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  1. Gamemode faster matches

    Fortnite also has building......
  2. 20v20v20v20v20

    Slow down guys i'm still trying to do the math to figure out how many players total would be in the lobby....
  3. Why don't my bullets hurt?

    Stop picking up the rubber bullets when looting.

    I just played a round on it and surprisingly got a kill with a pistol.
  5. Update #11

    More importantly did you jump on that 3.75 fixed rate mortgage?
  6. Find the bad guy!!!

    I bet you accuse everyone that kills you of using a m and k.
  7. What’s the back story?

    I was trying to buy a ferrari on craigslist for $3000 and the seller offered me a chartered flight to pick up the car.
  8. What’s the back story?

    I ate a tide pod and ended up on a plane....
  9. Reduce Stun Grenade Effect Time

    Says my wife....
  10. Option to hide helmet

    So an invisible helmet?
  11. Headsets

    I forgot to mention that the wireless range on these is quite nice. I can go upstairs to make sure my wife is not looking for a katana sword.
  12. Headsets

    Plantronics rig 800 lx is.
  13. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Apache44Spark/video/46072219 Watch my squadmate win a 1 vs 2. Why they clustered up I have no Idea.
  14. Third person aiming gone

    Sounds like you switched your controller preset to type B by mistake. Verify that it is set to A in your settings.
  15. Headsets

    Gamestop has these in stock in store and online.