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  1. Where is the new maps for XBOX ONE PLEASE


    So a company that specializes in making mobile games can make a mobile version of one of their other games run well on the phone? Who would of thought?
  3. New Mode

    So an entirely different game?
  4. Pop smoke when knocked

    You should not have any advantage, WHAT SO EVER, when you are knocked down. If you were playing solos you would be dead already so just be thankful you have a couple extra seconds for someone to bring you back to life.
  5. LOL. Those poor guys. Half there shots hit the rock trying to kill your squady. Sucks to suck.
  6. car boost

    Do you have issues with normal acceleration or just boosting? The hair trigger settings need to be adjusted if it is effecting normal driving. Your settings need to be between 0 - 1 and not 0 - 0.5 for the hair triggers. The game is only recognizing that the trigger is being pulled half way and thus the throttle on the car is being seen as only being pulled half way.
  7. I never have game crash ( try this )

    I do most of this as well. Although im not dropping 100+$ just to make a 30$ game work better. As of now tho I only crash when vehicles are involved.
  8. Dropped Items Disappearing

    I have had this happen a couple of times. It appears to be the same glitch that was causing vehicles to respawn in their original spawn points once you get out. I'm assuming this because once when this happen I picked up a pan walked about 10m and drop the pan on accident while looting. Couldn't find it on the ground but when I went back to its original spawn point there it was.
  9. This needs looking into ASAP

    It is a bug that is currently known. I believe they are working on fixing it in the next patch.
  10. Thats it....

    seems like you just need some practice OP. I have no problem hitting moving targets especially with the M16. Thing is practically a sniper. BTW -- Microsoft has said that it is up to individual companies to determine if they want M&K on console. Bluehole's stance on the subject of M&K is that they don't want it on consoles. They will not provide support for native keyboards and are currently looking into a way to block XIMS. So enjoy that expensive waste of a purchase for an advantage that won't help you and your potato aim.
  11. Inventory Labels

    Honestly man after playing for a while you can tell what something is by looking at the picture. But I do agree that some text should be displayed. Even if its an abbreviation. Like Ext. Quick Draw just says EQD under/over that attachment picture.
  12. LOL those two that you fought with were potatoes. Do not know how you survived that fight. Well Done tho!
  13. no circle

    Smaller map is coming with quicker matches on it. It is up on the Test Server for pc. They showed it on the road map.
  14. Add screen size adjustment

    Do any of ya'll have an option on your TV's called Overscan? I had this option on my TV turned off and once i turned it On my screen was no longer cut off. I also messed with all the Xbox and other TV options with no help until i messed with the Overscan setting.
  15. Momentary teamate DBNO state invincibility

    How about your guys stick together and don't get knocked down? You don't get any type of invincibility for being alive so why should you get one for getting knocked down? You lost a fight and should all rights be dead. You being alive for even a little for a chance to get back up is more than you need.