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  1. notsoez305

    💦Sweaty hands? SOLVED💦

    I apply it sometimes once a day or every other day I play different times throughout the day and you only need about the size of a pea to use it will last a while I haven't gone through a tube yet
  2. question if the region lock cant people still use vpns?
  3. notsoez305

    Anyone getting not achievements

    I unlocked a few today it scared the hell out of me I it popped up while I was in a fight
  4. notsoez305

    1-man squad on sanhok

    I would like a 1 v duo mode
  5. notsoez305

    💦Sweaty hands? SOLVED💦

    I bought gamers grip it works for me
  6. notsoez305

    Sanhok runs like a dream.

    played first game on new map ran smooth hella loot got 4th place with 6 kills
  7. notsoez305

    Sanhok runs like a dream.

    not being negative I hope its all running smooth
  8. notsoez305

    Sanhok runs like a dream.

    might be smooth due to low players on right now
  9. notsoez305


    also remove 4x and 6x from smgs and fix light weight grip on smgs also
  10. notsoez305


    also remove mk14 auto fire rate
  11. notsoez305


    sks fire rate needs to be nerfed or increase recoil
  12. ok just played first game hot dropped hacenanda didn't spell that right but buildings were clay until I hit the ground then they were fine im on a x no external drive tried to record it but due to fighting I didn't get the begaining in the two min clip so I deleted it
  13. really looks like the guy he shot with the vest took that first hit and killed him so the vest saved him
  14. u lost that fight because you didn't have a vest on