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  1. ChuckN0vak

    pts down ?

    there is no PTS update, just load it up if you can, and it will give you the new options that may or may not work..
  2. ChuckN0vak

    Ultimate camping

    For some, using a controller is tough with no aim assist and they’re just not prepared to put in the grind required to learn to shoot.. pubg allows for weaker players to prevail occasionally, but for the most part they just waste their evenings.. good luck to them, I’d rather acknowledge I’m crap and hot drop 10 times rather than camp for 20 mins
  3. seems straightforward to me.. if you are in the stream just ask them, there are streamers out there that use K&M and are open about it. PUBG have said in recent comments they won't/can't ban M&K users, but they are considering putting them all in the same lobby
  4. ChuckN0vak

    Is this teaming?

    It’s teaming, clear and simple.. you get people dropping 1 man squad, so you’ve got a clear advantage over them.. how did you know he was alone? Often random squads drop all over the map and the rest of his team could suddenly have appeared, so you’d be a 5 man.. don’t try and justify it
  5. ChuckN0vak

    We need land mines!!!

    It’d be complete BS, land mines would be a campers dream.. for the awful players who already get top ten or better by avoiding fights and go centre circle, they will just stick a landmine outside their building and wait, sweat pouring from every gland whilst they put zero effort into playing and hoping to hell the last player, who was actually playing the game, tries to get them out their greasy little rat hole
  6. ChuckN0vak


    The problem is that PTS is open for all, not region locked, simple thing is to put EU, OC and Asia servers out and let people test PTS properly. I was watching a streamer playing pubg on mixer today, @PUBG_RoboDanjal was in the stream and was asked about the lack of EU servers, and it comes down to the lack of players on PTS and ensuring a full lobby so that match wait times are reduced. My take is, who cares if the lobby is full just start a game with 40, 50 or 60 players, after all it's a test server where leaderboards dont matter, BP doesn't matter and we should feel like we can provide constructive feedback. This is made completely pointless if one of the main issues people complain about is hit registration and desync issues, and PTS lists potential fixes to these. How can an EU player with 200+ ping seriously judge if PTS is working?
  7. Got to say the current LowT squad tournament is a awesome, even if your squad almost gets wiped in the first few mins!
  8. ChuckN0vak

    Game crash: Megathread

    I’m on OG Xbox one, eu servers this is all since patch 9 solo games no crashes squad games crashed 6 times when it crashes it returns you to the Xbox home, start the game as normal and press A to continue the game when prompted. However since patch 9, 5 of my 6 crashes wouldn’t let me back in the game, it just seemed to hang at the loading screen not a happy squad player
  9. A group like this is in a lot of ways makes PUBG go from a really good game to a great one
  10. I’m so sick of team killing assholes, great post