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  1. ChuckN0vak

    Overpower [Nov 1-4] Feedback topic

    i played 3 or 4 matches, i'm EU based and played 2 EU 2 NA servers, not a lot of difference between the 2 but that's not great as this event mode is super laggy on all games i played. i almost feel embarrassed for pubg when I watch a teammate parachuting in and the game is rendering it in barely 1-2 FPS, literally a slideshow.. the latest movement changes don't feel right in FPP mode either, can't put my finger on it but it's a bit like playing drunk. in summary, not fun
  2. Event mode 2 is better, but only marginally.. the state of the game play is just as bad if not worse. for example, frame drop in CQC is terrible, occasionally sounds get screwed up which I've never had in the regular game. you can also only mute 3 players in your team, so the idiot who loves hearing his own voice at 200db can't be muted! improvements, aside the terrible rendering would be - ability to mute all team members - add an in game leaderboard - region selection I run an OG xbox with an SSD, regular game runs fine on all maps, and by fine i mean around 30fps on a good day
  3. ChuckN0vak

    XBOX official M&K support

    This is a legit tweet from XBOX, so can anyone at PUBG who reads these forums, confirm what they plan to do with PUBG?
  4. ChuckN0vak

    solo "war" mode

    Having played war mode, and seeing how early solo matches can be fun when its aggressive but gets kinda of boring in the mid game, I'd like to see a variant of solo where it's focused on one area of the map; it would be bigger than the area of war mode but with a single circle, that last maybe 10 minutes max.. super aggressive play, great to play, great to watch if you like random mixer streamers.
  5. ChuckN0vak

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    EU servers appear at first, but quickly disappear during matchmaking forcing EU players onto NA servers. The lag on NA servers is horrible There's no in game leaderboard, so for this type of game it seem strange to just have 1st or 2nd and nothing else No adding friends makes the game fun for a bit, but boring quickly Weapon choice is "interesting"... awm vs m249... and an MK14 with a 2x?? really?? pistol with 15 rounds, just weird
  6. Excited to try out war mode, played a quick game seems a great way to quickly play but... servers are a bit intermittent whether EU appears or not. NA deeeeesynch is horrible No friends option except some potentially via a backdoor bug... playing with randoms is ok for a game or two but gets boring really quick No leaderboard in game, so aside knowing your team is 1st or 2nd you've no idea who scored what in your team
  7. ChuckN0vak

    pts down ?

    there is no PTS update, just load it up if you can, and it will give you the new options that may or may not work..
  8. ChuckN0vak

    Ultimate camping

    For some, using a controller is tough with no aim assist and they’re just not prepared to put in the grind required to learn to shoot.. pubg allows for weaker players to prevail occasionally, but for the most part they just waste their evenings.. good luck to them, I’d rather acknowledge I’m crap and hot drop 10 times rather than camp for 20 mins
  9. seems straightforward to me.. if you are in the stream just ask them, there are streamers out there that use K&M and are open about it. PUBG have said in recent comments they won't/can't ban M&K users, but they are considering putting them all in the same lobby
  10. Got to say the current LowT squad tournament is a awesome, even if your squad almost gets wiped in the first few mins!
  11. ChuckN0vak

    Game crash: Megathread

    I’m on OG Xbox one, eu servers this is all since patch 9 solo games no crashes squad games crashed 6 times when it crashes it returns you to the Xbox home, start the game as normal and press A to continue the game when prompted. However since patch 9, 5 of my 6 crashes wouldn’t let me back in the game, it just seemed to hang at the loading screen not a happy squad player
  12. A group like this is in a lot of ways makes PUBG go from a really good game to a great one
  13. I’m so sick of team killing assholes, great post