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  1. Game is running the best it has ever on my one x. Why they didnt scale this stuff back months ago is beyond me. Hopefully i can get these graphics and 1080p instead of 4k for the performance mode.
  2. Ya i can confirm the rendering takes longer then before. I can get stuck in walls and stuff doesnt render after driving fast!! PLEASE FIX XBOX ONE X VERSION GIVE US A 1080P PERFORMANCE OPTIONS PLEASEE
  3. Played with the deadzones, issue still persists only with pubg. I have had broken controllers in the past that drift on everything, but im using a brand new one and it still does it occasionaly only in pubg. Other games 0 issues. Lets face it there has been ALOT of control related bugs and this is clearly another one.
  4. Very weird minor bug. Sometimes your aim/map cursor drifts ever so slightly to the right. This is only in Pubg, tested on a BRAND NEW controler, an old controller and on a bunch of other shooters i own. My friends get the same issue aswell. Its really strange, its not constent but it does happen frequently and it is only pubg. Anyone else have this issue?? Control preset b
  5. Desync and frame rate issues on close quarters/ squads shoot outs is still really bad on xbox one X. The game is improving but these are the 2 main issues that are really HURTING the game. Blue hole please give us xbox one x owners a PERFORMANCE mode at 1080p instead of forcing 4k down our throats. The game on pc runs much better at that resolution, it makes sense and it would BENEFIT the game and its public perception on Xbox One X
  6. Brunz514

    Akimbo pistol PLEASE

    This too And it should be that's what would balance the extra firepower. This needs to be a crate weapon. Limit the amount of ammo. Would be awesome for clearing campers outta buildings!
  7. Would be cool to have the option to dual weild pistols and would actually make them viable for rushing and close quarters scenarios. Also just looks cool and would play good as hell!