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  1. tpp to easy

    I understand that I like the action landing where everyone is and killing them like landing school if I get the win fine im not gonna snake in the grass at the end or play passive not my style
  2. tpp to easy

    what do you mean I just push menu button. see how I was shot behind a wall lol happens all the time
  3. tpp to easy

    their was suppose to be a ? after the title sorry for not being perfect .......................................................
  4. tpp to easy

    yup ive even reported two of them but they still playing that was about a month ago
  5. tpp to easy

    thanks for the laugh
  6. tpp to easy

    first ive always had two accounts. second I never said I was a boss or good or even brag like I said before I made the post for people who do not or have not gotten solo wins
  7. tpp to easy

    lol if I could play with keyboard id be on pc buddy I don't even have an elite controller just a reg x controller im against all xim users im waiting for them to get banned
  8. tpp to easy

    look buddy I didn't say I was good all I did was play 4 games of course my ranking is gonna be high like I said I play solo fpp I was top 100 few days ago I posted this for people who don't have wins or have a hard time getting wins it would be easier for them to go play some tpp I don't like tpp I much prefer fpp its more challenging
  9. tpp to easy

    I have that site I was 30th before I started this account and haven't been on it since
  10. tpp to easy

    i'll keep playing and see how it goes
  11. tpp to easy

    oh I mostly only play solo
  12. tpp to easy

    this is my second account that I was suppose to take seriously on fpp solo which is all I play but I started just going for kills or playing to aggressive instead of trying to go for wins when they reset us I will go for leaderboard wins on one account and the other just for kills like now
  13. tpp to easy

    whats your rank I only played 4 games
  14. tpp to easy

    not bragging sweet heart im just saying for people who say they cant win or have a hard time they can play tpp its way easier its only 4 games I played
  15. tpp to easy

    played 4 games first one 13 kills 3rd place 2 game about 12 kills 2nd place 3rd game died at the start while picking up a guy this was the 4th game got two supply drops a gorza first one bridge camped killed 11 people 2nd supply drop awm almost died getting it forgot to sort through inventory before going to it and took to long someone came up by the side but I got him. what im gonna do is play a game or two of tpp to warm up then go back to fpp where their good players a lot of people on tpp have no clue where you are when shooting them. oh and I thought he was at the tree not use to using tpp to see people and the spot he was I had just killed a guy whos body was hanging on the block. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/SuKfAiLuReFrEaK/video/46022748