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  1. knot_gillty

    Walking through walls

    Definitely can be done. OG boxer here too, I’ve done it quite a few times. If you stand on or as close as possible to a firearm and ammo and mash the X button you’ll pick everything up, even before the floor and interior render. Can usually get quite a few decent shots away too.
  2. knot_gillty

    I just got cheated out of a win

    What are you doing back here? I thought you were done here and off to play fortnite??!!
  3. knot_gillty

    I just got cheated out of a win

    Guys, guys. Stop replying here. He’s gone to fortnite like everyone else remember... haha.
  4. knot_gillty

    Zombie Pubg?!

    Jeez I’m glad you’re not into game development!! “Hey, I know what will get people here. Zombies. Because it’s worked for every other game”. This isn’t every other game princess. Plenty of people are here, not for the zombies but for a chicken dinner. You probably want the zombie mode because you CAN’T win that chicken dinner against actual players. On ya bike mate, off you go.
  5. This definitely isn’t correct. Last night on a few occasions I hit people with many more shots than suggested here and they just wouldn’t drop. Shot a guy (including a headshot!!) 4 times from memory with the pump shotty and he still didn’t drop. All close range. Next was was a guy with an M16. I recorded it and counted about 9-11 shots landing. Granted, a few could’ve been landed on his mate but even so it should’ve dropped the both of them. Was as pretty close to uninstalling, smashing my Xbox and then burning my house down last night....
  6. knot_gillty

    Plane bug

    Happened to 2 of my squad mates 2 nights ago. I was able to bail but they couldn’t. We actually ended up with some chicken that game so in the end it didn’t worry us...
  7. knot_gillty

    Split screen coop

    I would love it if my wife gamed... Just grab another screen mate and you choose the better one for yourself..
  8. knot_gillty

    Picking up items off dead enemies

    It should pick up the amount that you can carry and leave the rest behind.
  9. knot_gillty

    jump shooting

    Oh people are starting to do this shit now. Bunny hopping and jumping around corners and shit. It’s bloody Battlefield all over again!!...
  10. knot_gillty

    Zombie Pubg?!

    What’s with people and bloody zombies?? I for one hope they leave that sort of crap out of it. There’s other games with zombies in it and more coming out. How about we have at least 1 game where there’s NO zombies to be found anywhere!! That’d be great, thanks.
  11. Hasn’t happened directly to me (yet) but did to my other squad mates. We ended up scattered all over the place. I jumped where we agreed, the others just kept mashing the jump button until they could bail. We ended up top 5 so didn’t really worry ya too much in the end but it definitely needs to be rectified.
  12. This topic has been done to death and still no action. I suggest either changing the colour of the compass or putting a slightly darker background under it so the numbers stand out a little. Also the crosshairs...
  13. knot_gillty

    Rocket launchers

    And this is why I shoot wombats....
  14. I was playing solo the other night and recorded a buggy chasing a Dacia. There was a guy sitting in the rear seat of the buggy shooting at the Dacia. Unfortunately we don’t get to see their names, got the vid though. That shit pisses me off. A guy guy on my friends list also does this with his son and mates. Takes them ages to get into the same server then they go teaming. Blokes a dickhead!! https://1drv.ms/v/s!Apa1H-eWroJ7hEeSzTtJxfLbGtP_
  15. Why not hang around and actually be part of the team? You only there for you? Or do you want the team to win?? Make call outs. If you see someone on your team mates screen, call out compass bearing to the others. If you hear a vehicle that the others can’t, tell them.