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  1. Shomiehawn

    very rare final circle locations

    I have had a final circle end in the water between military base and main land. Was interesting to see bobbing heads swimming up and down and people rolling up in boats trying to shoot each other.
  2. Shomiehawn

    Controversial opinion thread

    If i dont have the proper attachments; agreed. But i will take a full decked out Vector over a fully decked out UMP any day. Scary damaged and with recoil down i can pick off people in mid range no problem. Sexy.
  3. Shomiehawn

    Controversial opinion thread

    M16 is my favorite gun. Only for mid to far range engagements. It is beastly accurate with just a X4 scope. I regularly beat out snipers with the gun but i will only take it if i have a secondary gun worthy of a CQC fight. BTW you cant have an X8 or X15 scope because of how damn accurate the thing is. It a balancing issue because if you were able to it makes the Mini14 and SKS practically useless.
  4. Shomiehawn

    Smaller Red Zone

    Pochinki is probabaly the most popular drop spot being it is in the middle of the map. I have noticed Red Zones are not random and mostly drop in places that are heavily populated. That would be why Pochinki gets Zoned so often. Just a lot of people around there.
  5. Shomiehawn


    Are you playing on Wifi? Game runs pretty bad on it and using a wired connect may stop the Fatal Error from happening. Also, if you are playing on Wifi make sure your NAT settings are set to OPEN. People have had problems in the past with this issue. Hopefully that helps.
  6. Shomiehawn

    Can’t eject from plane

    Bump. Same issue playing on Saturday. No sound, minimap wonky, but once i actually dropped from the plane everything was fine. Dunno what causes this glitch as it only happened once to me.
  7. Shomiehawn

    Zombie Pubg?!

    DayZ. That is the game you are looking for. Same game play with zombies in it. Not sure if they ported it over to consoles or not but check that out.
  8. Shomiehawn

    Why was that not my kill

    If you pay attention to the kill feed it shows that the playzone knocked him. I think it didnt register because you never got the final hit on him; the playzone did.
  9. Shomiehawn

    Tracer Rounds

    This is actually a great suggestion. A lot better than spot markers or other identifiers for "direction of enemy".
  10. Shomiehawn

    Grass rendering on Xbox one S

    Pretty sure on the Xbox it only goes out to 100m. Basic rule of thumb OP is that you don't use anything that isn't hard rendered as cover. I.E. Use only rocks, buildings, and trees as hard cover. Everything else will get you killed unless you are in the final circles.
  11. LOL Its a quote from Avatar the Last Airbender. And god damn if it isn't spot on. Well done sir.
  12. Shomiehawn

    throwing frags...distance

    Timing has to be extremely well done but yes, I have thrown a grenade further by running + jumping.
  13. Shomiehawn

    Server Maintenance Question

    Hello Sir, I think you are looking for the PC section as we don't have a test server on Xbox. Good luck!
  14. Shomiehawn

    Long load time

    Its the game for sure. It still has poor optimization and lag. Have you tried a hard reset of your router as well? I have heard that some people don't have there NAT settings on the router set to OPEN which cause some loading problems. If none of that helps I recommend a fresh download. I also have an OG with hardwire and I usually always load into the game like 10 to 5 secs before getting on the plane.
  15. There are quite literally 50+ threads about this already. We don't need it. Using cars is a legitimate part of the game. They nerfed, rebuffed, nerfed, and rebuffed cars again because of people complaining about a problem that isn't there. Just no. No. Learn to stick near solid objects and not get stuck in the middle of a field. Trust me man I hate it too when its a demo derby in the final circles but I literally play chicken with people, kill them, and take there cars. Adapt and survive is the name of the game.