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  1. Strungoutkilla

    Team Deathmatch Mode

    Shroud was playing this today.
  2. Strungoutkilla

    PC Streamers we like to watch (Poll)

    Ashek, p4wnyhof, vissgames, and BreaK, are some that aren't listed that I watch. I watch the majority of that list. I don't bother much with big streamers just cause chat is ridiculous. I support the smaller streamers. Plus they usually respond to chat much better than doc or shroud.
  3. Strungoutkilla

    Console Crash?

    What do you expect? Its the worse developed game to hit console...... They're just lucky there's no other realistic BR game for console out. No one would play this. Might as well sit back and wait for mavericks proving grounds. They at least know what they're doing when it comes to coding.
  4. If you press x too many times more than likely you will enter the car/boat and immediately be ejected back out. Its very frustrating when you're trying to get into a vehicle quickly while under fire when this happens.
  5. Strungoutkilla

    New Bug? Anyone else seen this?

    Happened to me when I first landed I didn't crash before though. I posted video of it. You can see me twitching like I'm Rubberbanding but not moving fast.
  6. I tried fish tailing this bike but of course the bike is too fast to outrun, plus he was meeting up with his team I believe.
  7. Strungoutkilla

    Stuck in military cages

    It was rendered thats the problem. I got TK then revived and when I got up to walk away I got stuck on the cage. Its a glitch.
  8. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/StrungOutKilla/video/46413140 Seriously this game is ridiculous. I land and can't even walk normal speed, nor can I run. As you can see its just a never ending rubber band yet dude just casually walks up and kills me.
  9. Strungoutkilla

    Stuck in military cages

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/StrungOutKilla/video/46405628 So much fun getting stuck in random shit!
  10. Just got stuck in an already rendered cage on mil base simply cause I was crouch walking next to it. Ill upload video when its done uploading. This game is getting ridiculous with the amount of deaths caused by the game and not a player. My teammate even downed me but I couldnt get unstuck. Great game BLUEHOLE...... Smh.
  11. Its not a bug. If you look you'll see the button has been changed to A for equiping armor, clothes and weapons. This allows you to spam X button without swapping out clothes, your weapon, or armor. This with the fast scroll with the triggers allows you to pick up items quick. Just have to remember from now on A button is to equip clothing, armor, and weapons.
  12. Strungoutkilla

    New patch info to be shared this evening

    Pathetic we get more info on updates from members rather than devs. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Strungoutkilla

    Player damage when hit by vehicles

    I don't think that even will kill you. Pretty sure we hit a guy going that fast one game and he didn't die. Almost positive you can't be run over in one hit now. You need to run em over twice or more.
  14. Strungoutkilla

    Option to disable auto lean to left

    I mean it will make you lean left if you were previously leaning that way even after not aiming anymore. You have to manually reset the left lean so youre not stuck leaning left next time you engage someone. So use LB or over shoulder aim (in TPP mode preset B aka hold LT to aim) then click left stick to lean left. Now let go of LB and try using LB again. You will be leaning left. It will not do that when you lean right. You reset to normal after releasing LB aim (over shoulder).
  15. Its super annoying that the left lean doesn't reset. If i want to lean I WILL CLICK LEAN MYSELF I dont need it to automatically go back to the last lean I was doing. It should always go to the right after reset.