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  1. that's happen to me twice cant move
  2. its like that on pc so I would assume its the same on xbox
  3. notsoez305

    Gunfights, what's the secret?

    are you changing your senseitivity often if yes that's a problem. do you have clips of you shooting is your aim off is you sen to high.
  4. notsoez305

    8x sensitivity

    can you change it when I zoom it to a 4 its dirt slow even on 10 but when I zoop out its fast and if its suppose to be like a 4x sense its not cause mines is on 7 and it feels way fast then the 8x zoomed out
  5. anyone else getting long wait times in match making highest so far is 11+ min
  6. notsoez305

    stat reset

    I like an overall stats and a stat reset every 30 days or something like a season
  7. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sukfailurefreak/video/50917673
  8. notsoez305

    stat reset

    anyone else think we should get a stat reset or the option too before next patch is live meaning mirmar on the 24th
  9. notsoez305


    yeah lots of lag but when I died no name popped up nothing
  10. notsoez305


    what is this http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sukfailurefreak/video/48436954
  11. notsoez305

    Disable mouse and keyboard

    when I get killed or out played I capture the clip so I can look up their name 95% of the time they are bad players low solo wins which is what I play or have .85 kd stuff like that im rank under 1k fpp na I have 2.6 kd the other day I was killed like 11th or something did my checking up on the guy it was his 2nd solo match don't even know how he was in my lobby maybe match making doesn't work right but back to m&k the way I tell if they have it is how they loot that fast side to side motion I don't see it often but I do see it controller plays mostly do circles while looting but shroud loots in circles also so we cant really tell
  12. notsoez305


    just noticed my cable from the modem to the xbox is cat 5 do you think it would change my ping if I went cat 6?
  13. notsoez305


    do you have Comcast modem? wonder if I should add a better one
  14. notsoez305


    whats a good number to be around?i am hard wired