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  1. Apache44Spark

    Too precise, something fishy.

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  2. Apache44Spark

    D sink on xbox1

    I always put D dishes in D sink
  3. Apache44Spark

    To those who thought Erangel ran great

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  4. And I didn't even need a ticket.
  5. Apache44Spark

    Elite controls

    I have a truely wireless headset so the audio controls wouldn't work for it which is fine. The thumbsticks look really grippy which is what I want. Is that the case?
  6. Apache44Spark

    Elite controls

    Thinking of getting one of these. Are you still using yours??
  7. Apache44Spark

    A PUBG Western

    Haven't got the bullet loops yet but I am guessing it will be better with them.
  8. Apache44Spark

    The Dredded Erangel

    It took the test server for me to realize how choppy Erangel was.
  9. Apache44Spark

    A PUBG Western

    It's called red dead redemption 2.
  10. Apache44Spark

    Nico just put this on twiiter

    Oh boy. Starts rubbing.........
  11. Apache44Spark

    We need aim assist on console

    Based on the player movements right now wouldn't the aim assist also have potato aim????
  12. Apache44Spark

    How to tell if you are finally good at PUBG

    How are you finding these stats out of curiosity?
  13. Apache44Spark

    Test server dates

    I agree I need to make my flight arrangements based on Erangel or Mirimar.
  14. Apache44Spark

    Other Regions For Test Server...

    He gets it.
  15. Apache44Spark

    How to tell if you are finally good at PUBG

    Someone told me to git gud so I know I'm good now.