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  1. Armastadt

    Rolling updates

    Seems like a no brainer doesn't it. It's almost like they *don't* work in IT.
  2. Well he better get on it, or he's not getting paid.
  3. At least mow it down by a few inches, that way it's not poking me in the eye when I prone.
  4. And that's what a reputation system does, over time, through many games. Does this person constantly quit prematurely? Does this person get reported for toxic behavior? For not being a team player? For abusing comms? Right now, there is no way to even give feed back regarding those players. A lot of the time it's just a troll game for someone, and not something they do consistently, but for a small minority of players these kinds of behaviors need to be corrected because they affect other people's game play. There is a difference in solos and duos/squads as to the overall impacts.
  5. Thinking you need some punctuation in there somewhere. What's a "fundamentally unpopular idea"? Punishing queue dodging or a reputation system? Sorry, but carrots and sticks work in shaping behavior: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/mind-games/201301/modifying-player-behavior-in-league-legends-honor I listed examples of toxic behaviors, they are behaviors that don't contribute (specifically) to team play (none of this matters in solos anyway). So if you're talking about behaviors that ruin solos, then queue dodging is potentially one of those. And certain games choose to shape people's behavior accordingly. When match making is time consuming and/or otherwise expensive, and someone queue dodges, it should be punished to deter the behavior. In PUBG, right now, probably not so much. You drop with 100 people, which is not different than 98 or maybe even 92, and 1/3 to 1/2 of those die in the first 5 minutes because hot drops. Luckily for now, there's a big enough player pool that queue dodging because you don't like Miramar doesn't matter too much. If people enjoy a game but do bad things, they will either conform so they can play the game they enjoy or they will quit playing because they don't want to change their behavior to be part of a community. And in some cases it's better they quit so that everyone else has a better experience. Again, none of this really matters in solo queue anyway, since other than quitting the game early, dodging queue, or explicitly cheating there's not a lot of behavior to govern. The only other thing that could be considered toxic is some sort of player abuse (but there's no in game chat, and voice comms can be muted). Mic abuse in duos/squads should be punished via a reputation system.
  6. Armastadt


    First, I don't condone what Shroud did, but I understand completely why he might do something like that with a WTF attitude. It all stems from the way BH/PUBG seemingly treats the player base of this game in not addressing what we see/feel should be the priorities. We continually hear, "We're addressing cheats", "we're focused on performance" from BH, and the punchline is "right after we release the next locked crate". In Shroud's hopping in the bus, we have a big spotlight pointing to yet another glaring example of someone successfully using cheats in game and BH is completely impotent in addressing the issue. Where is this anti-cheat technology BH/PBUG is working on? Doesn't seem like it exists. It can't even seemingly catch something obvious as flying cars and buses. How freaking hard is it to do some basic sanity checking on a vehicle's speed, direction, and altitude? Jeez, make it simple and let's just bounds check one of those for starters like velocity or altitude. How hard is it to have a few people on staff watching your most important streamers and insta-banning an obvious cheater like that. Couple that with crappy performance, and you have a recipe for people not giving a ..... about your rules. Not making excuses, just saying it is quite understandable. What Shroud did was an embarassment for BH/PUBG (and it should be) and Shroud may actually have done us all a great service by punching them in the face. Nothing like a streamer exposing your poorly functioning game and your pathetic anti-cheat measures to the world in real-time to get a company to focus development on what's important. Sometimes companies need to get a black-eye, and these days the popular streamers have the power to shake things up. The outcry from streamers and the community this past week over the dsync issues that lasted for days and the Shroud incident lit a fire under someone's butt.
  7. You need both, but rewarding good behavior is key. There is no incentive to play better as a duo or squad. Geez you can't even really report people for TK'ing. What they need to incorporate at some point is a reputation system that you can reward team mates for good behavior and team play (good support, good comms, good leadership), and report for toxic behaviors (quiting, AFK, lone wolfing). Then match those things with game rewards as an acknowledgement and promote achievement.
  8. Armastadt


    What I hope this means is: a) They finally understand the level of frustration and disgruntlement within the player base. b) They've looked at the declining numbers of regular players and woke up to the fact that other games just simply play better from a user perspective. c) They finally realize game play is key, and that they are only one AAA release away from players leaving for something better. d) They are going to readjust their internal priorities from pushing out the crap that was on their previously planned release schedule, and concentrate on fundamental improvements like performance and how the game plays for the near term. e) They understand that pushing out new stuff doesn't mean squat if people aren't going to stick around to play because they get matched with high ping players, die behind corners and cover, or feel like their shots are not registering properly. f) They understand people can only stand being milked so much, before it gets to be a joke and a major irritant, specially when priority seems to be strictly monetization and not game play.
  9. Ah, you switch it back to full cores when you get back to the lobby. No one has said to play the game on a single core. It's a work around to be able to actually get in game without crashing.
  10. Well, if that's true, we know they get rebooted at least every couple of weeks then. Probably should cycle them every night, though.
  11. That's a sign of network congestion. Unless you were out in the boondocks somewhere using satellite. Were you dropping packets too?
  12. Then do it manually and shut up. Just trying to make your life easier, so you can play the game with less hassle. But you do you.
  13. Armastadt

    Stream sniping

    If you're relying on that as a streamer, you're going to be dead more often than not. No way this is practical in a game, and all of the streamers worth watching already have a better game sense and ability to locate enemies than any spectator. The most they can do reasonably is point out loot that was missed, and that only because there is no action going on and the streamer can divert attention.
  14. Just restart your lobby. It should fix it.
  15. Unlike us Americans, the Euros seem to pick up multiple languages including English.