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  1. ChuckN0vak


    The problem is that PTS is open for all, not region locked, simple thing is to put EU, OC and Asia servers out and let people test PTS properly. I was watching a streamer playing pubg on mixer today, @PUBG_RoboDanjal was in the stream and was asked about the lack of EU servers, and it comes down to the lack of players on PTS and ensuring a full lobby so that match wait times are reduced. My take is, who cares if the lobby is full just start a game with 40, 50 or 60 players, after all it's a test server where leaderboards dont matter, BP doesn't matter and we should feel like we can provide constructive feedback. This is made completely pointless if one of the main issues people complain about is hit registration and desync issues, and PTS lists potential fixes to these. How can an EU player with 200+ ping seriously judge if PTS is working?
  2. ChuckN0vak


    We run tournaments on Xbox, the format of the next one is 1v1v1.. go in as a squad, one guy streams it on mixer and kills themselves, then they commentate on the other 3.. most kills wins. Prizes for all finalists.. we’ve also done squad and duos tournaments. only requirement is you join our discord group LowT, you use a mic and you are 25 or over (or younger if you’re not massively annoying) http://discord.me/lowt
  3. ChuckN0vak

    3X 6X SLR???

    It is all coming to Xbox, just think of PC as alpha testers, then it goes live for PC, then Xbox gets it on PTS and then live for Xbox. Its small consolation, but PC pubg was a shocker in its first few months, only really now have they optimised it enough on that platform.
  4. ChuckN0vak

    what's the deal with the aim punch

    There’s a load of info about aim punch, and how different level vests affect it.. level 1 has more aim punch then level 2, which has more than level 3.. check out YouTube for a guy called wackyjacky, he’s got loads of great videos on this and other pubg stuff
  5. First game after patch 15, I watch a guy blow up his motorbike and another guy blow up his Dacia, seemed odd but I just figured they were idiots.. 2nd game my buggy blows up on pretty much nothing, then 3rd game my motorbike (should just be called death machines) blows up.. another game I’m seeing 2 or 3 vehicle explosions in the kill feed. is this just shitty luck or has patch 15 got vehicle physics screwed up?
  6. I think pubg is difficult to watch unless you see either great players, or hypezone.. I don’t think fortnite is massively more interesting to watch but it does appeal to a younger audience and therefore more likely to have bigger viewing figures. Fortnite is also propped up by a few streamers with big followings, but some of them also play PUBG
  7. I understand the frustrations, miramar is clearly in a much earlier state of “optimisation” , there’s a huge amount of negative feedback about the number of crashes since the patch.. on the positive side, erangel is crashing a lot less so it’s obviously just a matter of time before it’s all sorted. i think rolling back to the previous patch would take a huge amount of logistical work, most likely there’s a load of server side changes we don’t see, and we have to suck it up till the next patch.
  8. ChuckN0vak

    Date For Sanhok!

    Sanhok is coming to Xbox, no dates confirmed
  9. ChuckN0vak


    It keeps resetting back to NA servers, having to change it each time to EU. it's taking a long time to match make, but I'm sure it will be fine in a day or so once most people have the patch installed. weapon reloading is glitchy, sometimes press x to reload doesn't work and you have to let go, hold x again had a game that started even though i was still running around the lobby, suddenly i was in the plane near the end of the map first time landing, FPS drops to almost nothing but recovers after 10 seconds or so... still that's enough to put me off dropping anywhere too hot
  10. ChuckN0vak

    Friendly Fire with weapons needs to go.

    Join our Xbox club, friendly fire will be a thing of the past. Simply use your Xbox Gamertag as your name - LowT PUBG - http://discord.me/lowt
  11. ChuckN0vak

    Sound is bad

    I found the same things on PTS at the weekend, literally I thought my headphones were on backwards. I’ve tried Dolby Atmos and stereo settings, makes little to no difference to me, except Dolby it is a little louder. On “live” pubg I get sound issues 1 in 3-4 games, but I just now restart my game after each one and it’s fixed
  12. ChuckN0vak

    LowT pubg discord tournament

    The tournaments are intense and great fun to play. Yes the game has issues, occasional crashes, but it takes nothing away from what our good man @rondo101 has setup. if you could hear the last 60 seconds of the last tournament winners final two games, when they sealed a back to back chicken dinner to come first, you’ll be signing up fast just to get a piece too
  13. ChuckN0vak

    Car parking..

    Crazy car parking screenshots... who else has got any?
  14. ChuckN0vak

    Armour vs health

    Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. Other guys replying, not everyone is a liar so keep your troll posts to yourself.
  15. ChuckN0vak


    I have an OG Xbox with an external ssd. I found the patch makes loot appear slower early game, vehicles now play doh initially and using a 4x play play dohs also when they didn’t previously. I’m also finding hit registration issues, I hit a guy through a window 3 times with a shotty, he had no helmet and lvl 1 armour, lots of blood but no affect. Its not as smooth as miramar, overall I’d say a backwards step so far. It’s not as fun as it used to be