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  1. Game crash: Megathread

    And still it happens. As stated already numerous times. OG xbox one Wired connection Kicked back to dashboard whilst driving a UAZ this time. Really starting to get to me. It was final 30 in squads, I was driving so of course the car kept driving when I crashed out. So close to putting the controller through the screen and then the screen through the window!! I love the game, it has me deep! But I’m on the edge of sanity when it comes to the crashing. So close to never playing again. If I put it down to not play again, it won’t be picked back up when final product is out. That’s how much it is killing me inside..... So please fix the crashing bug.
  2. Switching to Auto - Does not fire

    Had this just now. Scar on auto, fired one shot then the two guys I was shooting at both spun and killed me. Came 2nd.... yep, I’m blaming this crap!! I switched from UMP set on auto to scar set on auto if this helps. Both suppressed too so I’m pretty pissed!!..
  3. [SUGGESTION] Option to mute the starting area.

    It’s not completely pointless shooting. Some people may be trying a weapon they don’t use often and checking trajectory etc. We do this on the Island with most the weapons. Move 100m away from a rock or something and fire a few bullets and see where they all land. I do agree that it is mostly annoying though.
  4. Gun drift?!

    Mine was drifting the other night too. I noticed it after I changed a couple of controller settings. I changed back but it kept doing it. Reset the game and it stopped. Tried again swapping a few settings and it drifted again. Put it back and it stopped. Was quite strange.
  5. Screaming

    Might give your position away? You’ve just been shot, they already know where you are...
  6. bow and arrow

    Why would they need to do less damage? I hunt with a compound bow and see the damage they can do. They definitely wouldn’t need to do less damage.
  7. Most satisfying kill!!!

    My most satisfying kill wasn’t actually my kill. Last night playing solo, made final 4. Got a scar-l and an kar98 in the same room as each other as soon as I landed and 3 boxes of ammo each. I landed up Kameshki way, killed a bloke that tried punching me, saw the circle was where it always bloody is over military base so grabbed a buggy and hightailed it. First dome I went in on the base had an M416 and another 3 boxes of 5.56. Circle pushed west, I moved and engaged a ghillie suit clad bloke and won that fight. Grabbed the suit, grabbed a suppressor for the M4 and a 4x. Pushed into small circle, had a small battle with another bloke and won (now 3 left alive including me). Whilst pumping pills into myself to heal one of the other two lobs a grenade that kills himself and the other bloke and I get my first solo chicken dinner!!! So so in short, my most satisfying kill is that grenade from the other bloke that killed them both and won me the game!! Haha
  8. Climbing Ladders

    I’d like more climbable rock faces. Nothing worse than getting stuck down the bottom of a cliff face and not able to get up anywhere.
  9. Buying a xb1x for pubg?

    A mate of mine went out to buy the X1x, his very first gaming console (he’s 49 years old..) just for this game. He’s loving it!!
  10. I suppose you read the instructions to build ikea shit too?... i dont look at guides, that’s for cheats.. haha
  11. Three easy fixes that should be addressed.

    Happens in cars too! I was in one the other night and the wheels only just touched the water and “fucking bang” in my ear goes the shotgun boat sound. Frightened shit outa me!!
  12. Three easy fixes that should be addressed.

    Holding down A button to get into drivers seat is just as effective and efficient.
  13. Health drain

    This was an early circle. As soon as the health bar got to the yellowish color (about halfway) it pretty much disappeared in no time. Just wondering if it’s happened to anyone else. Maximum of third circle so shouldn’t have been as fast as it was.
  14. Health drain

    What’s the go with the health drain from the blue circle? Got caught in second (maybe third) blue circle with full health. Got to half way and used first aid to get back up to where it gets to. Second time got to half health and stopped to end up again but the health drained from half to dead in about 2.5 seconds. What’s the go there??
  15. Is this really a thing?? I had no idea you could remagnify the 8x down. RB you say?.. interesting.