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  1. Option to disable auto lean to left

    I mean it will make you lean left if you were previously leaning that way even after not aiming anymore. You have to manually reset the left lean so youre not stuck leaning left next time you engage someone. So use LB or over shoulder aim (in TPP mode preset B aka hold LT to aim) then click left stick to lean left. Now let go of LB and try using LB again. You will be leaning left. It will not do that when you lean right. You reset to normal after releasing LB aim (over shoulder).
  2. Option to disable auto lean to left

    Its super annoying that the left lean doesn't reset. If i want to lean I WILL CLICK LEAN MYSELF I dont need it to automatically go back to the last lean I was doing. It should always go to the right after reset.
  3. Welp, its here...

    "Its a bold strategy cotton lets see if it pays out for em" I have 2 friends who use this exact device. Another one might I just never asked, I just know he uses a mk. I'm more curious about this other controller mod that they have that apparently gives a no recoil mod within the device. I'm not even gonna bother saying what the device is just that its very easily attainable if it works. I havent seen pubg used with it yet. Curious to see if it works. Cause if it does I bet people use this that's making people say others are cheating using mk. No recoil and you're hit 10 times with an m4 spray at range within a split second.
  4. New 2x scope

    Pretty sure they adjusted the guns size on your screen when in FPP view. The scar and m4 are significantly smaller now. Something they did on pc recently so I wouldn't necessarily say a long time. Example the jet ski. No word of it just popped up.
  5. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    So much lag now. Had a game where everyone was teleporting everywhere. No network lag indicator or anything just horrible lag. BUT I haven't crashed yet... Bittersweet I suppose.
  6. Suggestion for quick switch sights/scopes

    Yea I always make them thinner looking except the red dot. It gets way too small when you go as far as you can.
  7. Suggestion for quick switch sights/scopes

    The only reason you strafe is because you're front and back motion is linked to your reticle brightness. Its not actually for strafing.
  8. Suggestion for quick switch sights/scopes

    They could do it with a number of combinations like whilst ADS press A, X, RB etc. Can't jump and shoot ADS anyways but tapping x wouldn't affect anything same with RB. But regardless of which button something would be nice.
  9. Weapon drop RNG

    They need to fix the grouping of weapons. Like I just found 3 m16s with 4 boxes of ammo each on top of each other. I had over 500 5.56 rounds that round lol. But the loot has been somewhat better all around. Won 4 games last night and we always had decent loot.
  10. How to get to #1 SOLO Rank

    Ssecond that lol. I won the first game I played on that server. Plus look at the ratings. Na has like 2900 rating or more sometimes. Havent check LB for awhile so I don't know exactly this second. Most my NA modes are 2100 or so and That's only like 3000th to 5000th on NA
  11. Extra leaderboard for 1 man squads etc

    Other solo squad people in general not in your game... Why would it matter if other solo squad people need to be in your game for it to count? That makes no sense. It is not hard for a computer to realize if you selected 1 man squad or 2 man etc.
  12. Concern with bullet pen

    As long as bullets don't go through both doors its not too bad because then you couldn't even take cover behind them. Also I swear I thought I read some where (might of been the road map) that the cars health is adjusted by what mode you're playing I could be wrong but would be nice.
  13. Extra leaderboard for 1 man squads etc

    It wouldnt matter if say you enter as a 1 man and others in your server enter a couple 3 mans and a 2 man etc. It just would matter what you do not others. Is that what you mean? Seems simple enough to add. All its doing is adding to another set of stats if you have a odd ball squad number.
  14. Extra leaderboard for 1 man squads etc

    Be nice if we could get separate leaderboards for when playing squads with less than 4 people. Meaning 1 man squad 2 man 3 man get their own leaderboard. Maybe a sub category to the leaderboard we have now for squads. Basically just a way to see less than 4 man squads stats is what I'm saying.
  15. hotfix update - ClientVersion

    Id say the easiest way to tell is play. Then see if you make weird footsteps sounds and test whatever other fixes were supposed to be done.