed to say the least. Last night was HORRENDOUS !! I crashed multiple times..AGAIN in one match Even froze/crashed while parachuting..AND then in a battle with final guy!!!???
  3. Misl3ad

    PTS horrible this time or just me?

    Thanks guys..hoping it might have been just me until.. My whole squad crashed multiple times at various times in one match!!?? It is horrendous!
  4. Ive crashed multiple times..experienced allot of lag and still having lobby issues when trying to join peeps squads Anyone else ?
  5. Misl3ad

    How to proceed in final circles?

    With caution.
  6. Misl3ad

    oh ooo...cod bo4 battle royal

  7. Misl3ad

    M16 burst firing issues

    Last night I had my m16 go off when trying to revive a teammate!!?? I kept pressing the x over and over as bad guys were coming...Yes, I team killed my bud.
  8. Misl3ad

    PTS..crash..BOOM..bAnG !?

    Sharing is caring! Anyone else crash while driving? I know this happens on the other map/server but I dont remember crashing before on the PTS until yesterday..
  9. Quit afew crashes..disconnects and l@g. ANyone else or was it just on me and my peeps end? We had a squad match crash with 11 peeps left, I was driving the vehicle and game crashes!!?? Squad match with the final 5 being us(3 of us and 2 bad guys)..one of my peeps get knocked..next peep is killed and then Im rounding corner 2 bad guys in front of me, I knock one and starting to hit next guy when game crashes!!?? Noooooo ..I could smell the hot oil and flavorful chicken
  10. Had that crap happen to me..guy on motorcycle rams me jeep and I flip, he drives away only to come back and kill me because my jeep is now upside down. StUpId.
  11. DITTO ABOVE.. Lobby glitch still present as well..cant check up, have to sign out/quit game and back on when trying to squad up
  12. Misl3ad

    Sooo..Miramar is done?

    Basically same crap that was happening to us.. thanks for sharing
  13. Misl3ad

    Sooo..Miramar is done?

    Im with ya bud 😕