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  1. Once they get the game in an acceptable state(which is far far far away) they will 100% add microtransactions. Which is fine by me. New content for games cost money to create. Microtransactions make money to allow that. Just keep it cosmetic.
  2. Why does the Xbox version of the game share the same lengthy crate system as the pc version? On pc you can sell your rewards for REAL WORLD CASH. That's why there is a crate limit per week. On xbox we can't sell our rewards.Getting stupid amounts of duplicates and crappy drops each week for a large amount of credits really sucks. I'm sure other players agree.
  3. The perfromance of pubg is UNACCEPTABLE. People who are getting fed up check out Fortnite. At least the devs on that game care about performange.
  4. Almost 3 months after launch and the game still drops to single digit framrate in close quarters combat and full auto fire fights!! Hit detection can also be absolutely terrible. I got run over by a vehicle that was 50 yards away, last second he glitches 50 yards on top of me and I died.
  5. Every now and then I have game that is somewhat smoother then others. Those are typically games where I have a 4x scope and do more mid long range engagements. As soon as full auto fire or someone is rushing around cqc the fps tanks below 10 fp. This makes target acquisition and landing shots a role of the dice. They need to fix the frame rate above all else for PLAYABILITY!!!
  6. Lets not forget shot registration is blatantly wrong way too often
  7. Any close quarters battles or full auto fire result in a SLIDE SHOW. Below 10 fps. Getting this figured out Blue Hole should be #1 if you want to retain any of your player base. This and the render issues on the S and regular x one, you be ashamed your game is getting bundled and people are still getting stuck in walls smh.
  8. Patch 7 - Xbox One X - Frame rate

    I aggree my input lag has been reduced but the Framerare is horrible since this update. This is xbox one x , give us PERFORMANCE OPTIONS. Your loosing players on a daily basis due to HORRENDOUS performance!!
  9. We shouldn't have to be buying ssd's when other games offer performance options. The media and the entire player base has been extremely vocal on how BAD the Framerate is. Give us the option to choose performance over graphics. It's simple slider adjustments ffs!!!
  10. I understand the reasoning on your speculation but just look at the pc version. Some people have beast rigs some people have potatoes, it doesn't limit the fps...
  11. The more people that show support for this the better. It's very clear the fan base wants PERFORMANCE not graphics!! EVEN EXCLUSIVES LIKE GEARS OF WAR HAVE THIS!!!
  12. When you do it STILL renders the game at 4k then downscales it to to 720p or 1080p, there is no performance gain
  13. Can we please get a performance option and a graphics option for the One X? There is a absolutely no need for the game to be in 4k and run like hot garbage. Let the people who want graphics over performance choose that option for themselves. I honestly would rather run the game in 720p or 900p with no anti aliasing and low textures instead of all medium at 4k. I'm sure there's other people who agree. At least give us the option to change the resolution on the Xbox without it rendering in 4k then downscaling!!!!
  14. It's the last update. I didn't have any where near the issues I've been having since the last update. Frame rate went from bad to atrocious, I never used to see the network lag screen or crash, now it happens wayyyy too frequently. Hit detection has gotten way worse as well.
  15. Read the title. Last update BROKE the game