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  1. Quite like the idea of shooting down a flying car with a DP28......
  2. Serious question.....how do you know if every round hits you? Are you counting the rounds? if so are you sure the muzzle flash and the sounds are actually mapped 1 to 1 with the 'virtual' bullets?
  3. Not sure a shooting range is the best option for you. What i did to start was drop a long way from anyone (i.e. a long way from plane drop) loot and spend some time shooting walls, leaning, etc with various weapons to get a handle on the recoil and snap shooting. It made a big difference. A static shooting range may not be so helpful against moving targets? Or...as many have done, spend a few days committed to dropping in hot zones and learn through a baptism of fire. Another thing i found helpful was to play 1 man squads...because it meant when i engaged i was normally against 4 players which meant a steep learning curve.
  4. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    LOL great reply. Gave me a big smile.
  5. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    OK. I crumble beneath your logic. You win.....the game is rubbish and we have all been cheated. Now i am off to do some gardening
  6. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    You don't need to accept it. I just think moaning endlessly about it is a waste of time. And like i said...don't make exaggerated claims. Every decision in life is based on a calculation of value...if you get so upset about something as small as a 30 bucks computer game i pity you
  7. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    You are right. you didn't say computer games...you said 'considering i play a lot of free games and have hundreds of thousands of hours in them'...whatever the format i still don't believe you and my point is valid. You obscure your genuine grievance (which i have some but little sympathy with) behind wildly exaggerated figures. How many hours do you have really in PUBG? I am willing to bet it's more than 60......so you are moaning about the entertainment value of something that cost you less than 50 cents per hour. Go out into the real world and find anything that you feel driven to do for 60 hours that costs less than 30 bucks.......you won't find it. For me this is misplaced entitlement pure and simple. If we had to pay a daily or monthly fee i would be shouting right along side you. But it's 30 bucks man!
  8. Hey pal. Good on you for your post about the haters. Could do with more positive people on the forums. What's your game name?

    1. Sushant chowdary

      Sushant chowdary

      Thank you so much but I am Sorry, I can't provide my game name...I don't want to get into unwanted hustle...

    2. Hræfn_rising


      No worries. Completely understand. I am Llyndawr in game if you fancy a duo.


  9. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    Sorry I have to call you on this one. Hundreds of thousands of hours? If you played 20 hours per day for a whole year that would be only 7300 hours. So if you have 200,000 hours played that means you have spent 27 solid years of your life playing computer games.....not including sleeping. I call BS. I am not questioning your right to be frustrated or even angry...thats up to you. But don't artificially pad your point with made up numbers or exaggerations. It just lowers the credibility of your position.
  10. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    Never encountered such a toxic forum as this one...and not just this particular thread. Amazing how so many people seem unwilling accept any point of view different from their own. From my side i don't pretend the game is perfect...but have enjoyed almost every one of my 960 hours playing and will continue to do so. I choose to believe the developers are doing their best and have good intentions even if the delivery is far from ideal. And if they have the intention only of making money? Then frankly good luck to them. No one forced me to buy the game or continue playing it. I have got more than 30 dollars of fun for sure. When and if i get bored or the frustration overcomes the enjoyment i will simply stop playing. Until then...look me up on the field of glory if you want a duo or squad. IGN Llyndawr.
  11. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    Well the adults among us will be happy he gave his point of view without resorting to petty insults.
  12. Hræfn_rising

    Haters everywhere..!!

    Nothing stupid about it. He is giving his opinion about a game for christsakes. Nothing to do with cancer.
  13. I agree with you up to a point. But I have 960 odd hours in the game now and whilst a casual gamer i have seen and reported enough cheaters to know what they look like in game. Granted there may be subtle cheats i don't spot but my belief, based on my experience is that the problem is much much better than before. For me the change came about with the introduction of ping-based matchmaking. Even you are saying it's gone from 1 per game to 1 per day? "When someone knows your exact location from 1-2km away and you haven't even fired a shot but they start aiming at you through a wall and pre-fire just before you come into view". I would agree that is cheating. But lack of recoil and lagging aim point on a replay or death cam is not proof of cheating. I find it instructive and helpful to review the whole replay (as much as possible) of the person is suspect and see the general pattern of their play. Most folks I have reported have been because they seem to know where everyone is and engaing without line of sight. Now off to find a book on semantics to argue about
  14. Amen to the above. I love the fact that PUBG supports a variety of styles. Although the Run & Gun Jockeys think the game should be all about them like any other PoS shooter. The answer is to adapt your style to the circumstances....if that's ambush great. if it's rambo running great. Just don't have the millennial arrogance to tell other people how they should play. The only rule is...respect the rules and don;t cheat.
  15. Hræfn_rising

    Perception VS Reality

    We will just agree to disagree on the need for it. I remember being given a passage of Shakespeare in Eng Lit classes and being told to highlight any extraneous words that didn't add any meaning to the text.....couldn't find any. Now whiles this is a PUBG forum and mentioning Shakespeare may be irrelevant...it explains my OCD obsession with it. Maybe my problem not yours...